TFCII vs Charleston Battery: Match Review (July 24, 2015)

Result of the Friday July 24, 2015 USL Pro game between Toronto FC II and Charleston Battery
played at the Ontario Soccer Centre at 8:00pm.

87 min…TFC Skylar Thomas GOAL…TFC Molham Babouli 28 yard freekick from right has Thomas
jump in crowd of players at 6 yards on left and head ball into short left side of net past
goalie Kevin Corby.

Final Score:…..Toronto FC II…….1……..Charleston Battery…….0…….

Attendance was about 500 or less on this warm evening with the sun not being a factor.
The supporter group section appeared almost empty with what looked like one drummer.

Quinlan Roberts wore the captain’s armband again tonight and was definately the star
of the game making some magnificent saves in particular against Battery’s Jamaican
forward Dane Kelly. He had numerous catches or punch outs on cornerkicks.

TFC II players didn’t have any really good chances all night. They had trouble getting
away shots either by getting poke checked off the ball or having shots blocked. Battery
goalie Kevin Corby didn’t have much to do except venturing to the edge of the box or out
of it to clear potential through balls.

Best non-scoring chances were at 13 minutes when TFC Quillan Roberts dove forward to beat
CB Zachary Prince to a short through ball pass at 15 yards up middle after a multi
pass play. At 19 minutes Roberts made his only mistake of the game when he made a bad
clearance and a CB player stopped the ball at 22 yards and made a pass to CB Dane Kelly
who had a group of defenders surround him to prevent a clear shot inside the box. Two minutes
later DB Jarad Van Schaik took a 45 yard freekick from the right that Roberts caught on the
left post then survived as his momentum slammed his back into the post and rattled the
framework with the force of impact. 25 minutes had CB Kelly survive a TFC Adam Bouchard
bump to get by him cutting in from the right to 20 yards and his low cross had CB van Schaik
blast a low 22 yarder between defenders and the diving Roberts pushed the ball wide right
of the post. 30 minutes had CB Kelly poke the ball behind Roberts on the edge of the box
but Roberts retreated and was able to kick the ball out of bounds. 35 minutes had CB van Schaik
break past a defender on the right and cross into the box from 20 yards and a CB player flicked
the ball across and CB Kelly blasted a 7 yarder from the left that Roberts pushed wide left
of the post. 45 minutes had CB Prince cross from 35 yards on the left to CB Sebastien Thuriere
at 15 yards on the right and he passed back to the left for CB Kelly to blast a 7 yard shot from a sharp
angle that Roberts blocked on the left post. 61 minutes had CB Kelly beat TFC Bouchard on a run
on the right and cut around the defender to get away a 12 yard shot that Roberts caught.
79 minutes and CB Jose Rodriguez’s cornerkick from the left had Roberts punch away the ball at 6 yards
on left in crowd of players. 82 minutes and CB van Schaikj took a cornerkick from the right
that was eventually sent back to him after a few blocked shots and he shot a sharp angled
12 yard shot that Roberts pushed forward and out of box. One minute later van Schaikj took
a 40 yard freekick from the right that a CB player headed down at 8 yards but Roberts caught
on the bounce.

Referee Pierre Acouri gave out four Yellow cards (two to each team) in a game
that got rough at times with at least two pushing matches breaking out after freekick calls.

TFC II had their PanAm games contingent back and in the lineup plus some of their players
who carried the workload for the MLS team in their exhibition game against Sunderland of the
English Premier league when the regular TFC team checked out after half an hour of work.

As announced at the time of the goal, this marked the first goal scored by TFC II at their
new home. So it’s taken five games to do it. I had to defend the team from a guy
at halftime who said they’d lost all their home games by pointing out they’d won down
at BMO Field later on the same rain drenched day the MLS team played DC United. I couldn’t
stay after getting soaked for two plus hours then having a cold wind blow up before the
USL game started.

TFC II’s record improves to 4 wins, 9 losses, 3 ties for 15 points and flip back over FC Montreal
(who they lost to here on Tuesday night) into tenth place in the twelve team Eastern Conference.
Charleston’s record now falls to 9 wins, 3 losses, 7 ties and they stay in second place but now
face continueing on to Rochester NY to play the first place, undefeated Rhinos.

Now you may hear Duane Rollins’ ‘Two Solitudes’ podcast next week where everything’s sunshine based
on coming to his first game of the year, I’d point out a multi-game problems of declining attendance,
whipped together stands looking like Molson Indy leftovers, no ‘great’ chances on goal tonight despite
the return of the PanAm players, one goal in their last five games, and added tonight in the
hot weather, the stench of the port-a-potties drifting to the walkthrough between the gate
and the stands. (Nothing about any of these points–well maybe the last one–personally bothers
me as I love coming here and watching the team play and many I’ve seen play though the TFC Academy
over the years but it’s a counter to his potential podcast).

The Battery have an affiliation with Houston Dynamo but from the website there looked like
there may be at most three players who played for that team while I counted at least four
Caribbean players. They only had five subs on their bench tonight.

After the game I asked Liam Fraser who subbed in at 71 minutes if he’d be in the TFC Academy
League 1 Ontario team against Sigma tomorrow afternoon but he wasn’t sure.

There looked like there was something different about Quinlan Roberts tonight. I took a chance
to ask “When did you shave your head?” “Two days ago” was his answer. Hey maybe it works like
a hockey player’s playoff beard!

Next TFC II game is on Tuesday the 28th at 8:00pm against AS Roma Primavera in a special
international friendly. It will be interesting to see the crowd size for this game being
played in Vaughan with it’s large Italian-Canadian population. TFC II should have a chance
in this game if the visiting team is their Under 19 team against the men of TFC II. If the
visitors are the size of Sebastian Giovinco but not the skill level, the tall home team may
push them around.

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