Write For Us

Northern Starting XI is staffed entirely by volunteer & amateur staff, columnists, podcasters, photographers, and correspondents.

We’re interested in original, unpublished work on any topic related to the top-4 divisions of Men’s and Women’s Canadian Soccer. If you’re looking to write regularly, our columnists are committed to a manageable 1-article/month. Guest Correspondents can write as often, or as rarely as they please.

Generally, articles range from a brief 500 words to as many as 2500 words, but we’re very flexible on getting your content out for people to read and enjoy. All guest correspondents and new columnists are responsible for providing an author photo & brief (200 word max) author bio with their submission.

The copyright for all materials remains with the author/photographer/podcaster, you are merely granting us the non-exclusionary right to reproduce & distribute it on the website. Articles and match reports already published elsewhere will not be considered.

Please send your article, bio & photo to editor@northernstartingeleven.com or fill out the form below if you have any questions.

Thank you for your interest!

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