Sept 30, 2016 – Durham United FA vs North Toronto Nitros

Result and details of the Friday September 30, 2016 League 1 Ontario game between Durham United FA and North Toronto Nitros played at Kinsmen Park in Pickering at 8:00pm.

8 min…NTN Jayden Doyle GOAL…NTN Farzan Ansari receives pass from right side in middle and he sends a short pass to Doyle who shoots 15 yarder from left high into center of net.

36 min…DUFA Shaun Claud Lawson GOAL…DUFA Raphael Reynolds 45 yard freekick from right is over to left near end line and a DUFA player centers through crowd of players to Lawson who slides up middle to poke 8 yard shot under goalie Connor Bullen into center of net.

68 min…NTN wins Penalty kick on DUFA defender’s sliding tackle that flips NTN player over on long dribbling play just inside left edge of box.

69 min…NTN Niba MacDonald GOAL…MacDonald blasts Penalty kick low to right side beyond diving goalie Peter Katarsaris.

79 min…DUFA RED card…Raphael Reynolds earns a direct ejection from referee Marc Henoud near the center line for complaining about a play being whistled down.

81 min…DUFA player wins a Penalty kick on a 15 yard shot or cross that hits arm of NTN Faisal Al-Hamdan near right end line.

81 min…NTN RED card…Jason Akoa earns a direct ejection for arguing that last call.

84 min…DUFA Josh Paredes Penalty kick is low and into right corner of net with diving goalie getting a hand to it but referee calls it back for infringement with at least one DUFA player stepping into box. Retake ordered.

85 min…DUFA Josh Paredes GOAL…Paredes shoots Penalty kick under sprawling goalie to right center of net.

88 min…NTN Jayden Doyle GOAL…A DUFA defender makes a poor crossfield pass and Doyle finds himself alone with the ball on the left side at the 30 yard line. He runs forward and takes 25 yard shot that the goalie saves at 8 yards but the big rebound bounces back to Doyle and he shoots an 18 yarder over the goalie into the center of the net.

Final Score:…..Durham United FA……….2……….North Toronto Nitros……..3…..

Attendance was about 50 on this cool night with a strong wind from the east. DUFA took advantage in the first half with the wind at their back and dominated in possession. NTN scored on their one good chance in the half. I doubted that one goal would be enough for DUFA with them having to play against the wind for the second half but the game was quite even during that time.

The game was threatened in delays with the game crew down to one ball as many of the spare ones had been blasted out of bounds into the trees and swamp surrounding the park and the floodlights only lit up the field not the surroundings.

This was a strange game with a lot more than weather conditions playing a part. Referee Marc Henoud gave out seven Yellow cards that I counted (four to DUFA) plus one Red card and one Penalty kick to each team. Both Red cards were for players dissent but not even the same players involved in the play but a teammate! This was true of some of the Yellows too. Henoud let the DUFA bench know early that he wasn’t going to put up with their constant complaining. They were upset that what they thought every call was going NTN’s way.

Best non-scoring chances of the game were at 19 minutes when NTN Jayden Doyle took a 35 yard freekick up the middle that the goalie dove right to block near the post and defenders were able to clear. 29 minutes had DUFA Trevor Hill take a long throw-in from the right and a DUFA player at 12 yards on the right was able to pop a header across the box but the goalie caught it. 64 minutes had DUFA Shaun Claud Lawson cross from 22 yards on the right and DUFA Kashif De Jonge one-touched a 10 yard shot on the right that the goalie caught. 92 minutes had DUFA Aldo Maiorano loft a 25 yarder between players up the middle but just wide right of the post.

NTN beat Woodbridge Strikers 2-0 in an away game on Wednesday night. Captain Niba MacDonald had both goals. Counting through that linescore, NTN had nine starters in that game start in tonight’s game on just two days rest. Jayden Doyle was NOT one of them. Their leading scorer Kilian Elkinson with 15 goals was in neither game. With Doyle’s two goals and MacDonald’s one goal tonight, they move into a tie for second leading team scorer with 7 goals each.

This was the final game of the season for both teams. DUFA finish with a record of 11 wins, 8 losses, 3 ties for 36 points. They are stuck in fourth place out of the eight teams in the Eastern Conference. NTN finish with a record of 14 wins, 5 losses, 3 ties for 45 points. They are currently in second place but could be passed by Woodbridge on Sunday who have 44 points with one game to play. Nitros have the best record of the ‘first year’ League 1 Ontario teams although FC London in the West with 41 points have two home games to go and could finish with a better record and more important to them, win the West.

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