TFC Academy (PDL) vs Bucks: Match Report (June 25)

Results and details of the Wednesday June 25, 2015 PDL game between Toronto FC Academy
and Michigan Bucks played at KIA Training Centre in Downsview at 2:30pm.

22 min…Bucks Russell Cicerone GOAL…A Bucks player’s low cross from 25 yards on right
has Bucks David Goldsmith tap ball over about 5 yards to Ciccerone who shoots low 15 yarder
under sprawling goalie Darrin McLeod.

34 min…Bucks Sean Sepe GOAL…Bucks Marco Charalambous taps pass past defenders on edge
of box and Sepe shoots 15 yarder down middle low into right side of net.

37 min…TFCA Mark Gonsalez GOAL…TFCA Dapo Afolayan cross from 30 yards on left and
Gonsalez in center of box gets mid-air shot from 12 yards into high right side of net
with goalie Drew Shepherd stuck in center of net.

53 min…Bucks Zak Bok GOAL…Bucks Calvin Rezende cornerkick from right is downfield
to Bucks Tom Owens who crosses from 25 yards on right to Bok to head from 7 yards just
under the middle of crossbar.

81 min…Bucks David Goldsmith GOAL…Bucks Russell Cicerone flicks ball forward
on chip from 20 yards and Goldsmith at 10 yards whiffs with his right foot then kicks
in with his left to low left corner of net past diving goalie.

84 min…Bucks Sebastian Wladyko GOAL…Bucks Calvin Rezende cross from 15 yards
from right has charging Wladyko race up the middle and head ball downwards and
in from 5 yards.

Final Score:…..Toronto FC Academy…….1……..Michigan Bucks…..5….

Attendance was about 30 on this warm and overcast afternoon with a breeze from
the east.  At the 20 minute mark it started to rain and get harder in the second
half until stopping completely about five minutes before the game ended.   I don’t
mind rain if I don’t have to hold and pen, notebook, umbrella, and juggle a camera
and pair of binoculars at the same time.  I hung the pages up when I got home for
them to dry out.  TFC/TFC II player Jay Chapman was in the stands watching until
the rain got really bad.

Referee Fabrizio Stasola only gave out one Yellow card the whole game (TFCA defender
Tarik Robertson for a holding call preventing a breakout).  The game had some sliding
tackles on the wet turf but nothing vicious.

TFCA head coach Stuart Neely made four of his five subs at halftime and the team
had a few more chances than the first half  but it turned the game wide open with
more chances by the Bucks as well.  We didn’t get to see the two  Osorio brothers
on this team play together because defender (for today) Anthony played the first
half and Nicholas played midfield in the second half.  I’ve seen some games where
they’ve both played midfield which got me  thinking if there’d ever be a day when
they play with big brother Jonathan on  MLS Toronto FC; leaving one midfield spot
open for Michael Bradley!

TFCA’s record falls to 1 win, 6 losses, 2 ties and in a four way tie for fourth place
(or you could say all four teams tied for ‘last’).  They’ve played more  games than
all those teams.

Bucks’ record improves to 8 wins, 0 losses, 1 tie and all alone in first place
by 6 points and a game in hand on second place Forest City London.  This unbeaten
streak carries over from last year when they won the PDL Championship over all the
other divisions and conferences in North America.   The Bucks head coach wasn’t here
today as he was in a tournament in Indiana.

TFCA still has two home games left this season but I expect I’ve seen my last one.
Saturday morning they play Derby City at 10:00am but I’ll be at the TFC and TFC II
games down at BMO Field.  Tuesday July 14th at 10:00am they play K-W United but I’ve
just received accreditation to cover the Gold Cup matches at BMO that day.  I thanked
the TFC staff today but I’ll expect I’ll see them as soon as Sunday afternoon when
I watch the TFCA team in League 1 Ontario.

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Robin Glover

Robin Glover

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