Woodbridge Strikers vs Windsor Stars: Match Report (July 19, 2015)

Results and details of the Sunday July 19, 2015 League 1 Ontario game between Woodbridge Strikers
and Windsor Stars played at Vaughan Grove in Woodbridge at 7:00pm. This regular scheduled league
game was declared recently a one game quarter final Cup game but all other things were unchanged.

16 min…Strikers Mikateko Zwane GOAL…Strikers Jonathan Parolini runs along left end line and
pass is rolled into 6 yard box and Zwane shoots low 7 yarder between players into left side of net.

28 min…Stars Stephen Ademolu GOAL…Ademolu blasts 35 yarder up middle that goalie Matt George
dives to right and ball bounces just in front of him and George gets piece of and it deflects
off his hands into top right side of net.

41 min…Strikers win Penalty kick from referee David Barrie on a 15 yard shot up the middle
that deflects off a defender’s arm.

42 min…Strikers Ignazio Muccilli blasts a low Penalty kick down the middle and goalie
Kyle Vizirakis sprawls to save and gives up no rebound.

75 min…Strikers Mikhail Farquharson GOAL…Strikers Jonathan Parolini sends in short cross
from left into box and Farquharson rolls 10 yarder through traffic of players and into net.
The rain was slowing down by this point.

Final Score:…..Woodbridge Strikers……2……Windsor Stars……..1……

Attendance was about 80 on this hot and humid evening with a bright sun in the north west.
We could see thunder and lightning in the distance but we got drenched in a sudden downpour
at 70 minutes (equalling TFC vs DC United and Canada vs Costa Rica in intensity) but it all
had stopped within ten minutes!

It was raining and yet the sun was out and a rainbow was visible in the east and the Strikers
scored the winning goal. Just three minutes before that, Strikers had a goal called back
in the thickest of the rain when a player knocked the Stars goalie into the net causing him
to drop the ball.

Stars captain Steven Ademolu had a chance to tie it in injury time but he slipped on the edge
of the box and couldn’t get away a shot. It was at least the third time I’d seen him slip
this game and a few were before the rain started.

Referee David Barrie gave out four Yellow cards that I counted—all to the rougher Strikers
although one was kicking the ball away after a whistle and another was for time wasting.

I saw the arrival of some of the Stars players before the game. Four to seven players piled
out of each car and mini-van. This was in contrast to last Friday when they had to drive
through Toronto to get to Oshawa to play Durham United one or two per car. The Pan Am games
have knocked out a lane of each major GTA area expressway with HOV lanes that can only be used
by vehicles with a minimum of three people inside. Since they did have that number this time
they could use those almost empty lanes. Of course since this is a Sunday afternoon/evening
as opposed to Friday rush hour, the drive would have taken less than six hours anyway.

The Woodbridge PA guys also had another happy announcement and that was that their Under 18 Boys
had just won the Ontario Cup Final.

This game was scheduled as a league game until recently (I just found out this morning) when
it was changed to a quarterfinal Cup game. This meant it took on greater importance as it was
one team to advance to the semifinal. They will get the winner of the Pro Stars FC
vs Durham United FC cup game in the middle of the week. As there are no playoffs and so far
Oakville Blue Devils are the runaway league leaders, the Cup is the only other piece
of silverware up for grabs. Blue Devils were eliminated at the group stage.

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Robin Glover

Robin Glover

Robin has been writing about soccer in the Toronto area for message boards and his own website since the early 1990s in the days of 2400 baud modems to USENET sites. In the 2014 season he attended 76 games in various leagues that played in the GTA area. Follow Robin on Twitter and on his website

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