Rocket Robin Report: Sanjaxx vs Windsor

Result and details of the League 1 Ontario game of Sunday May 14, 2017 between Sanjaxx Lions and Windsor TFC Stars played at Monarch Park Stadium in Toronto at 2:00pm.

28 min…Sanjaxx Hiliard Serrao GOAL…SJ Andrew Gordon races down left wing and sends low cross from 25 yards near end line that has SJ Antonio Downey dummy a shot at 10 yards on left post and Serrao at 7 yards even with right post kicks ball over sprawling goalie Kyle Vizirakis.

31 min…Sanjaxx Antonio Downey GOAL…Downey is fed through ball by SJ Kemar Rowe and runs up middle from 45 yards and rolls ball past goalie sliding at 15 yards into right side of net.

33 min…WS Martin Nyul is tripped up on right side of box and referee Alexis Vaughan calls for a Penalty kick.

34 min…Stars Celso Carapau GOAL…Carapau rolls Penalty kick to right corner of net as goalie Nuno Goncalves crumples in middle.

49 min…Stars Celso Carapau GOAL…WS Martin Nyal sends low cross from 18 yards on right that has Carapau between crowd of players roof 7 yard shot from middle over sprawling goalie.

Final Score:…Sanjaxx Lions……..2……Windsor TFC Stars…..2…

Attendance was about 25 on this cool day with the cover altering between sunny and cloudy about four six during the game. The promotion of ‘Mothers Get In Free’ (Mother’s Day is today) didn’t have much effect.

Windsor scrambled at the end looking for a winning goal but couldn’t win a Penalty kick call in injury time.

Referee Alexis Vaughan (who was the fourth official at the USL game at BMO yesterday) gave out three Yellow cards today, all to Sanjaxx players.  The game never got rough.

The only constant was a continuous gusty wind from the west which effected the team with the wind at their back. Sanjaxx had that advantage in the first half. Goalie punts were sailing from the goalie standing in the west to his opposite number. Free kicks and passes flew or bounced over the east end line regularly. The wind today rivaled KIA Training Centre where Toronto FC III play their home games where I was the last two Sunday afternoons. Only thing is the weather was a lot warmer today. I put down my highlight marker on a bench in the stands and it rolled ten feet on its own before I turned back around. Concrete stands, long wooden planks for each row attached to them to sit on. Capacity of 5000 with stands in the south. Any stands in the north would back right into the high school that Olympic Champion swimmer Penny Oleksiak attends.

Sanjaxx looked much improved over last year with a record of two ties and one loss in their three games. Today they found a successful strategy of sending the ball down the middle at least in the first half which might have been aided with the wind in their favour.

Lions are again wearing yellow shirts with white numbers which I can’t distinguish without binoculars (even worse for night games). Thankfully there’s distinctive coloured shoes and hairstyles. Stefan Nikolic equals late 1960s era singer Art Garfunkel with his ‘fro’. Captain Hiliard Serrao equals shaved head etc.

Windsor signed a partnership agreement with Toronto FC less than a year ago and have been re-branded as Windsor TFC. They now wear a modified TFC badge like TFC II with the numerals bent into a ‘W’. At least for this road game they wore a white and red kit. I thought I recognized the names of about half the players from last year. I don’t expect the changes brought in by TFC to install an academy system will show much change in this first year. Some press announcements listing names of attendees of players to attend TFC’s KIA Training Centre are probably a few years younger than this L1O team. Yikes, Stephen Ademolu is now 34 and I watched him play for Windsor back in 2011 when they were in the CSL. Stars record improves to one win, one loss, and one tie.

A large stretch of the east-west subway was closed yesterday but not today which got me to come as I hadn’t seen either of these team this season. Sanjaxx is once again playing all of its home games this season at Monarch Park in the east end of the old City of Toronto. Most of the housing in the
neighbourhood must be nearing the 100 year mark. The area is near trendy The Beaches on Lake Ontario and at least for the day the wind crossed over into this area.

The Lions don’t have much time to rest as they are scheduled for L1O Cup action on Tuesday night against Woodbridge Strikers who happen to be playing at the same time today as this game against North Toronto Nitros.

That makes 8 games attended, so far for me–12 teams out of 16 seen and the league’s only finished its third week.

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Robin Glover

Robin Glover

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