Toronto FC II vs Louisville City: Match Report (August 1, 2015)

Result and details of the Saturday August 1, 2015 USL Pro game between Toronto FC II and
Louisville City FC played at The Ontario Soccer Centre in Vaughan at 3:00pm.

20 min…TFC II Molham Babouli GOAL…Babouli takes low cornerkick from right that’s over
to middle but outside box. TFC Luca Uccello shoots 25 yarder down middle that defender blocks
at 15 yards. Another defender chips cross from 18 yards to beat TFC player to ball and ball
is over to Babouli behind defenders and he runs towards goal from 22 yards on right and
shoots 8 yarder from right into left side of net over goalie at 5 yards.

57 min…Louisville Kadeem Dacres GOAL…LC Magnus Rasmussen at 25 yards in middle rolls pass
forward to LC Matt Fondy who has ball poked away at 15 yards by one of three defenders covering
him and Dacres shoots low 20 yarder into right corner of net past diving goalie Quillan Roberts.

66 min…Louisville Niall McCabe GOAL…LC Kevin Cossette cornerkick from right has goalie get
hand to it at 3 yards near left post to swat ball forward. An LC player blasts an 8 yard shot
off the bar and the ball bounces just out of box where McCabe blasts low shot from 18 yards
through the crowd of players and into the right side of net with the goalie diving to try to make
save at 15 yards in front of those players.
66 min…TFC YELLOW card…goalie Roberts earns it for chasing the referee outside the box
to complain about the play.

72 min…Louisville Bryan Burke GOAL…Burke rushes from 45 yard line on right and survives
TFC Sal Bernal’s trip attempt at 40 yards then his follow up poke check from behind and Burke
squeezes between TFC Mark Serjeant and Adam Bouchard on edge of box and shoots 8 yarder from
right that sliding goalie gets arm on but ball squeezes between arm and body into right side
of net.

80 min…TFC Jordan Hamilton GOAL…TFC Sal Bernal crosses from 15 yards on left and Hamilton
gets head to at 8 yards up middle past defender and ball bounces at 4 yards and goalie
Scott Goodwin misplays and deflects it into left side of own net.

Final Score:………Toronto FC II……….2………..Louisville City FC…………3…….

Attendance wasn’t announced but it was sparce. The USL website updated it to 303. The weather
was hot and sunny (time of the game means the fans don’t stare into the sun). Newscasts said
there would be thunderstorms but the cloud that passed by dropped about 30 seconds of rain and
that was it the entire game. There was a cross wind from the west that wouldn’t favour
either team.

303 fans? It is a holiday weekend in Ontario but this is only half the crowd of previous
league games. No supporter groups turned up except one Red Patch Boys flag in the top right
corner of the stands. The MLS team is on the road and doesn’t play until tonight.

Referee Alexis Vaughan gave out three Yellow cards (two to Louisville) in a game that was
more wide open than close checking. Louisville had a complaint about the first TFC goal
because an assistant referee raised her flag but Vaughan ordered her to put it back down.
Instant replays which I saw after I got home showed it was a Louisville defender who
cleared the ball across the field finding Babouli behind the defenders so it wasn’t offside
although a few players saw the flag and stopped; not chasing Babouli.

Jordan Hamilton didn’t get into the game until 61 minutes and rarely touched the ball except
on the goal. From being on the MLS roster to starting for TFC II to now coming on as a sub,
his stock must be falling. Molham Babouli has stepped into the starting forward roll.
He takes the corners and freekicks. Another forward I thought may not even be with the team
anymore is Stefan Vukovic who I saw at halftime in the crowd but he said he was recovering
from an injury. I’ve been watching him from TFC Academy days in the CSL.

The winning Louisville goal came on their third cornerkick from the same side within one minute
although it could be said that they had more chances throughout the game. Official stats who
a 17 to 9 edge in shots at goal.

While I was compiling the roster for Louisville I came across midfielder Kevin Cossette
from Montreal. His history dates back to playing in the CSL in 2009 and 2010 for Trois-Riveres
Attak, a pre FC Montreal farm team of the Montreal Impact. He then left to attend University
of Laval and played four years there. I made sure I said hello after the game. TFC player
hurried back to the dressing room unlike other games where they mingled with the fans giving
autographs and posing for selfies.

Louisville wins their sixth game in a row today. They have an affiliation with Orlando City FC
who when they jumped to MLS left much of their USL roster behind that then moved to Louisville
Kentucky. About all that remains is the team colour purple which today was restricted to names
and numbers on a white uniform, and a few of their coaches. They have a fleur-de-lys symbol
expressing their French heritage. I expect they will be completely indie next year because on the
Orlando City podcast I listen to, I’ve heard the club will form their own USL team and play closer
to Orlando much the same as TFC II does. Louisville will host their parent team later
this month for a special game.

The loss drops TFC II’s record to 4 wins, 10 losses, 3 ties for tenth place at the moment
(although they may get passed this weekend) while Louisville improves to 11 wins, 3 losses,
5 ties for second place out of twelve teams in the East.

Next game for TFC II is next Saturday night here at the Ontario Soccer Centre at 8:00pm
against Pittsburgh Riverhounds. This is a game I’ll miss as the MLS club will be finishing
up their game against Kansas City which won’t finish until 6:00pm in downtown Toronto.

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Robin Glover

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