Rocket Robin Report: Master’s FA Saints vs Toronto Skillz

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Result and details of the Saturday June 3, 2017 League 1 Ontario game between  Master’s FA Saints and Toronto Skillz FC played at L’Amoreaux Park at 9:00pm.

65 min…MFA Maleik DeFreitas GOAL…MFA Jose De Sousa 28 yard freekick from  right has MFA Isaiah Page charge and flick header forward. DeFreitas charges  forward and taps in 3 yarder to left corner of net.

74 min…TS RED card…Paulo Oliva Da Silva earns it for upending MFA Parker Danfi on run into right side of TS box as he was the last man back.  Referee John Vlahos also awards MFA a Penalty kick.

75 min…MFA Joey Melo blasts Penalty kick low to left and diving goalie Spiro Koskinas stops shot near post and crawls to smother rebound.

83 min…MFA Jose De Sousa GOAL…MFA Paul Antoine low cross from 28 yards on far right has De Sousa shoot from 12 yards on left to mid-high right side of net.

87 min…TS Anhr El-Eidani GOAL…El-Eidani on rush from 25 yards after getting around defender and he rolls pass to a TS player near the right post and a defender stops but El-Eidani gets to rebound and shoots in from 10 yards past goalie Gregory Cha.

98 min…game ends.

Final Score:…Masters FA Saints……2…….Toronto Skillz……1….

99 min…TS RED card…Ayoub Saoucha earns his second Yellow card for complaining to referee after the game when the officials were gathering to leave the field. He had been subbed out at 65 minutes and earned his first Yellow at 77 minutes on the bench for mouthing off to the referee across the field which the fourth official heard.

Attendance was about 40 on this mild, overcast evening—such a contrast from the brutal cold and then cold and rain in the first two weeks of the season. Too bad that hasn’t improved from the early season games.

Spiro Koskinas had to be sharp to keep the game from not getting out of hand with many point blank saves and overhead catches. More accurate shooting by Masters players could have easily doubled the shots.

I wanted to see Master’s since they made the chances to the roster after officially bringing Rick Titus onboard as the head coach after that second game. With him he’s brought ‘his guys’. These include seven players I watched play for North Mississauga Panthers last season when he coached that team. Last night that included Shawn Brown, Antoine Paul, David Alva, Jose De Sousa, Jordan Montaya, and Joey Melo, with Kevin Dhillon a late scratch. NMP finished fourth of eight teams in the Western Conference last season in their first year in the league. Master’s also have players that have played the last four games or less including goalie Gregory Cha, Randy Durand Miyenga, Claude Dufour-Peters, Dylan Micallef, Eddy Dabire (Pro Stars in 2016), and Parker Danfi. Late scratches Tristan Watson (Woodbridge 2016) and Kristofer Michael (ANB Futbol in 2014 and 2015).

It will be interesting to see how this team can make a move in the standings—two wins in the last three games although Aurora FC and Toronto Skillz are not league powerhouses. They dominated possession tonight.

I’ve watched Shawn Brown since the beginning of this decade playing with teams Toronto Croatia, Serbian White Eagles, and SC Waterloo before League1 Ontario began operating. He immediately becomes one of the oldest players turning 30 sometime this year. Parker Danfi came on at 70 minutes and drew the Penalty kick within four minutes and almost an identical play one minute before their second goal. He’s actually born the year before Brown. I was sitting with L1O chair Dino Rossi last Sunday in Oakville talking about the future successful players in the CanPL league. I picked Vaughan’s Jarrek Whiteman and Rossi picked Joey Melo as the sure bets to make the jump and become stars.

It could be said for these two Scarborough teams that this was the ‘Battle of Birchmount Road’ as L’Amoreaux Park is at about #3000 and Birchmount Stadium (for Skillz home games) at about #100 on that street.

Last month I mentioned the PA was cued up to play Bob Marley’s ‘Three Little Birds’ (“don’t worry bout a thing, everything’s gonna be alright”) when the opponents score. Tonight I realized when Masters scores they play ‘Jump’ by Kris Kross. I was thankfully too old by 1992 when that hit came out to wear my pants backwards (kids–ask your father).

Masters record improves to 2 wins, 4 losses, 0 ties for sixth place in the Eastern Conference.

Toronto Skillz record falls to 0 wins , 6 losses, 0 ties for eighth place in the East. The two games I’ve seen them in they are better than their record indicates—only losing in the last 12 minutes to 2016 league champs Vaughan Azzurri. They have to improve in both goals scored—5 and allowed—20 to gain a win soon.

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Robin Glover

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