Vaughan vs Kingston: Match Review (September 20, 2015)

Result and details from the Sunday September 20, 2015 League 1 Ontario game between Vaughan Azzurri
and Kingston Clippers played at McNaughton Field in Maple at 7:00pm.

8 min…VA Duwayne Ewart GOAL…VA Steve Kloutsouniotis low cross from 25 yards on the far right
finds Ewart alone at 12 yards on the left and he shoots a low shot into the right corner of the net.

31 min…KC Taylor Nelson GOAL…KC Joel Zelt sends in low 15 yard pass from left near end line
and Nelson kicks 5 yarder to right side of net past goalie Andrew D’Souza.

40 min…VA Maurizio Ragone wins a Penalty kick call from referee Michael Stenbring when he was
pulled down just inside the box on the right side.

41 min…VA Maurizio Ragone GOAL…Ragone kicks Penalty kick low to right corner of net past
goalie Max Materne.

69 min…KC Andrew Whiteman GOAL…Whiteman plays a give and go with KC Anthony Rego and
blasts 20 yarder through crowd of players into right side of net.

74 min…VA Edward Lay GOAL…VA Omari Morris cuts along 20 yard line from right to center and
rolls pass through defenders for charging Lay to tap in 8 yarder from center to right corner
of net.

83 min…KC Anthony Rego GOAL…KC Scott Hoogkamp from 30 yards passes ball forward to Rego
who chips 20 yard shot from right into right side of net.

Final Score:……..Vaughan Azzurri……….3……..Kingston Clippers……..3…….

Attendance was about 45 on this cool evening with the temperature dropping quickly as the
sun set.  Fans would leave and come back with coats and blankets.

Clippers were able to answer the Azzurri’s goals three separate times to not let them pull away.

This whole game atmosphere was greatly distracted by the football game taking place at the
field beside here—part of St Joan of Arc Catholic High School.  There were about 200 fans
plus 100 players/coaches/staff/game officials at that game and it was loud with cowbells
and cheering but I found the referee’s whistling the worst as it was at least every minute
at the end of each play.  I couldn’t tell the difference between them and can only assume
that the players in our soccer game were closer to our referee and could hear him.

Referee Michael Stenbring gave out only one Yellow card that I noticed and that was
to KC Henry Standage in second half injury time for a football grab and spin around
at 40 yards to stop the remote chance that the Azzurri player would be able to run closer
and take a last shot.  Maybe he’d been watching the football players at halftime because
players stayed on the soccer field as the dressing room for tonight was at the school
about an 800 yard walk around away.

Vaughan had been eliminated last week from any chance of finishing first in the league
(there are no playoffs).  A lot of their players were missing including Joey Cicchillo
who is third in league scoring at 16 goals as they were playing for York University who
had a game yesterday afternoon in St Catharines against Brock.  Stefan Popovic played
in that game and scored their only goal but stayed welded to the subs’ bench tonight.
Andrew D’Souza had not seen action against Brock as the backup keeper and he was
tonight’s Vaughan goalie.

The tie today improves Vaughan’s record to 11 wins, 7 draws, 4 losses for 40 points but
tonight they drop to third place with the Woodbridge win.  Kingston’s record improves
to 3 wins, 6 draws, 11 losses for 15 points and moves them up into a tie with Pro Stars
for ninth although Clippers have played one more game.

Oakville Blue Devils look like a lock to win the championship this year…although they
only earned a tie this weekend all the other teams have run out of games to catch them
except Woodbridge Strikers who have enough games in hands to catch them if they run the
table and OBD can’t get any more results.  Woodbridge did win tonight 5-0 against Pro Stars
to keep the race going at least one more week.

For all other teams, they are getting by with second choice rosters because student
athletes have returned to school.  The Kingston roster tonight had only one starter
from the July 5th League Cup game I saw them play.   The interprovincial cup is next
month (first announcement I heard today was at the TFCA game).  I should get a chance
next week when Blue Devils travel to Toronto to ask how many of their ‘summer’ players
will be available to play the best team in Quebec.

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Robin Glover

Robin Glover

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