Rocket Robin Report: Sept 8/10 League1 Ontario Match Reports

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Result of the Friday September 8, 2017 League1 Ontario game between Durham United FA and Woodbridge Strikers played at Kinsmen Park at 8:00pm.

Strikers James Baker (15) takes opening kickoff. Photo by Robin Glover.
Strikers James Baker (15) takes opening kickoff. Photo by Robin Glover.

44 min…Woodbridge Emmanuel Issac GOAL…WS Joshua Paredes-Procter cornerkick from right has Issac leap in crowd of players and head 4 yarder up middle into net past goalie Ben Cowman.

56 min…DUFA RED card…Taylor Lord earns his second Yellow card for sliding tackle on WS Mikateko Zwane at center line.

89  min…Woodbridge Adrian Gallo GOAL…WS Ronaldo Marshall rescues ball on DUFA end line and crosses ball from 15 yards and defender partially clears ball.  Gallo blasts shot from 18 yards up middle that deflects off defender at 6 yards and deflects into right side of net.

Final Score:…Durham United FA….0…Woodbridge Strikers…2…

Attendance was about 50 on this cool night with the temperature falling as the night wore on.  The mosquitos didn’t come out until the second half.  Strikers lost a ball in the swamp during warmups.

Quillan Roberts earned the shutout for Woodbridge.  He was back after serving a one game suspension for Yellow card accumulation. Otherwise he has played every minute this season.  He had a few key saves to make and was fortunate that a few DUFA shots were off target in particular after DUFA went down a man.

Taylor Lord had drawn his first Yellow at 32 minutes and I could hear the Strikers players chatting about how they would now run at his position—holding central midfielder—as he couldn’t risk making a hard challenge.  He took his second at 56 minutes for what looked like retaliation because WS Oscar Cordon had got away with a tackle on a DUFA player near the sideline a few seconds earlier.

This was a pretty rough game.  Referee John Vlahos gave out seven Yellow cards (three to DUFA although two were to Lord). Vlahos even gave out a Yellow to the Woodbridge goalie John Scavone on the bench when he was called by a referee’s asssistant to point out Scavone.  He was 40 yards upfield at the time giving out a Yellow to WS Joshua Paredes-Procter.  The referee let all the swearing by both teams go unpunished.

DUFA had LeRohne Young injured in the first half and returned to play about three minutes later but did not return for the second half. DUFA Stefan Lamanna was injured at 61 minutes and was replaced immediately.

Best Durham chances were at 26 minutes when DUFA Christian Moncrieffe takes a 30 yard freekick from the left and DUFA Cameron Brooks headed a 15 yarder up the middle that hit the bar. The surprises were being down a man. The DUFA goalie took a goalkick that a WS defender made a poor headed backpass and DUFA Jumbo Iyowuna was suddenly in alone and chipped the goalie from 25 yards and the ball rolled just wide right of the post.  The sloppiness of this play enraged the usually calm WS coach Peter Pinizzotto.  84 minutes had Tyrell Rayne charge down the right and 18 yard shot had the goalie swat wide left.

Woodbridge had chances to put the game out of reach earlier but they had some shots blasted well off target.  The ‘insurance’ goal was set up and scored by two players who had both come into the game less than 15 minutes earlier.

Michael Krzeminski played a defender but with the freedom to run up the wing and send in crosses—much the same as some of the MLS Toronto FC players this season.  He was one of the WS players (as well as some Vaughan Azzurri players) called in by Canadian National team coach Oscar Zambrano to train with the national team a week and a half ago.  Zambrano at his post game press conference after the Jamaican game praised the players he invited that he had first seen at the League1 Ontario Cup Final between Woodbridge and Vaughan.

Durham’s record falls to a record of 8 wins, 7 losses, 3 ties for 27 points.  That leaves them in fourth place in the eight team Eastern Conference.

The win improves Woodbridge’s record to 12 wins, 2 losses, 4 ties for 40 points.  They are guaranteed to stay in first place in the East this weekend which is different in that they usually play the final game of the weekend when they have their games on Sunday nights. They hold a three point lead of Vaughan Azzurri who play on Sunday afternoon.

Result of the Sunday September 10, 2017 League1 Ontario game between Toronto FC III and Windsor TFC Stars played at the KIA Training Centre in Downsview at 1:00pm.

TFC III Luca Uccello (11) shoots this freekick into the top right corner. Photo by Robin Glover.
TFC III Luca Uccello (11) shoots this freekick into the top right corner. Photo by Robin Glover.

11 min…TFC Matthew Srbely GOAL…Srbely runs into top right corner of W box and takes low 15 yard shot from left past sliding goalie Shervin Mollanassani on left post and into right corner of net.

21 min…TFC Luca Uccello GOAL…Uccello is given ball at 30 yards and runs forward even with right post and his low 15 yard shot is into left corner of net.

32 min…Windsor RED card…Jamar Kelly earns a direct ejection from referee Fabrizio Stassolo for pushing down TFC Luca Uccello near edge of the W box and as he was the last man back, he was sent off.

34 min…TFC Luca Uccello GOAL…Uccello blasts 19 yard freekick from slight left into top right corner of net.

42 min…TFC Cyrus Rollocks GOAL…TFC Matthew Srbely gives short pass to Rollocks who shoots 12 yarder down middle that banks in off the right post.

44 min…TFC Daniel DaSilva GOAL…TFC Luca Uccello rolls 22 yarder through ball pass to DaSilva up middle and he rolls 12 yarder into right corner of net.

Halftime sub:…TFC makes three changes including switching starting goalie Gianluca Catalano with Sebastian Sgarbossa.

51 min…TFC Daniel DaSilva GOAL…DaSilva receives chipped cross and blasts 8 yarder up middle into top left of net.

55 min…TFC Steven Furlano GOAL…Furlano is tapped back-pass and he blasts 18 yarder into net.

60 min…W replaces starting goalie Shervin Mollahassani with Markus Aguilar.

62 min…TFC Cyrus Rollocks GOAL…TFC Steven Furlano pass from 30 yards on right finds TFC Jordan Faria rushing at 10 yard line on left and his low cross along 6 yard line has Rollocks charge in for tap-in.

65 min…TFC Daniel DaSilva GOAL…TFC Jordan Faria cross from 15 yards on left has DaSilva stop ball and blasts 12 yarder into top center of net.

85 min…TFC Steven Furlano GOAL…TFC Jordan Faria sends in low cross from 15 yards near left end line has Furlano put 4 yard tap-in on right post.

91 min…TFC Cyrus Rollocks GOAL…TFC Daniel DaSilva touches pass to Rollocks and he shoots low from 12 yards on right to low left corner of net.

91 min…game ends 2:44pm.

Final Score:…Toronto FC III….11…Windsor TFC Stars…0..

Attendance was about 60 on this warm day with a bright sun from the south. There is hardly any breeze which is a surprise at this usually gusty venue.

Referee Fab Stassolo gave out only one Yellow card (to Windsor) besides the Red. The game was a shooting gallery for TFC right from the beginning. TFC head coach Danny Dichio even yelled out “Noooo, referee!” when the Windsor player was Red carded. He answered me later that it wasn’t a reckless challenge and the visiting team had come five hours to get here. He didn’t blame the referee because those are the rules. I felt he wanted to play 11 v 11 for a better test for his players.

There were a few injuries. Windsor had to replace injured Shihab Al-Khulaidy with Lucas Spadafora at only the 15 minute mark. 74 minutes had TFC replace Luca Petrasso with Olakunie Dada-Luke. Luca Petrasso is the brother of Canadian national team player of Michael Petrasso who we saw play last Saturday against Jamaica. I have a few match reports of Michael playing in the TFC Academy in 2011. If you read carefully below you’ll see I mention two Osorio brothers who are with the TFC programs besides national team player Jonathan.

I have watched Windsor come to the GTA with not enough players this season. A ten man team is the main reason Toronto Skillz won their first game of the year last month. Today they had a starting eleven and listed five on the bench. (I only counted four). Of course it’s the quality of the players that also has a effect. W officials said they’d lost 14 players to University teams. An L1O official said the entire University of Windsor starting eleven were from the L1O team.

There’s been gradual changes in players to the Toronto FC III team too. This season TFC does not have a PDL team so they had university players on their L1O club. Thanks to head coach Danny Dichio for helping me fill in the blanks for the ‘where is…?’ questions I had. Midfielder Kota Sakurai is away at Dartmouth in New Hampshire. Forward Ethan Beckford has started at Penn State. Goalie Brogan Engbers is at Libery University (in Virginia). He said they have more players at Canadian Universities…Nicholas Osorio, Nikola Stakic, Marko Mandekic are with University of Toronto while Andrew Dias, Robert Boskovic, and Armando Caracciolo (?) are attending Ryerson University (in downtown Toronto). Also defender Julian Dunn-Johnson and midfielder Dante Campbell have moved up to TFC II (USL).

To make up today’s numbers, TFC III had two regulars from TFC II who had ‘moved down’ to get playing time while they recover from injury—Luca Uccello (three goals and he only played the first half!) and Anthony Osorio.

Uccello’s freekick was right out of the Sebastian Giovinco book. I wonder how close they work with the first team?

Both Windsor goalies had to make some spectacular saves or the game could have been doubled. There were times that the action was so fast I couldn’t write it all down. Official league stats listed TFC out-shooting Windsor with ‘shots on goal’ as 15 to 1.

There isn’t usually music played during any L1O game (before the game and during halftime is normal) but we could hear music from a TFC staff, players and family picnic. When I got here today, the TFC II squad (who I watched last night at BMO Field play New York Red Bulls II) were still practicing two fields over. Next Saturday I may be here at something similar (depends on lottery between TFC season seat holders—I didn’t ‘win’ last year). I wonder if after the national anthem was played the speakers were dismantled and carted away to provide the sound system for the party. Just as well as this would have been even more humiliating for Windsor. There’s no scoreboard here.

The win improves TFC III’s record to 11 wins, 4 losses, 2 ties for 35 points and a tie for third in the eight team Western Conference.

They have one more win than Sigma so are listed first. Oakville holds the West playoff berth for the championship against the East with 48 points (late afternoon game update) with only four more weeks to go.

Windsor’s record falls to 5 wins, 9 losses, 4 ties for 19 points and they are sixth in the West.

Results and details of the Sunday September 10, 2017 League1 Ontario game between North Toronto Nitros and Aurora FC played at Esther Shiner Stadium in North York at 7:00pm.

AFC Matthew Brown (20) duels with Nitros Kembo Kibato (9). Photo by Robin Glover.
AFC Matthew Brown (20) duels with Nitros Kembo Kibato (9). Photo by Robin Glover.

2 min…NTN Kevin DaSilva GOAL…DaSilva bends 25 yard shot from left into top right corner of net over jumping goalie Matthew Peres.

17 min…NTN Niklas Bauer GOAL…NTN Mirza Custovic cross from 28 yards on far right is over players in box but Bauer gets to ball on bounce at 7 yards on left and raises leg to hook it into net on short side.

28 min…NTN Kembo Kibato GOAL…NTN Nkolay Saveliev cross from 25 yards on left is bent into box and Kibato all alone heads 8 yarder down middle over goalie into net.

32 min…NTN Christian Westlaken GOAL…NTN Nikolay Saveliev freekick on right bounces through defenders and Westlaken taps in 5 yarder on left post.

34 min…NTN Callum Flemng GOAL…Fleming gets to rebound on shot is stopped by defender at 28 yards and rolls 30 yarder between defenders into right side of net.

53 min…NTN Niklas Bauer GOAL…AFC Matthew Brown trying to break up 2 on 1 NTN rush can’t head ball far enough wide left and Bauer gets to ball at 25 yards and fires 18 yarder into right side of net.

79 min…NTN Niklas Bauer GOAL…NTN Nikolay Saveliev rush on left to 20 yards and taps ball over for Bauer to shoot 18 yard roller into right corner of net.

80 min…AFC switch goalies with Stefano Spina replacing starter Matthew Peres.

88 min…NTN Myles Abreo GOAL…Abreo is threaded pass from 45 yards finding him at 25 yards between defenders in middle and he runs forward and rolls 15 yarder into left corner of net.

Final Score:…North Toronto Nitros…8…Aurora FC…0…

Attendance was about 40 on this moderate evening with the temperature cooling dramatically once the sun set.

Nitros built up a big lead—5-0 by halftime—the same as a game I’d seen earlier today with TFC III vs Windsor (eventually 11-0) with Windsor having a man red carded at 32 minutes. With two late scratches on their roster, Nitros only had three subs so it was important for them to build up a good score early.

Hassane Rifai as referee and gave out three Yellow cards (two to Aurora). I didn’t notice two of them. The one I saw was a delayed call where advantage was played. It wasn’t a rough game—it was like the NTN players were too fast to catch.

There were maybe two good chances before the game was out of reach. 7 minutes had AFC Diljodh Singh take a 43 yard freekick from the right that was over the goalie and dropped to hit the bar at the top left corner but stayed out. 9 minutes had the AFC goalie beat NTN Niklas Bauer to a through ball on the end line and rather than waiting for it to roll out for a goalkick he cleared it over Bauer but it landed for NTN Kevin DaSilva following up. DaSilva chipped a 22 yard shot from the left that a retreating defender cleared with a bicycle kick at 4 yards.

Stefan Dusciuc earned the shutout for Nitros.  I marked him as stopping three shots with defenders clearing everything else or AFC players shooting off target.

The win improves Nitros record to 10 wins, 5 losses, 3 ties for 33 points. They are in third place in the eight team Eastern Conference but seven points behind co-leaders Vaughan Azzurri and Woodbine Strikers with only four games to go. The conference winner plays the winner in the west for the league championship.

Aurora’s record drops to 2 wins, 14 losses, 1 tie for 7 points. They are in seventh place in the East.

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