Rocket Robin Report: Durham United FA vs North Toronto Nitros

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Result of the Friday September 29, 2017 League 1 Ontario game between Durham United FA and North Toronto Nitros played at Pickering Soccer Centre in Pickering at 8:00pm.

14 min…Durham Cameron Brooks GOAL…DUFA Joseph Roccasalva cornerkick from left is headed on right and Brooks lifted his foot shoulder high to shoot 10 yarder from middle into top right corner of net past goalie Stefan Dusciuc.

26 min…Nitros Mirza Custovic GOAL…Custovic gets pass at 35 yards on slight left and flicks ball over defender DUFA Vince Sasso and shoots 15 yarder over sliding goalie Ben Cowman at 10 yards into top right side of net.

61 min…Durham Dylan Campbell GOAL…Campbell gets ball off defender’s tip of 2 on 2 rush on long kick upfield. Campbell shoots 18 yard shot from left to low right corner of net.

Final Score: Durham United FA:  2  North Toronto Nitros: 1

Attendance was about 35 tonight on this game that was moved from Kinsmen Park a few kilometres away in an announcement this afternoon. It had rained twice already today and that would ruin the surface of the natural grass field. Pickering Soccer Centre is an indoor complex and was used for some of DUFA’s early games this season. I suspect some fans didn’t read the message about the change in venue and didn’t feel like watching a game in the rain. During the first half I could hear the rain on the roof and the entire drive home was through drizzle.

Referee Alexis Vaughan gave out no cards tonight. The game wasn’t rough but there was a set of injuries that required the trainers. She had to call one drop ball as a clearance hit the ceiling.

DUFA looked like they’d pick up the win in the second half but couldn’t get an insurance goal to make things easier so right up until the end, Nitros were looking for a way to tie.

Two minutes after the winning goal DUFA Tyrell Rayne rushed downfield and rolled a cross from the left through the 6 yard box unplayed. 76 minutes had DUFA Christian Moncrieffe pass the ball forward on the right for a charging DUFA Kashiff DeJonge who ran towards the end line and crossed along the 6 yard line and DUFA Shaud Claud Lawson put his head down and headed the ball over the bar. Head coach Sanford Carabin said he should have used his chest. 78 minutes had NTN Jayden Doyle take a cornerkick from the right and the goalie swatted the ball away while falling over a crowd of players as he jumped. 81 minutes and another NTN cornerkick from the left had the ball ping pong between NTN players Nikolay Saveliev and Niklas Bauer on the edge of the 6 yard box and the ball deflected wide left for a goalkick. 85 minutes had Saveliev rush down the middle and he rolled a pass to Doyle on the right who shot a low 20 yarder through the defenders and the goalie smothered on the right post.

The win improves Durham’s record to 11 wins, 7 losses, and 3 ties for 36 points. They move up to third place all alone in the eight team Eastern Conference with one more game in their season. Head coach Sanford Carabin was reminding his players that they’ve never finished as high as number three in previous seasons.

The loss drops Nitros to 10 wins, 8 losses, 3 ties for 33 points with one game to go. They fall to fourth place in the East. They finished third place last year, one place ahead of Durham

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Robin Glover

Robin Glover

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