Vaughan vs Master’s FA: Match Report (August 16, 2015)

Result and details of the Sunday August 16, 2015 League 1 Ontario game between Vaughan Azzurri
and Master’s FA Saints played at McNaughton Field in Maple at 2:00pm.

3 min…Master’s Kamden Holder GOAL…Holder shoves defender VA Kyle Crichton over
at VA 25 yard line and at 22 yards up middle chips shot over goalie Andrew D’Souza who was off
his line awaiting a whistle and ball drops into the net.

23 min…VA Joey Cicchillo GOAL…VA Mario Kovacevic is given through ball on left and
defenders stop.  Kovacevic runs to near left end line and rolls centering pass with goalie
Shane Lopez trapped on the left post and Cicchillo kicks 7 yarder low into the empty net.

42 min…VA Alon Badat GOAL…VA Joey Cicchillo rushes down left and low cross from 15 yards
has Badat jam in 7 yard shot forward between defender and left post.

43 min…VA Joey Cicchillo GOAL…VA Mario Kovacevic pushes through ball from 20 yards up middle
and charging Cicchillo shoots in low 8 yarder to left side of net.

53 min…VA Joey Cicchillo GOAL…Cicchillo taps pass back to VA Mario Kovacevic who gets ball
in open at 15 yards then closed down and switches foot and gets to his own blocked shot by jumping
over sliding player and his 10 yard shot deflects off another sliding defender and pops up for
Cicchillo to charge forward to duck to head in 1 yarder to left side of net.

87 min…VA Edward Lay GOAL…VA Stefan Popovic dribbles from center line through a few check
attempts and taps centering pass from right for Lay to shoot low 15 yarder to left corner
of net.

Final Score:……Vaughan Azzurri……..6…….Master’s FA Saints…….1……

Attendance was about 40 on this very hot and humid day with a burning sun in the west (not in
either team’s eyes on this field’s north-south alignment).  The referee called a water break
at 24 and 71 minutes.

The scoreboard wasn’t working today—now that’s worse than last night’s game at Victoria Park
Stadium where the clock froze at 58:59.  At least we got 2/3s through that game.

About two thirds of the crowd arrived late (mostly Saints fans) and were surprized when told
by fellow fans that Saints had scored—it was only their eleventh goal in fifteen league games.
They let out a collective groan when Vaughan exploded just before the end of the first half
with two quick goals to take the lead.   A few times MFA players stopped running, maybe
expecting a whistle that didn’t come.  (Vaughan learned their lesson after being burned
on the first goal).  Saints have not won a league game this season.

Referee Tim Wong answered me after the game that he didn’t give out any cards.  I was fooled
twice when he raised his arm and I saw his yellow coloured whistle.  The game wasn’t rough
but there were a few injuries on clumsy tackles.  The PA guy announced there’d be one minute
of added time in the second half but that dragged on more like three for Vaughan to score
their final goal.

The turning point in this game was actually at 17 minutes when MFA Christian Inchima blocked
VA Matthew Arnone’s clearance and was in alone for a low 15 yard shot that goalie Andrew D’Souza
sprawled and stopped point blank and he also stopped Inchima’s rebound from the same spot then
reached over to smother the ball as Inchima fell over him.  A goal there would have given the
Saints a 2-0 lead and a tremendous boost of confidence for this struggling team and further
rattled the Vaughan team’s rather slow start.

Vaughan’s Joey Cicchillo scored three goals today to bring his total up to 16 for the season.
This closes him in on ANB Futbol’s Adonijah Reid with 17 and who I’d expect would be playing
later tonight.  Cicchillo was subbed out at 58 minutes.  With his York University team getting
their season started at the end of this week we figured Vaughan head coach Carmen Isacco
(who also is the coach of York U) was managing his playing time.

The win improves Vaughan’s record to 9 wins, 6 draws, 1 loss for 33 points and a second place
tie with Sigma FC who won yesterday although Vaughan is lower because they’ve played one
more game.  It’s a good recovery from last Sunday when they suffered their first loss
of the season against Durham United with coach Carman Isacco away coaching the Vaughan
Azzurri Women in the League 1 Ontario Cup final (a busy man!–he also coaches York U’s
women’s team).

Master’s record falls to 0 wins, 3 draws, 12 losses for 3 points and a tie for eleventh
place with Sanjaxx Lions in the twelve team league although the Saint’s have played one
less game.

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Robin Glover

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