September 23, 2017 League 1 Ontario–Sigma FC vs Sanjaxx Lions

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Result and details of the Saturday September 23, 2017 League 1 Ontario game between Sigma FC and Sanjaxx Lions played at Hershey Centre Indoor at 4:00pm.

7 min…Sigma Giuliano Frano GOAL…Sigma Kadell Thomas chips 20 yarder from slight left and Frano flicks header from 6 yards over goalie
Tayjon Campbell in middle to left side of net.

18 min…Sigma Kadell Thomas GOAL…Sigma Daniel Jodah low cross from 20 yards on right has Thomas in middle at 7 yards shoot ball over
goalie into right side of the net.

34 min…Sigma Daniel Jodah GOAL…Sigma is tapped back a pass by Sigma Davie Velastegui and blasts 22 yarder from the far right into the top left
corner of net.

35 min…Sigma David Velastegui GOAL…The Sanjaxx goalie makes a sprawling save on Velastegui’s shot from 12 yards. Velastegui then blasts
the 8 yard rebound into the open net.

52 min…Sigma Kadell Thomas GOAL…Sigma Johnny Grant charges forward on right to get to cross and runs forward and sends low 22 yard cross
from end line that has Thomas pound in 3 yarder in middle.

54 min…Sigma Kadell Thomas GOAL…Thomas in middle shoots 15 yarder forward and sprawling goalie gets piece of at 6 yards but deflects
ball into right side of net.

58 min…Sigma David Velastegui is pulled down in SJ box and is awarded a Penalty kick.

60 min…Sigma David Velastegui blasts Penalty kick to right and goalie Tayjon Campbell flies to push ball wide right of post
for cornerkick.

91 min…Sigma Kadell Thomas GOAL…Sigma Mike Matic receives pass at 15 yards in middle is stopped by sprawling goalie. Thomas then
sends in 5 yarder into empty net.

Final Score: Sigma FC 7    Sanjaxx Lions   0

Attendance was about 65 all sitting in a balcony overlooking the field. This game had been scheduled to be at this indoor
facility quite a while ago (so I was told after I got there) because of planned renovations to the outdoor field. The field #1
was torn up last weekend and today it had about 50% of the replacement field installed. An underpad (very similar to what
would be under an indoor carpet) that fit together like a jigsaw puzzle and then segments of turf to go on top of that which
still needed to be stretched to the edges. I walked over to Field #2 where last week’s game was held but their was already
a game on with one of Sigma’s youth teams. Actually I was glad it was moved indoors because this weekend we’re having a heatwave
that’s more severe than any we had in July or August. So just walking the length of seven extension cords (that’s how long
the field #1 back to the dressing room and across another parking lot left me soaked and melting so it was good
to get inside.

The field size is regulation (they don’t use the hockey rink) and has a swimming pool, gymnasium and museum (Jason Spezza
and Paul Coffey hockey shirts on display). Some of the padding is missing on the steel beams at field level but no one
ran into them.

Referee Hassane Rifai called a water break in each half anyway. He only gave out one Yellow card. That was to Sanjaxx’s
Fabio Vilaca for a tackle on Jelani Smith at 44 minutes which put him out of the game after the trainer spent some time with
him. Jerome Smith subbed for him—the same as last week when he was a halftime sub for him. Sigma players mostly passed
around so much they were too fast to catch.

Kadell Thomas scored four games in this game. I thought he looked the best in last week’s game against Pro Stars FC
too but he was mostly putting in crosses for teammates from the wing. Today’s game he put him as forward with Daniel Jodah.

I thought the Lions goalie Tayjon Campbell played well but he had little clearance protection for any rebounds
he let out. His best moment was when he saved David Velastegui’s Penalty kick.

Triston Henry and Baj Mann shared the shutout for Sigma. Mann came into the game at 78 minutes. Neither goalie had
much to do. Mann was born in 2000 and was the youngest player on the team today. This was his L1O debut.  L1O action
should look good on a resume.  Field player Hilli Goldhar was another 2000 but he was a late scratch as the eighth
sub and the team had to whittle a name off their gamesheet before game time.

This was only the fourth time I’d seen Sanjaxx this season and first time since the beginning of July. Their record isn’t good but the best thing they’ve done for me as a fan (and other fans and league and club officials I talked to) were change their main kits to navy numbers on white shirts
(instead of yellow numbers on white which was very difficult to see). They didn’t have a long bench and only subbed
in two players. I was waiting for new player David James (no not the retired Liverpool goalie but a former CPSL player)
but he didn’t get into the game.

So now we know that the answer to my question “Where’s Mo Babouli?” I asked last week when his name wasn’t on the
Sigma roster and the answer “Trying out in Europe” was correct. He signed with Syrian team Al-Ittihad.
(OK I just consider that country as part of Asia). I’ve read he was born in United Arab Emirates and his
Wikipedia page backs that up but says he is Syrian-Canadian. The country is still involved in a civil war so I don’t
know how safe conditions are.

The win for Sigma improves their record to 14 wins, 1 loss, 4 ties for 46 points. They are in second place in the
Eastern Conference and close to 3 points behind Oakville Blue Devils (before OBD’s game on Sunday).

Sanjaxx record falls to 4 wins, 13 losses, 3 ties for 15 points. That leaves them in seventh place in the eight team East

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