September 24, 2017 League 1 Ontario–Woodbridge Strikers vs Aurora FC

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Result and details of the Sunday September 24, 2017 League1 Ontario game between Woodbridge Strikers and Aurora FC played at Vaughan Grove
in Woodbridge at 7:00pm.

7 min…Woodbridge Luca Baldassarre GOAL…WS Christian Cavallini runs towards center from right and makes short pass to Baldassarre in middle
and 10 yard shot to right side of net over flying goalie Matthew Peres.

22 min…Woodbridge Christian Cavallini GOAL…WS Dylan Carreiro long cross down middle finds Cavallini on right at 20 yards. He dekes defender
then dekes sliding goalie at 8 yards on right post and shoots tight angle shot between another defender and short-side post.

37 min…Woodbridge Luca Baldassarre GOAL…Aurora Max Ferrari can’t get away shot cutting across WS box from right has has shot on left
blocked. WS player makes long clearance. Baldassare receives ball at Aur 35 yard line and runs to 25 yards on left and rolls ball past
sliding goalie at 15 yards and ball tucks into right corner of net.

64 min…Aurora Max Ferrari wins Penalty kick from referee Mike Stuart for being tackled inside box on right end line.

65 min…Aurora Petros Vaslos blasts Penalty kick low and wide left of net with goalie Quillan Roberts not having to move.

72 min…Woodbridge Emmanuel Issac GOAL…WS Damion Graham runs up left and centers pass and Issac blasts low 12 yarder into center
of net with goalie trapped on left post.

Final Score:  Woodbridge Strikers: 4   Aurora FC:0

Attendance was about 80 on this hot and humid evening with the sun already below the treeline.

Referee Mike Stuart gave out three Yellow cards (two to Woodbridge) and two of those were for a pushing incident at 45 minutes between
AFC Basel Rashrash and WS Michael Krzeminski. He arranged for a water break in both halfs which is unusual in a game once it’s dark but this
turned out to be the hottest day of the year in the GTA yet it’s the Fall already.

The Woodbridge defence of Quante Abbott-Hill-Smith, Michael Fayehun, Kyle Watson, and Michael Krzeminski limited Aurora’s chances. Aurora
tried to shake things up at halftime with three subs but it didn’t make a difference. Strikers has the best defence in the league by only
allowing 18 goals against in 20 league games.

Quillan Roberts earned the shutout for the Strikers without having much to do. He missed last week’s game away on a tryout in Nevada.
There wouldn’t be anything to add to his highlight reel tonight because he wasn’t challenged. The Penalty kick was not on net
so even a direct chance didn’t test him.

Strikers Stephen Almeida and Joshua Paredes-Procter were both suspended for this game.

I was waiting to see  Isaiah Johnston who scored for Woodbridge in last week’s game at age 15 but he wasn’t on the game sheets.
I actually wondered if he was a ball boy tonight as there were a group of boys on the sidelines that stayed the first half but
they disappeared. I saw ‘soccer dad’ in the parking lot after the game and he said Johnston was playing for one of the Woodbridge
youth teams today. There were games going on all over the complex when I got there. Soccer dad’s own son Ronaldo Marshall came
on at 83 minutes.

Both teams used the league game sheets that list suspended players but don’t give the players year of birth but just whether they are
U-23 or not. Aurora were all U-23 except for captain Petros Vasilos.

The win improves Woodbridge’s record to 14 wins, 2 losses, 4 ties for 46 points. They pull into a tie for first in the Eastern
Conference with Vaughan Azzurri who won a few hours earlier but Strikers have one game in hand.

Aurora’s record falls to 2 wins, 15 losses, 2 ties for 8 points. They are in eighth (last) in the East

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