WSA Winnipeg – Final Home Stand

WSA Winnipeg has 3 games left in the 2017 season. They’ll be aiming for better results than in the first 11 games.

The season has been an improvement over last year, with better team cohesion and more experienced performances. Each of the games has been close, often tied or within 1 goal at half time. But the goals have not come, and the quality of the competition has been evident in the 2nd half of games all season.

Some of the bright spots for the team again are the play of goalkeeper Evan Barker and striker Moses Danto. Barker is currently ranked 6th in the PDL with 54 saves and Danto was recently named to the top 50 prospects in the league.

The Wolves can look forward to 3 games that they can win – as Chicago FC United and Saint Louis FC U23 are on 3 and 4 wins respectively this year. Saint Louis FC have had problems filling the net this year and surrender nearly a goal a game. While Chicago have a better scoring record they are also conceding an average of 1 goal per game.

The St. Louis Lions have done better in 2017 – they are currently in 2nd place in the standings. But they too have struggled to keep the ball out of the net and have let in more than 1 goal per game so far this season.

Their first game of the home stand is against Chicago FC United Friday night so there is hope that WSA can improve on their earlier 1-1 draw in Chicago.

USL PDL Heartland Division
June USL PDL Heartland Division Table

All 3 games are at the Ralph Cantafio Soccer Complex in Winnipeg. WSA Winnipeg will be ready for a strong finish to the season. Here’s hoping for some points from the final home stand.

Chicago FC United – July 7, 2017 – 7:00PM

Saint Louis FC U23 – July 9, 2017 – 1:00PM

St. Louis Lions – July 14, 2017 – 7:00PM

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Christopher Raposo

Christopher Raposo

Christopher caught the soccer bug as soon as he could walk. He went to Winnipeg for university and has been there ever since. He plays as much as he can and coaches at one of the premiere youth clubs in the city. He's traveled across the country to watch the national teams, recently standing and singing with the Voyageurs, and hopes to get to a professional game in each of the Canadian cities that has a team before his time is up. So far 2 and counting!

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