Vaughan Azzurri vs ANB Futbol: Match Report

Results and details of the Sunday June 7, 2015 League 1 Ontario game between Vaughan Azzurri
and ANB Futbol played at McNaughton Park in Vaughan at 2:00pm.

9 min…ANB Jahsua Mills GOAL…Mills takes 22 yard freekick from right that bends towards
right corner of net.  Goalie Rab Bruce-Lockart flies over and gets one hand to it but tips
it into top right corner of net.

46 min…VA Matthew Stinson GOAL…VA Joey Cicchillo 30 yard freekick from far right has
Stinson charging over from left flick head the ball in from 8 yards to middle of the net.

59 min…ANB Adonijah Reid GOAL…Reid rushes down middle from 45 yards and has ball deflect
off defenders on his 1 on 3 rush and he’s suddenly in the open from 25 yards and restarts
run and rolls 15 yard shot under goalie into left side of net.

67 min…VA Dena Iezady sets VA Joey Cicchillo away on pass and he rolls 20 yarder past
goalie and just wide right of post but another VA player was pushed over in the box that
could have possibly got into position for a tap-in.  Referee Hassain Rifai calls for
a Penalty kick.

68 min…VA Matthew Stinson GOAL…Stinson blasts Penalty kick just over diving goalie
Praveen Ahilan to left corner of net.

Final Score:…….Vaughan Azzurri……2………ANB Futbol………2………

Attendance was about 80 on this warm afternoon with a bright sun in the southwest although
it clouded over in the second half and was quite windy.

The game wasn’t rough in cards given out—only three yellows, two to ANB but there were
a lot of subs for injuries.  Vaughan’s Dayonn Harris had to come out at 40 minutes and
Matthew Arnone had to come out at 90 minutes.  For ANB, captain Jason Mills had to leave
at 44 minutes.  His replacement was Adonijah Reid who would score their second goal.
He usually comes in as a sub in the second half and is still only age 15 (until September).
Mills had been Red carded on Wednesday but that was a Cup game so didn’t effect his
status today for a League game.

The game had 5 minutes of injury time added in the second half with both teams going all out
during the last ten minutes of the game.  The extra time was added when the referee
twisted his ankle and had to have a team trainer wrap up his foot so he could continue.
See?  Another injury!

Best non-scoring chances were at 70 minutes when ANB Jahsua Mills passed forward for
ANB Adonijah Reid who ran to the left end line and rolled a pass through the 6 yard box
a step behind the sliding Mills at 2 yards.  85 minutes had VA Dena Iezady on a 2 on 2 rush
shoot a 25 yarder from the left that the sliding goalie palmed across the box at 12 yards.
86 minutes had ANB Reid rush on the left and tapped a pass to ANB Jackson Tooke who
had 20 yard shot through players and hit the left post.  93 minutes had ANB Blake Jones tap
a pass to Reid running forward and he shot a 12 yarder off the right post.  97 minutes had
an ANB player chip a ball into the box from 20 yards on the left.  There were no ANB players
charging into the box to challenge for it and a VA defender flicked the ball up at 8 yards
and the goalie caught it.  That was ruled a backpass and ANB was awarded a freekick.
That took awhile to set up and finally ANB Jahsua Mills and Brandon Mills worked out
a tap and blast strategy that was blocked as the wall of players charged forward and
the ball deflected for a cornerkick.  The goalie punched that out in a crowd of players
and the game was finally over.

This tie result means that both teams lose ground to Oakville Blue Devils who won
later in the afternoon against Kingston.  Vaughan’s record is 4 wins, 2 draws, 0 losses
for 14 points 2nd place, ANB is 3 wins, 2 draws, 0 losses for 11 points for 3rd place.
Oakville rises to 5 wins, 1 draw, 0 losses for 16 points.

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Robin Glover

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