Sigma FC vs Sanjaxx Lions: Match Report (July 4, 2015)

Results and details of the Saturday July 4, 2015 League 1 Ontario game between Sigma FC and
Sanjaxx Lions played at Hershey Fields in Mississauga at 4:00pm.

46 min (1st half)…Lions win Penalty kick from referee Alexis Vaughan on knock down just
inside Sigma box which injured a Lions player.

48 min (1st half)…Lions Dawit Tekic GOAL…Tekic blasts Penalty kick to top left corner
of net over flying goalie Triston Henry.

62 min…Sigma Richmond Laryea makes long run up left and is pulled down by Lions Dawit Tekic
in box. Tekic earns Yellow card and the referee awards a Penalty kick.

65 min…Sigma Alex Halis GOAL…Halis blasts Penalty kick to right corner of net past
diving goalie Matthew Zaikos.

82 min…Lions Frantz Bill trips Marcel Zajic in Lions box after Sigma had botched
a 2 on 1 rush but Bill lunges for ball through Zajic and the referee awards another
Penalty kick.

83 min…Sigma Jordan Stoddart blasts Penalty kick off bar so hard that ball bounces
down and out of box.

86 min…Sigma Kwame Awuah GOAL…Sigma Richard Laryea passes from left over to Awuah
who rolls 15 yard shot up middle and into left corner of net past diving goalie.

Final Score:…..Sigma FC….2…..Sanjaxx Lions……1……

Attendance was about 50 on this hot day with a warm sun in the west.

This game was very rough with lots of stoppages for tackle and knockdowns then added
delays with players cheating by taking freekicks or throw-ins 10 yards further upfield
then the incident then having to have them retaken. Both teams were guilty. Sigma head
coach Bobby Smymiotis was ordered to leave right after the Sigma failed penalty attempt
for what looked like continueing to harass the fourth official. There were four Yellow
cards that I counted—three to Lions players.

I’d expected Sigma would have put this game away early based on the records of the two
teams but they kept missing chances with shots off target or saves made by goalie
Matthew Zaikos or the defenders on key blocks. Much of the game was played in the
Lions half of the field. Sigma must have had at least a dozen cornerkicks and tried
long, short, low, high, worked out, quickly taken ones—anything that would give them
a better opportunity to score.

Lions only had five subs and one was an extra goalie. They had to make two
substitutions in the first half because of injuries. The league allows five subs per
team per game. The Lions also did not bring a trainer so they had to ask for the help
of the Sigma trainer who drew double duty patching up players from both teams.

Best non-scoring chances were at 17 minutes when Sigma Kwame Awuah crossed from 20 yards
on the far left which eluded a few players and Sigma Justin Stoddart blasted a 7 yard shot
from the right off the underside of the bar. 48 minutes (2nd half) has Justin Stoddart
take a cornerkick from the left and Sigma Dominic Samuel pop up a ball that was then
partially cleared and a cross to the right had Sigma Alex Halis blast a midair 10 yard
shot along the 6 yard line and the ball deflected off the chest of another Sigma
player and bounce wide left of the post. The next minute had Sigma Richmond Laryea given
a through ball on the left and he tipped the ball off the diving goalie that deflected
for a cornerkick. The Lions goalie was injured and needed a trainer for his mouth injury.
73 minutes had Sigma Christian Samaniego take a cornerkick from the left that Sigma Samuel
headed from 6 yards that was blocked and Sigma Jordan Stoddart then headed from 6 yards
that was tipped just over the bar for a cornerkick.

Sigma’s record improves to 5 wins, 3 ties, 2 losses for 18 points and jumps from 5th to 3rd
place (including other league results until the end of the day). Lions record falls to 1 win,
0 ties, 10 losses for 3 points and remains in 11th place in the 12 team league.

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Robin Glover

Robin Glover

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