TFCII vs Richmond: Match Report (August 15, 2015)

Result and details of the Saturday August 15, 2015 USL Pro game between Toronto FC II and
Richmond Kickers played at the Ontario Soccer Centre in Vaughan at 3:00pm.

54 min…Kickers Yudai Imura GOAL…RK Fred Owusu Sekyere crosses from 25 yards on the far right
and Imura leaps and heads 15 yarder down middle that flies into top right corner of net beyond
goalie Quillan Roberts.

74 min…TFC Molham Babouli GOAL…TFC Wesley Charpie cross from 25 yards on right has charging
Babouli at 10 yards on left head ball into top left corner of net past flying goalie Travis Worra.

91 min…TFC Massimo Mirabelli GOAL…TFC Manuel Aparicio chips cross from 25 yards on left that
charging Mirabelli chests from 8 yards from middle to left side of net.

94 min…game ends.

Final Score:…….Toronto FC II………2……..Richmond Kickers………1…….

Attendance looked to me like only about 225 on this very hot and humid afternoon with a bright
sun in the west which favoured neither team as this stadium runs north-south.  Each half had
minutes added time to account for injuries but also a water break at 30 minutes and right after
the TFC first goal.

Referee Yusri Rudolf gave out only two Yellow cards that I noticed (both to TFC players).  One was
to Chris Mannella at 65 minutes who crashed into Michael Callahan at the center line and Mannella
was the more hurt of the players and needed the trainer.  Just three minutes later Mannella was
injured again and was subbed off.  He was still limping after the game.

TFC MLS roster players playing today were midfielders Mannella, Manuel Aparicio, Jay Chapman, forward
Jordan Hamilton, and goalie Quillan Roberts.   With the MLS team acquiring more players and the roster
being filled in with players returning from injury and international duty it will be more likely that
we’ll see these players again in USL games.

TFC II new acquisition 20 year old Bubacarr Jobe made his debut today wide on the wing.  His passing
was a little off and he was subbed at 56 minutes for Massimo Mirabelli.  Maybe coming in as a sub
helped Mirabelli have more energy at the end.  Molham Babouli replaced Sal Bernal at 70 minutes and
scored within 5 minutes.  Two Canadians replacing Americans right there.  70 minutes also had Aparicio
replace the injured Mannella.

TFC II have scored injury time goals in their last three games although before today, those strikes
against Pittsburgh and Montreal were consolation goals.

Kickers looked the better team in the first half but couldn’t score.  They still looked like they could
score the winner in the last ten minutes.  Even in the last minute RK Sascha Goerres took a freekick
from 30 yards and it was just over the head of the RK goalie who was in the box at 8 yards and the ball
was headed back off the right end line by an RK player and RK Ricky Burke shot an 18 yarder that
RK Jason Yeisley with his back to goal at 8 yards jabbed at and TFC goalie Quillan Roberts caught
on the bounce to save the victory.

I remember Richmond Kickers from the A-League and their playoff game against Toronto Lynx in 2000 where
their star player (Kickers that is) was Dwayne De Rosario!  The Lynx won that series.  The only holdout
from that team was their head coach Leigh Cowlishaw who is in his sixteenth year coaching the Kickers.

Kickers have an affiliation with the MLS DC United team.  Their roster from the USL site lists six
players from DCU but only goalie Travis Worra was in today’s lineup.

TFC II’s record improves to 5 wins, 12 losses, 3 ties for 18 points, good for eleventh of the twelve
teams in the Eastern Conference.  Richmond’s record slips to 8 wins, 6 losses, 9 ties for 33 points
and a tie for fourth place staying above the six team playoff limit for now.

The free two page match day program happened to have their player feature on Massimo Mirabelli
so it made it easier for kids to ask for his autograph after his game winning goal.  I’m used to the
MLS programs having their cover boy away on international duty or injured or suspended.  Last weekend’s
MLS game against Kansas City==Damien Perquis—suspended!

Mirabelli chested the ball as hard as some players can head it.  He must have abs of steel.

The Inebriatti fan group were in the southernmost section of the stands and kept their chants
at a mild PG level.  They can’t be accused of the same old chants because they’ve added the chorus
of The Weeknd’s song “Can’t Find My Face” into their songbook (current #1 pop song in the USA).
Very appropriate as he’s from Toronto.  This is a good counter to the PA system whose playlist
is about 30% Drake songs.

So now the game is over and I had two hours until I could watch a TFC team again.  No not a race to
get home to watch the MLS team on television but I was already halfway to Brampton to see TFC Academy
play in League 1 Ontario.

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Robin Glover

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