TFCII beat FC Montreal to earn first USL Victory

The Toronto FC II continued their extended road trip east to Montreal with hopes of redeeming themselves from last week’s late meltdown.  This was also FC Montreal’s first USL match in their history and a derby between the two teams.  The anticipated match for both sides had bragging rights on the line and for TFCII supporters the derby did not disappoint.


With call ups to the First Team and National Team due to the international break, there were quite a few changes to the final lineup.  After it was all said and done, Jason Bent elected with the following 4-4-2 formation using almost all of his available substitutions.


GK – Alex Bono

LB – Wesley Charpie (Mateo Restrepo 89’)

CB – Daniel Fabrizi

CB – Adam Bouchard

RB – Mark Serjeant (Marcus Godinho 64’)

M – Luca Uccello

M – Marcos Nunes (Rahim Thorpe 88’)

M – Manuel Aparicio (Martin Davis 68’)

M – Massimo Mirabelli (Raheem Edwards 64’)

F – Mark Anthony Kaye

F – Molham Babouli (C)

Substitutes Not Used:  Filippo Di Bennardo, Jordan Montoya


The match initially started unsteady and slow to take shape, presumably the youngsters with a couple butterflies in their stomach while playing on the large pitch at Olympic Stadium.  Once both teams got their nerves they soon picked up pace and both teams played quickly and with quality.  Toronto looked similar to how they did in Charleston with a good attack and ample scoring opportunities.  Molham Babouli, who was outstanding in the match, set up a wonderful goal with a long free kick that was capped off by Marcos Nunes in the 37th minute.


In the 71st minute, Raheem Edwards took a shot that was deflected off FC Montreal’s John Dinkota for the always embarrassing own goal.  The insurance goal allowed Alex Bono to take control, secure the clean sheet and most importantly the team’s first ever win.  Alex Bono drastically improved his performance from last week which was reassuring for the long season ahead.


A win in Montreal, not conceding FC Montreal’s first goal in their own history, and the team’s first ever win is very special and historic.  From the reaction on Twitter after the match, supporters and the young squad are feeling good and looking forward to the next match.  Their next match is on Saturday, April 4th at 3:30pm (although the Toronto FC II incorrectly states it starts at 9:45pm) against the talented New York Red Bulls II at Red Bull Arena.

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