Sept 17, 2016 – Aurora United FC vs Vaughan Azzurri

Result and details of the Saturday September 17, 2016 League 1 Ontario game between Aurora United FC
and Vaughan Azzurri played at Sheppard’s Bush in Aurora at 7:30pm.

16 min…Vaughan Jason Mills GOAL…VA Massimo Mirabelli low 22 yard freekick is blocked in player wall.
VA Jarek Whiteman chips 15 yarder into box and Mills shoots 8 yarder up middle into left side of net
beyond flying goalie Alexander Jakme.

52 min…Vaughan Jason Mills GOAL…VA Mario Kovacevic on far left cuts in along left end line eluding
defenders and rolls 6 yard cross to VA Jarek Whiteman who backheels 6 yard shot in middle. The ball
deflects off the goalie and out to Mills and he rushes in from 12 yards and blasts 7 yarder over goalie
into center of net.

53 min…Aurora Conor Woodroffe GOAL…AU Maury Domer cross from 25 yards on far right finds Woodroffe
at 18 yards and he blasts low shot from left into right corner of net beyond sprawling goalie Colm Vance.

73 min…Vaughan Joseph Di Chiara GOAL…VA Di Chiara turns with ball after receiving pass and blasts 15 yard
shot down middle off underside of bar near top left corner of net.

79 min…Vaughan Mario Kovacevic GOAL…VA Marko Miketic in box on left centers pass to VA player who has
shot from 8 yard shot blocked and Kovacevic blasts in 10 yarder over fallen goalie to center of net.

83 min…Vaughan Jarek Whiteman GOAL…VA Jashua Mills gives pass to Whiteman who eludes diving goalie
on left corner of box and blasts 20 yarder into top right corner of open net.

Final Score:…….Aurora United FC……..1……..Vaughan Azzurri…….5……..

Attendance was about 40 on this mild but wet night as it had rained throughout the day but had stopped
before game time. The pitch drained well enough as there were no players slipping on the field.

Referee Armando Pereira gave out one Yellow card to each team that I counted in a game that was more
wide open then close checking.

I hadn’t been to a Vaughan game since the Cup Final at the end of July. Now that school is back in session
I asked head coach Carmine Isacco if there were a lot of York University players on the roster. He said that
York U had a game this afternoon and have one tomorrow and therefore none of tonight’s players were/are
in either of those games. That still leaves a core group of the three Mills brothers, Massimo Mirabelli,
and Jarek Whiteman (not York U students) as a punchy offence that any of League 1 team would be glad
to have on their roster. Former Toronto FC (MLS) player Matthew Stinson was a sub at 47 minutes and sent
in some pinpoint cross field crosses from the left over to Whiteman.

Aurora is playing out the season and used a roster of all but one player as U-21s.

Most of the first half was played in the Aurora end. There always seemed to be a last Azzurri defender
to make a clearance and allow goalie Colm Vance a relatively easy night.

Best non-scoring chances were at 20 minutes with VA Mario Kovacevic taps a pass back to VA Jason Mills
who blasted a 15 yard shot from the right off the bar near the top left corner of the net. 41 minutes had
VA Jarek Whiteman take a throw-in from the AU 35 yard line on right right and VA Joseph Di Chiara took
a 30 yard shot from the right that has the goalie dove and pushed wide left of the post at the last second.
63 minutes had VA Matthew Stinson take a low 30 yard shot of a partial clearance through a bunch of players
and the sprawling goalie pushed wide left of the post. 70 minutes had AU Simon Adjei beat the VA goalie
to get to the ball at 40 yards on the right and raced with the goalie down the sideline and crossed into the
box where VA Jarred Philipps stopped the ball and cleared it from the right post. That could be said was the
turning point as it was only 2-1 at the time! Injury time had AU Alec Nardi take a 28 yard freekick from the
left and AU Anu Makinwa made a diving header at 12 yards connect which the goalie caught.

Aurora’s record falls to 3 wins, 13 losses, 3 ties for 12 points. They are tied for sixth place with Toronto Skillz
at the moment (Skillz plays Sunday night) in the eight team Eastern Conference.

Vaughan’s record improves to 15 wins, 1 loss, 4 ties for 49 points. They are in first place in the East and
have clinched a place in the expected final against the West Conference champs (either Sigma FC or FC London).
Vaughan has scored 59 goals and are tied with TFC Academy for most goals scored. They are +35 in goals
for/against which is best in the league.

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