TFCII vs FC Montreal: Match Report (September 5th, 2015)

Result and details of the Saturday September 5, 2015 USL game between Toronto FC II and FC Montreal
played at Ontario Soccer Centre in Vaughan at 3:00pm.

13 sec…FCM (TFC own goal) GOAL…TFC Skylar Thomas is pressured by FCM player so taps pass over
to TFC Wesley Charpie on left sideline.  Charpie at the 35 yard line chips ball back to goalie
Filippo Di Bennardo at 15 yards but ball sails over his head and bounces into right side of net.

3 min…TFC Reshone Phillip GOAL…TFC Anthony Osorio rolls ball from left up middle and Phillip
rolls 20 yard shot into left side of net.

26 min…TFC Skylar Thomas GOAL…TFC Molham Babouli cornerkick from left has defender head ball
away and TFC Anthony Osorio chips 40 yarder back into box and Thomas leaps and heads ball
from 12 yards on right that goalie Yann-Alexandre Fillion flies to left and gets a hand to but
only pushes ball further into left corner of net.

49 min…TFC Reshon Phillip GOAL…TFC Molham Babouli cornerkick from left has ball partially
cleared and Phillip blasts 18 yarder up middle that FCM Janouk Charbonneau jabs at midair with
foot but ball deflects into left side of net.

86 min…FCM Frederic Lajoie-Gravelle GOAL…FCM LaJoie-Gravelle receives low forward pass
from FCM Alessandro Riggi and tips ball around sprawling goalie at 5 yards and ball rolls
just over goalline to right corner of net.

Final Score:……Toronto FC II…….3……..FC Montreal……….2……..

Attendance (which was actually announced today) was 387.  Fans entering the gates were
allowed to choose a TFC II shirt from different cartons.  They came in different sizes
and either white or red.   It was announced earlier in the week that the first thousand
fans would get one.  The boxes had disappeared by the end of the game but we were able
to grab a few TFC II mini-balls that they had left over from last week’s promotion.
The Inebriatti supporter’s group were not in attendance for this week’s game—just like last
weekend so with their most popular song “Toronto til I die” I’ll have to check the obits.

This was the last home game of the season for TFC II.  They have four more road games
in cities in the southern US states including their last game on September 19th.
They had started their first nine games on the road while the Ontario Soccer Centre
was being renovated then had two games at BMO Field and played some more road games
until their July 8th opener.  Twelve league home games plus a friendly squeezed into
two months may have been a bit much to keep the attendance up but playing further into
September may have made things worse with the kid friendly atmosphere evaporating with
the start of school after this weekend.

FCM pressed in the last twenty minutes but TFC II managed to hang on and get in some
counterattacks.  There were a lot of FCM players yelling at each other during this
time for missed passes and offside calls.

Referee David Barrie gave out four Yellow cards (three to FCM players).  There were
no outbursts until 90 minutes when there was a dustup deep in the FCM end when TFC
stalled FCM’s attempt at taking a throw-in and he gave a player from each team
a Yellow card.  He also scheduled a water break during each half as this weekend
the city is in another heat wave.

Both TFC and FCM had been mathematically eliminated from the playoffs last week.
This may have been the reason why so many new guys were in the teams.  TFC defender
Andrew Dias had just been called up from the TFC Academy earlier in the week.  He
saw action when subbed in at 62 minutes.  This was the first start by goalie
Filippo Di Bennardo with regular (and usual captain) Quillan Roberts listed
as the backup.   It was the first start for Reshon Phillip on the team and how
effective with two goals until he was subbed off at 69 minutes. Some of the
callups who didn’t get named to today’s eighteen may still see action tonight as
TFC Academy plays tonight in Pickering against Durham United in League 1 Ontario action.

One player missing from the lineup was forward Jordan Hamilton.  I haven’t read
if he’d be in the TFC MLS squad travelling to Seattle for tonight’s game. (with the
sudden end of the GOL TV channel the beginning of the week, it makes it harder
to pick up these details).  ***OK panic over!  Hamilton is on the subs bench now the
MLS site has posted the roster.

FCM also used today try some new players with Fabrice Mbvouvouma (from Cameroon)
and Nevello Yoseke being so new they are not even on the USL team rosters part
of their website nor today’s game program.  Both were used as subs.

TFC II’s record improves to 6 wins, 14 losses, 4 ties for 22 points and eleventh
place in the twelve team conference.  FCM’s record falls to 7 winds, 15 losses,
4 ties for 25 points and tenth place having played two more games than Toronto.
This was the fourth meeting of the season between the teams with each team winning
once at home and once on the road over each other.  With the league expecting
to expand next season, I’d expect they’d meet less often if the USL wants every
team to play at least once home and away against teams in their conference.

I recognized one of the game monitors for a sports betting site at today’s game.
He said he just started his assignment for a brokerage in Europe last week.
Over the years of covering CSL I know these guys have to say “home team danger…
and safe” throughout the game.  I wonder what the guys in Europe would be thinking
about an own goal after 13 seconds or Anthony Totera the PA guy announcing ‘#44
Mark Anthony Kaye’ as scoring the 26 minute goal then finally correcting after
five minutes ‘#33 Skylar Thomas’.  They better wait until the game is over
to do any payouts.

I expect I’ll do a year end review but rolled into the other league’s I cover
sometime next month because this team is especially intertwined with TFC of MLS
and League 1 Ontario and their PDL franchise.  However I would like to thank the
players and staff of all the USL teams for answering my questions particually
when filling in assists to elaborate details of the goals.  The YouTube video
cut off between 2:30 and 12:30 so missed the tieing goal  just like last week
when it cut off at 84 minutes and missed the Charlotte final goal so I can’t
say that’s always reliable.

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Robin Glover

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