September 9, 2017 USL–Toronto FC II vs New York Red Bulls II

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Result and details of the Saturday September 9, 2007 USL game between Toronto FC II and New York Red Bulls II played at BMO Stadium in Toronto at 8:00pm.

NYRB Stefano Bonomo scoring one of his Penalty kicks. Photo by Robin Glover.
NYRB Stefano Bonomo scoring one of his Penalty kicks. Photo by Robin Glover.

34 min…TFC Jay Chapman GOAL…TFC Brian James at TFC 45 yard line in middle passes ball forward and left to TFC Ben Spencer who rolls ball from NYRB 40 yard line on left forward to TFC Jordan Hamilton who charges forward from 30 yards on left and sends low bouncing cross from 22 yards just outside top corner of box. Chapman running forward to 7 yards even with right post beats charging goalie Evan Louro and rolls ball under him to left side of net.

41 min…TFC Lars Eckenrode pulls down Florian Valot in box and referee Pierre-Luc Lauziere calls for a Penalty kick.

42 min…NYRB Stefano Bonomo GOAL…Bonomo rolls Penalty kick into right corner of net beyond diving goalie Angelo Cavalluzzo.

44 min…TFC Lars Eckenrode pulls down NYRB Vincent Bezecourt who had deked through two players on edge of TFC box to get to 15 yards. The referee gives Eckenrode a Yellow card and awards NYRB a Penalty kick.

47 min…NYRB Stefano Bonomo GOAL…Bonomo rolls Penalty kick into right corner of net beyond diving goalie.

Final Score:…Toronto FC II…1…New York Red Bulls…2…

Attendance was listed as 3582 on the USL web site which seems very generous—certainly not hanging on to a great per cent of the sellout 29050 who had just finished watching the MLS Toronto FC beat San Jose Earthquake 4-0 an hour before. Hey people! Stay! Free game! I thought the USL game had less than that even with fans being moved to sit on the East side stands to be better supervised with less staff. About a third of that crowd left before the game was over. Let’s say the fans who came dressed in t-shirts and short didn’t stay around for this game with it now dark and the temperature falling. Still the numbers are an improvement on the Ontario Soccer Centre crowds which are usually well under 1000.

This the first TFC II game played at BMO Field since the team announced that next season TFC will include free USL season tickets for their MLS season ticket holders. They will also move their games to BMO Field and Lamport Stadium in downtown Toronto. This is so to help build the attendance as the USL in 2019 will split into two divisions and teams that don’t meet certain standards (attendance and stadium facilities are some of the details) will be placed in the lower division. The lower division will not have the more competitive teams and that would not be as much benefit to MLS teams that want to keep their players sharp for transfer back up to their main team.

The team sponsors are the same as up at the OSC so prizes were provided by such companies as Anthony’s Espresso Coffee Supplies. The scoreboard stadium here is a big improvement over the one at OSC.

Man of the Match was Jay Chapman who was an easy choice as he scored their only goal. He won the coffee tonight! Just one week ago he came in as a substitute for the Canadian National team against Jamaica at this same stadium. Tonight he couldn’t make the main MLS team bench. That’s become not that unusual as the team once again had no Canadian starters. Jonathan Osorio did sub in at halftime for the MLS team and scored a goal. Tosaint Ricketts got in at 64 minutes.

NYRB looked the better team tonight but it was two Penalty kick goals within five minutes that won it for them. Stefano Bonomo placed both in the bottom right corner just out of the reach of the diving goalie Angelo Cavalluzo.

Julian Dunn-Johnson (17 year old Canadian) and Brandon Aubrey both played defence at the same time for TFC. It’s usually been an either/or situation. It looked like it was sometimes-captain Mitchell Taintor who was the odd man out tonight. Next game I could see Lars Eckenrode being benched. He gave up the two Penalty kicks. He picked up a Yellow card on the second incident and was subbed off at halftime for Brandon Onkony. (midfielder Brian James was captain tonight). Jordan McCrary was the other defender although he has the freedom to run up the wing so was often well upfield.

I wondered why Shaan Hundal didn’t get into the game tonight? He warmed up but didn’t replace Ben Spencer who stayed the whole 90 minutes. Hundal has been known for past late game heroics and is a good pairing with Jordan Hamilton. TFC didn’t even make a third substitution!

Referee Pierre-Luc Lauziere gave out two Yellow cards to each team. I only found out from the USL website that he gave TFC’s Jordan Hamilton a Red card after the game must have ended for ‘foul and abusive language’. Hamilton may still have been steamed because he couldn’t win a Penalty kick at 68 minutes. Well there goes my idea about a Hamilton-Hundal pairing at least for the next game!

NYRB never looked completely comfortable as they couldn’t score a second half insurance goal. Their best chance was at 83 minutes when they had Stefano Bonomo cross from 20 yards on the right and Douglas Martinez leapt at 10 yards in the middle and headed the ball over the flying goalie and off the underside of the bar on the right side. The ball bounced and Florian Valot headed from 7 yards on the right that the goalie caught just under the bar. Now TFC had some last gasp efforts with Ryan Telfer centering a cross from the right at 86 minutes and the sliding Sergio Camargo rolled a weak 12 yarder that the goalie smothered. A minute later Telfer had a low 18 yard shot from the left through the defenders and the goalie stopped that. Injury time had Camargo take a 45 yard freekick from the left that was partially cleared and Brian James blasted a 40 yard rebound through players up the middle but the ball flew wide left.

NYRB II won the USL Championship last season and were one of the only MLS based teams to make the playoffs. This year they’re only sixth in the East and will have to play all of their playoff games (one-game-knockout format) on the road. Podcasts I’ve heard mention the big club has sold and traded away some of their USL players. The USL site said they haven’t lost since the beginning of August but they hadn’t won on the road since June 3 and this was only their second road win of the season.

At least with these late games the crowd had thinned and I got a seat on the streetcar.

TFC II were officially knocked out of the playoffs the middle of this week without playing as a team ahead of them won in a midweek game. They had something like a six zeroes point one percent chance of making the post season after losing to Rochester last week. At least most of their losses have been by only one goal. Their defence has improved from last year but they don’t score enough.

TFC II’s record now stands at 5 wins, 16 losses, 7 ties for 22 points and are fifteenth (last) in the Eastern Conference.

NYRB II improves to 11 wins, 11 losses, 5 ties for 38 points and are sixth in the East.

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