Sea to Sea Podcast Episode 8: NASL & What CPL Can Learn

Kevin Senior & Nathanael Martin host the Canadian Soccer: Sea-to-Sea Podcast, focusing primarily on the Canadian Premier League, with occasional forays into other Canadian Soccer teams & leagues. This episode we speak with Kartik Krishnaiyer, writer for World Soccer Talk and NASL insider; as well as Steven Sandor, the colour commentator for FC Edmonton and editor of We are also joined for the first time by Jeff Salisbury for our ScrapPile segment. Look forward to hearing more from him in the future.




Nathanael Martin

Kevin Senior


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Nathanael Martin

Nathanael Martin

Nathanael is a Political Theory MA graduate Not-For-Profit Professional who spends way too much of his time reading about, writing on, and watching the beautiful game. After playing soccer throughout childhood, his love was rekindled when Toronto FC gave him the opportunity to cheer for a local soccer team on the national stage. Since then, he has become passionate about Canadian soccer and the development of Canadian players through the Toronto Academy system and other branches of Canadian soccer.

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