Toronto Skillz FC vs North Toronto Nitros: May 8th 2016

Result and details of the League 1 Ontario game between Toronto Skillz FC

 and North Toronto Nitros played Sunday May 8, 2016 at Birchmount Stadium at 6:00pm.


31 min…NTN Nikolay Saveliev GOAL…NTN Jayden Doyle takes low cornerkick

 from left that has Saveliev charge forward left of post and flick foot ball

 over two defenders on left post and drop into right side of net.


63 min…NTN Anthony Sousa takes quick shot from 20 yards that hits hand of Skillz

 defender Drai Gordon just inside box. Referee Brian Butler gives Gordon

 a Yellow card and calls for a Penalty kick.


64 min…NTN Niba MacDonald GOAL…MacDonald shoots Penalty kick low to right

 corner of net as goalie Khedar Caesar-Thompson dives left.


76 min…NTN Anthony Sousa GOAL…Sigma Nicholas Goddard pops up header at 12 yards

 and Sousa gets to loose ball in middle and rolls 8 yarder past sprawling goalie

 to center of net.


Final Score:…..Toronto Skillz FC……0…..North Toronto Nitros……..3…….


Attendance eventually climbed to about 100 maybe slowed down by the isolated

 showers throughout the city including a few drops just before game time.


The game finished before dark but those who wore parkas like me were grateful as

 the temperatures dropped quickly—geez it’s May already!


Referee Brian Butler gave out four Yellow cards (all in the second half and two

 to each team). A few injuries on sloppy challenges rather than anything vicious.

 Both Skillz Yellows were for hand balls.


Both teams were flagged often for offsides.


This is only the second League 1 Ontario ever for each of these new teams. Both teams

 play in the Eastern Conference and lost their first games. Nitros looked the better

 team by far in the first half with Skillz players rarely getting within 30 yards

 of the NTN goal. Skillz improved in the second half but were forced to open

 up and left themselves subject to NTN counterattacks. Nitros looked much better than

 when I saw them play last week against Vaughan Azzurri. They were often able

 to break up Skillz rushes with blocks and pass interceptions just outside their box.




Best non-scoring chances were at 1 minute when NTN Abdallah Elchanti received

 a partial clearance after an NTN cornerkick and blasted a 30 yard shot from the

 right that hit the bar. 18 minutes had Elchanti feed a through ball pass from

 the center line over to NTN Nikolay Saveliev at 40 yards on the left and he raced

 in to 15 yards and the goalie caught his shot at 6 yards. 34 minutes had NTN

 Jayden Doyle charge in on a break on the left and rolled a cross into the center

 of the box where NTN Russell Rodrigues blasted a shot from 10 yards that the goalie

 blocked. 78 minutes had Skillz Ryan Reid rush for a ball at 15 yards and his low shot

 was blocked point blank by the goalie.


Mark Rogal earned the shutout for the Nitros with a few key stops especially

 in the second half.


The only player I recognized on the Skillz team was their captain/defender

 Nicholas Goddard who I watched play for Durham United in 2014 and Masters’ Saints

 last year. (even back to Milltown FC of CSL in 2010). Midfielder Andrew Gordon

 was recently on the Canada U-20 team (well at least their ID camp).


I hadn’t been to Birchmount Stadium in a few years. Aluminum seats including

 two extra stands mean that about 1200 could sit inside. Field turf still looks

 fairly new.



“Birchmount Stadium—home of the Robbie” was rapped in the #1 hit song ‘One Week’

 by the Barenaked Ladies in 1998. The Robbie is the world’s largest annual charitable

 youth tournament. And you thought only Drake drops Toronto place names!

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