TFC Academy vs Sanjaxx: Match Report (August 23, 2015)

Result and details of the Sunday August 23, 2015 League 1 Ontario game between Toronto FC Academy
and Sanjaxx Lions played at KIA Training Centre in Downsview at 1:45pm.

22 min…TFCA Richie Ennin GOAL…TFCA Malik Johnson makes long run up middle and rolls pass
to right for Ennin who shoots 12 yarder to top center of net.

34 min…TFCA Nikola Stakic GOAL…TFCA Matthew Srbely 30 yard freekick from left has defender duck and
head ball backwards from 15 yards and ball drops at 8 yards while even with right post for Stakic
to shoot low 8 yarder to left side of net past goalie Nicolas Martino.

48 min (1st half)…TFCA Richie Ennin GOAL…TFCA Cyrus Rollocks passes while in a crowd of players
at 15 yards on the left over to Ennin in open at 10 yards on right and he shoots low shot to left
side of net.

56 min…TFCA Tristan Borges GOAL…Borges dribbles into box from right and regains possession on
deflection off defender and runs along edge of box and cuts 18 yard shot into low right side of net.

77 min…TFCA Aidan Daniels GOAL…TFCA Daniels receives short pass from right and rolls 25 yarder
up middle between defenders into left corner of net.

91 min…TFCA Liam Fraser GOAL…TFCA Malik Johnson 15 yard shot has defender block it and Fraser
blasts 20 yard rebound into top left corner of net.

94 min…game ends 3:41pm.

Final Score:……Toronto FC Academy……..6……Sanjaxx Lions……..0…..

Attendance was about 50 on this hot day with a bright sun in the west not effecting either team
on the north-south alignment of the field.

TFCA head coach Stuart Neely was not here today but assistants Rick Titus and Dino Lopez handled
taking over well.  Titus was yelling instructions the entire game.   They weren’t happy with referee
Jonathan Carter who they felt was letting Lions goalie Nicolas Martino away with two knockdowns
of TFCA players outside his box.

Carter gave out three Yellow cards that I counted (all to Sanjaxx players).  The game had a few
rough spots with 23 minutes being the worst on one Yellow card where TFCA Jordan Johnson was
tackled near the sideline and needed to be subbed off.

TFCA players couldn’t let up because their whole organization has a full bench of guys trying
to move up so when they’re subbed in, they have to go all out to show they should be starters.
The Academy starters bounce up and down to the TFC II team like midfielder Liam Fraser, and forwards
Kevin Timachy and Malik Johnson where they themselves are usually bench players.

Lions have only scored six goals in 18 league and Cup games this season!  They have not scored
since July 4th in a 2-1 loss away against Sigma FC.  Following that they’ve lost 3-0 at home
to Sigma, 2-0 at home to Oakville, home to Durham United 1-0, away to Pro Stars 2-0, away
to ANB Futbol 5-0, then had a road trip to Windsor (at least a four hour drive) finally
postponed after hours of a lightning storm.

I was marking Lions best chances.  At 50 minutes Lions Fabio Vilaca stole the ball off TFCA
Robert Boskovic at the center line and rushed to 30 yards when he was caught and he passed
to Lions Nordo Gooden who shot a 22 yarder that the goalie came out to near the edge of the
box to save.  59 minutes had Lions Stefan Nikolic take a 30 yard freekick from the left
that had Vilaca head an 8 yarder that hit the right post and the defenders were able to clear
the rebound.  78 minutes had Gooden have an 8 yard shot blocked by the goalie but he got a cross
from the left over to Nikolic who centered the ball and Lions Tyler Moretti shot over the net
from 10 yards.  Gooden lashed out at different teammates a few times through the game as he was
often left alone as the lone striker and had teammates frequently called offside.  He’ll turn
age 30 in about three weeks.  I’ve been watching him play since at least 2007.

Filippo Di Bennardo earned the shutout for TFCA with the above action plus some more
routine saves.

Halftime entertainment was a raffle draw for a pair of MLS Toronto FC tickets.
A boy brought over a cellphone he said he’d found near the gate.  An announcement
was made and no takers (because the owner had left) but further investigation they found out
that it was Mrs Osorio’s (parent of three TFC/TFCA players).  Easily solved as son
Nicholas picked it up when the players got back from halftime.  He got into the game
at 67 minutes.  Suggestions piled up as ‘thank you’s’ for the boy from an autographed picture
(my idea) to TFC tickets, tweeted thank yous, to an invitation to the year end banquet.

TFCA’s record improves to 7 wins, 1 draw, and 8 losses for 22 points and flips back into
seventh place by one point over Windsor Stars who had won on Friday night.

Sanjaxx’s record falls to 1 win, 0 draws, and 16 losses for 3 points.  They are tied for
eleventh place in the twelve team league with Master’s FA Saints who have no wins but
three ties.  Climatic game (Lions only win was against Master’s) between these two teams
is the last weekend of the season at Monarch Park on Saturday evening October 3rd although
I expect to be at the MLS TFC game against Philadelphia at that time.

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