September 27, 2017 USL–Toronto FC II vs Louisville City FC

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Result and details of the Wednesday September 27, 2017 USL game between Toronto FC II and Louisville City FC played at the Ontario Soccer Centre
in Vaughan at 7:30pm.

73 min…TFC Shaan Hundal GOAL…TFC Jordan McCrary receives a pass at the center line on the right and runs downfield and sends low pass
forward from 35 yard line.  Hundal outruns LC Paco Craig to get to ball at 15 yard line inside box on right side and carries forward to 7 yard
line and rolls 12 yard shot into left corner of net past sliding goalie Gregory Ranjitsingh who came out to challenge.

89 min…Louisville RED card…Paco Craig earns his second Yellow card within four minutes from referee Yusri Rudolf for following through
on a tackle of TFC Matthew Srbely bumping him over after Srbely had given a short pass at LC 50 yard line upfield to TFC Shaan Hundal.

Final Score: Toronto FC II: 1  Louisville City: 0

Attendance was announced as 726 on this cool night with the heatwave which drew the hottest temperatures of the year in the GTA finally
dispersing and the weather getting back to being like a Fall night should be at the end of September.  Some folks weren’t dressed
warm enough.

Referee Yusri Rudolf gave out only three cards this game (two to Louisville) which didn’t get rough.  He didn’t fall for Penalty kick
calls by either team.  He gave two Yellow card to LC Paco Craig within four minutes.  The first one was for his challenge
on TFC Matthew Srbely smashing him over at the LC 35 yard sideline and resulting in a lengthy delay for an injury.  His second Yellow
was much tamer but was also against Srbely.  TFC goalie Angelo Cavalluzzo was injured at 79 minutes when he dived forward
to break up a pass that found LC Mark-Anthony Kaye in at 8 yards. These two delays which both required the trainer were the major
reason six minutes of added time was announced.  Another injury, this time to TFC Aidan Daniels at 93 minutes extended time
to 98 minutes.

Louisville’s frantic injury time action had LC Mark-Anthony Kaye have a 10 yard shot on the right blocked by a defender,
an LC player’s cross land on top of the net, and LC Paulo Delpiccolo take a cornerkick from the right that had LC Luke Spencer in a crowd
of players at 10 yards head a ball over the bar.

TFC Angelo Cavalluzzo earned the shutout.  He had less to do then most games but the save on Brian Ownby’s blast at 68 minutes
where he flew to the right and palmed the ball just over the bar probably saved the game for TFC when the score was still 0-0.

TFC Julian Dunn-Johnson looked really good in the first half with some spectacular defending.  This included two headers
at 26 minutes at 15 yards to clear a cross from the right then at 8 yards to clear a chipped shot. In the second half I didn’t
notice him as much as LC may have been avoiding him. Another defender, Lars Eckenrode made some key stops in the
first half as well.

I thought midfielder Matthew Srbely (first pro-player announced in League 1 Ontario as he had a contract that allowed him
to play for TFC III (ie L1O) and TFC II) played his best game of the time I’ve seen him with TFC II.  He had some good runs
and passes.  The best was at 12 minutes when he stole the ball off a defender and raced in on the right from the 45 yard line
and cut to the middle but another defender caught him and the goalie fell on the ball at 12 yards without him getting
a shot away.

Midfielder Aidan Daniels was suddenly taking all the freekicks and cornerkicks tonight.  With no Sebastian Endoh nor
Brian James in the lineup, Daniels fit in quite well with some threating drives.

The TFC forward line was Shaan Hundal (age 18) and Malik Johnson (age 19) which the team has never paired
up at the start of a game before.

Tonight’s game page with the recent TFC III signings included, the TFC II lineup has bloated to 35 (that includes nine
TFC dropdowns).  That can be contrasted with the Louisville roster of only 20 (which is a bit low from other USL team game
rosters I’ve seen).  So many players make it difficult to keep a consistent roster week by week.

TFC didn’t use any players with MLS experience.  They had no one with a number less than ’35’ although #20 Sergio Camargo
was an unused sub but except for playing during the Canadian Championships he has not played an MLS game.  One of the
soccer dad’s after the game agreed with me that TFC II played better without the dropdown players from the MSL team.
“Yes”, he said, “some of these kids have been playing together for five years!”.

I was at Saturday night’s League 1 Ontario game and defender Rocco Romeo was a halftime sub in that game but at the
USL level was an unused sub tonight.  Another recently signed to a USL contract player, Dante Campbell, was back
down to L1O and played the entire 90 minutes but was not on the bench tonight.  Daniel DaSilva who came in as a sub

at 60 minutes played the first 60 minutes in the L1O game too.

The players didn’t have much time to come to the fence and talk to fans as they had to disappear for a meet-and-greet
inside to thank fans who’d donated used soccer equipment for a drive the team was holding.

I was looking forward to seeing Louisville for two players. Goalie Gregory Ranjitsingh I used to watch in L1O in 2014
play for Sigma FC.  Web bios skip this and only include his time at Mercer University in Georgia.   He’s not been
capped by T & T because of his father’s heritage but I still consider him a Toronto guy (OK Pickering like
singer Shawn Mendes).

Second is Mark Anthony Kaye who didn’t get the start tonight but he came on at 59 minutes.  I was surprised
he came in as a forward and was double teamed most of the time.  I used to watch him play on TFC Academy
in 2014 and TFC II in 2015.  He used to wear #44 and was used as a defender.  I made sure to say hello to him
by the fence before the game and gush about how I watched him play at BMO Field earlier this month with the
Canadian Nats against Jamaica (used as a midfielder in that game).

Louisville has only been operating since 2014.  From what I’d heard Orlando City had a championship USL team and
they were rewarded an MLS team.  They moved their USL team out of state to Louisville.  Orlando later decided
they did want a USL team in their city and in 2016 started Orlando City B.  Louisville kept the purple
colour uniform scheme from their Orlando days.  Just last week Louisville councillors and investors agreed
to a promised new stadium and will move out of Slugger Field, a minor league baseball stadium.

This was the third last game for TFC II at the Ontario Soccer Centre.  Next year they will play at BMO Field
(I’ll assume after the MLS team games) and Lamport Stadium (I’ll assume stand alone games).  I’m warming up a little
to that idea as today’s drive to get here during the rush hour took over an hour.  Weekend games and driving
home at 9:30pm are a breeze and certainly beat downtown transit.

Louisville City is the first place team and would have clinched the Eastern Conference with a win tonight said
Mark-Anthony Kaye before the game.

TFC has had good results against first place teams before getting results aganst Charleston and Charlotte in two
games in a row in a tough part of their schedule yet other times lose to the fourteenth place Richmond which
keep them in fifteenth.

The result improves TFC II’s record to 6 wins, 17 losses, 7 ties for 25 points.  They remain in fifteenth place
(last) in the Eastern Conference.

The loss drops Louisville City’s record to 16 wins,6 losses, 7 ties for 55 points.  They stay in first
place but don’t clinch the East.

The difference in their records is contrasted in that this was TFC’s sixth win and Louisville’s sixth loss
and TFC has a minus 24 goal difference and Louisville has a plus 24 goal difference

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