September 24, 2017 League 1 Ontario–Vaughan Azzurri vs Ottawa South United Force

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Result and details of the Sunday September 24, 2017 League 1 Ontario game between Vaughan Azzurri vs Ottawa South Union Force played
at McNaughton Turf at in Maple at 3:00pm.

1 min…VA Mario Kovacevic GOAL…VA Jarek Whiteman flicks tap over pass to Kovacevic who blasts 12 yarder down middle into middle of net
over sliding goalie Luc Rowlands.

9 min…VA Ryan Raposo GOAL…Raposo on a give and go play with Mario Kovacevic inside the OSUF box at 12 yards and finishes
with 6 yard shot.

17 min…VA Ryan Raposo GOAL…Raposo makes short run down left then cuts along 18 yard line and shoots 18 yarder through screen
of defenders and teammates into left side of net.

43 min…VA Jarek Whiteman GOAL…VA Christopher Mannella rolls pass forward from 25 yards for VA Mario Kovacevic who taps ball left for
Whiteman to blast 12 yarder that deflects off defender and with goalie diving to right the ball flies into left side of net.

57 min…VA Ryan Raposo GOAL…VA Christopher Mannella on right taps short pass over to Raposo in middle and he shoots 20 yarder to left
side of net past flying goalie.

68 min…VA Zachary Zitoli GOAL…VA Jarek Whiteman backheels a pass to Zitoli who dribbles and shoots 15 yarder on left into right
corner of net.

86 min…VA Christopher Mannella GOAL…VA Joseph Di Chiara passes ball from 25 yards on right. Mannella turns and shoots low 20 yard
blast into right side of net.

89 min…VA Jospeh Di Chiara GOAL…Di Chiara receives pass on right and low 22 yard blast is into left corner of net.

Final Score: Vaughan Azzurri: 8  Ottawa South United Force: 0

Attendance started at 1 as I was the only one there for the national anthem but picked up to about 25 by the end of the first half.
This was an extremely hot and humid day—not just for September but compared to any day in July and August. Something like 33.6 C with
a heat index of 40 C made it the hottest day of the year in the GTA.

Referee Filip Dujic gave out no cards in this game but proved popular by arranging a water break in each half. With the game being put out
of reach so early, he did not add any time at the end of each half. Only OSUF went back to their dressing rooms at halftime.

OSUF brought only three subs. All but two players were under 23s on the original game sheet although there were four write-ins added
before game time so I’m not sure of their ages. The team names look unrecognizable from when I saw them almost exactly one month ago.
Most of the game was played in the OSUF end.

Ryan Raposo scored three goals. That’s seven goals in only nine goals since he started playing for L1O from the end of June and
only the last six games that he’s been a starter. He returned from the Canada Games this summer at age 18 after being named Top Player
and part of the gold medal Team Ontario.

Jarek Whiteman’s one goal means he leads the league with 26 markers. Maybe it’s unfair for me to say he had an off game but he had many
more chances and shot or headed off target that he winced when later chances went astray. He leads the league at 1763 minutes
(league games) played this season.

Chris Mannella was back playing for Vaughan after a trip to Spain. Things didn’t go so well as one team were willing to sign him but
not pay him until December. Another team expected him to work full time as well as play. I’d say the new Can Prem league can’t start
soon enough for him.

Shyon Gaaeni earned the shutout for Vaughan (born 1999). He made a few routine stops. The defenders cleared some big rebounds
at the very beginning but OSUF never had enough guys up front to threaten all but long shots.

The win improves Vaughan’s record to 15 wins, 5 losses, 1 loss for 46 points. They take over first place in the Eastern Conference
for a few hours anyway until Woodbridge Strikers play tonight. Their eight goals this afternoon moves them into a tie with TFC III
for first in goals scored with 67.

The loss drops the OSUF record to 6 wins, 12 losses, 1 tie for 19 points. They are in six place in the eight team East

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