Woodbridge vs ANB Futbol: Match Report (August 16, 2015)

Result of the Sunday August 16, 2015 League 1 Ontario game between Woodbridge Strikers
and ANB Futbol played at Vaughan Grove in Woodbridge at 7:00pm.

29 min…ANB Daniel Iannacito GOAL…Iannacito takes 25 yard freekick up the middle and has
ball bend and hit the inside of the left post beyond flying goalie.

65 min…WS Gabriel Sosa takes 50 yard cross from right and WS Nicholas Chiarot wins a penalty
kick just inside the box when upended by a sliding defender.

65 min…WS Gabriel Sosa blasts a low Penalty kick up the middle and the sprawling goalie
Adam Hewitt stops and Sosa charges forward and shoots a 10 yard rebound that Hewitt is able
to push away on the right side of net and the defenders clear.

79 min…ANB Adonijah Reid GOAL…ANB goalie Adam Hewitt catches a pop up header by a defender
and throws the ball from his box to the halfway line where Reid is waiting near the right
sideline.  Reid steps around the defender to run for the ball and keeps a step ahead of him
as he runs down the right.  He gets to almost the end line stops and the defender’s momentum
causes him run right by and Reid blasts a 20 yard shot from a sharp angle into the
top left corner of the net.

82 min…ANB Belrum Vartanian GOAL…ANB Daniel Iannacito cornerkick from the left is upfield
to ANB Moshee Kelyana on the left who rolls it back and Vartanian who crosses from 28 yards
on the left and a charging Vartanian heads in 10 yarder from the right into the left side
of net.

89 min…ANB Adonijah Reid steals the ball off WS Cameron Brooks and wins a Penalty kick when
pulled down from behind by Brooks just inside the right side of box.

90 min…ANB Adonijah Reid blasts Penalty kick to left that diving goalie pushes wide
left of post.

92 min…WS Darian Bygrave crosses a shot into the ANB box and WS Luca Baldassarre wins
a Penalty kick when he’s body checked in the box.

93 min…WS Christian Cavallini GOAL…Cavallini blasts low Penalty kick to slight left
of center as goalie dives right.

93 min…game is called before a restart.

Final Score:…….Woodbridge Strikers……..1………ANB Futbol……..3……

Attendance was about 100 on this hot and humid evening with a bright sun in the north
west until it set behind the trees before the second half started.

Referee Jeff Fearnall called a water break at 23 and 70 minutes.  He gave out three
Yellow cards that I counted—all to ANB players.

Strikers really piled on the pressure after the first goal and ANB goalie Adam Hewitt
had to be sharp to hold on to the lead.  His saving the Penalty kick at 65 minutes
was crucial.  The goal by Adonijah Reid appeared to stun them (and even drew “wows”
from the mostly pro-Strikers crowd).  The third goal within three minutes killed
off the game.

I tipped off Adonijah Reid before the warmups that Joey Cicchillo had scored three goals
this afternoon to close in on this scoring lead.  I asked what day this month was
his birthday—it was the 13th.  He turned 16!  The league website has all players
not specifically DOB listed as defaulting to October 1, 2014.   So now we
know–August 13th, 1999.    He scored once (his 18th) to pull two goals up
on Joey C but missed the Penalty kick.   Reid the high schooler has more chance
of winning the title I think as Cicchillo has commitments to York University whose
season starts at the end of this week.

It was the first time I remember not seeing all the Mills brothers (Jason, Jahsua and Brandon)
playing together with ANB (except when suspended).  I was answered that Jahsua was ‘in Europe’
so we’ll see how that turns out.

Woodbridge’s record falls to 7 wins, 1 draw, 4 losses for 22 points and sixth place
in the twelve team league.  They had enough games in hand at the beginning of the
week to win out and climb to first place but they lost to Toronto FC Academy
on Wednesday night to trip them up.  They had won last Sunday night in the
League 1 Ontario Cup Final.  After the game I asked head coach Peter Pinizzoto
whether three games in seven days was too much for the team but his answer was
he doesn’t like to make excuses.  Even he called over Adonijah Reed
to shake his hand and comment on the goal as players made their way to the
locker rooms.

ANB’s record improves to 9 wins, 3 draws, 3 losses for 30 points and they move
up to fourth place ahead of Durham United but no further as the other top
teams also won over the weekend.

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Robin Glover

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