TFC Academy (PDL) vs Dayton Dutch Lions: Match Review

Results and details of the Saturday June 13, 2015 PDL game between Toronto FC Academy and
Dayton Dutch Lions played at the KIA Training Ground in Downsview at 4:00pm.

41 min…TFCA Matteo Restrepo GOAL…TFCA Anthony Osorio cornerkick from right has defender
make midair kick away of ball at 10 yards. Restrepo blasts low 25 yarder up middle that
deflects off a defender foot at about 8 yards and deflects into bottom left corner of net
that diving goalie Chris Froschaur can only get a piece of.

49 min…DDL Jure Spiler GOAL…DDL Lorenzo Rodriguez centers pass from 28 yards on left,
DDL Etienne Esajas touches ball back at 20 yards in middle and Spiler blasts 22 yarder down
middle that bends outwards into right side of net beyond flying goalie Darrin McLeod.

Final Score:……Toronto FC Academy……1……Dayton Dutch Lions…..1…..

Attendance was about 90 on this hot sunny day. There was at least one water break when
a player was treated for an injury and bottles left by the sidelines so players could
drink when their was a substitution.

Referee Zac Taylor gave out only three Yellow cards—two to the Dutch Lions and let a lot
go but a knocked over player would get back up and carry on. Cards were for swearing
at a freekick call, shirt grabbing, and a professional hold to prevent a breakout at the
center line. No real vicious play between the two teams.

A tie was a fair result although either team could have won if they’d put away one more
of their few chances. Only ones I marked as should have been scored were at 60 minutes
when DDL Eric Kissinger had a midair flick up then blasted a 15 yard shot from the right
that was just wide right of the post. Injury time had TFCA Martin Davis given a pass
through the defender and his low 10 yard shot was stopped by the sprawling goalie and
a defender cleared at 6 yards. Next minute had TFCA Daniel Jodah take a 12 yard shot
up the middle that the goalie stopped point blank and within seconds the final whistle
was blown.

TFCA kept much the same lineup as Thursday’s win against Pittsburgh except they flipped
their goalies with Phil DiBennardo on the bench and Darrin McLeod starting. Today brought
the return of long term Academy players Eli Roubos and Daniel Jodah for their first game
this season after getting back from college. Both started the game on the bench and
only Jodah got in to the action but had the last scoring chance of the game with
an injury time shot.

Dayton Dutch Lions were formed and joined the PDL in 2010. Then they played four years
in the USL Pro (the level that Toronto FC II joined this year) but are back at the
PDL level for 2015. Last year’s record of 6 wins, 18 losses, 4 ties may have been a reason they
dropped back. There are also ‘Dutch Lions’ franchises in Cincinnati and Houston
in different divisions but all with the same owners. I’ve never seen the Dutch Lions
play even in 2010 because they were in a different division than the Toronto Lynx.
They have had Toronto area players over the years with Taylor Lord playing for them
in 2012 and 2013 (now playing for League 1 Ontario team Durham United FC) and Mikael
‘Taylor’ McNamara in 2011 and 2012 (now playing for Oakville Blue Devils
of League 1 Ontario). Hey two Taylors! Maybe the Dutch owners were looking
for a kleermaker to sew their uniforms?!

The result today improves the TFCA record to 1 win, 1 tie, 4 losses while Dayton
improves to 0 wins, 2 ties, 3 losses—that’s 5th and 6th place of the 7 team
Great Lakes Division. Neither team looks to be top three playoff qualifiers.

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Robin Glover

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