Rocket Robin Report: Masters FA Saints vs Ottawa South United Force

Result and details from the Saturday May 6, 2017 League 1 Ontario game between Masters FA Saints and Ottawa South United Force played at L’Amoreaux Park in Scarborough at 9:00pm.

23 min…OSUF Gabriel Bittar GOAL…Bittar rushes along left end line towards goal and instead of passing puts it into net between near post and goalie.

38 min…Masters Maleik DeFreitas GOAL…DeFreitas blasts low freekick from left past wall and ball bounces over sprawling goalie Dylan Roosign on left post.

50 min…OSUF Stefan Angelic GOAL…OSUF player’s cornerkick from right is cleared from box but Angelic rolls 25 yard shot through players and goalie Danny Grant squatting to make pick up has it slip though his hands and deflect into left corner of the net.

61 min…OSUF Marco Natoli GOAL…Natoli shoots 15 yarder that goalie slides to save and Natoli gets to rebound to shoot over him.

63 min…OSUF Marco Natoli GOAL…Natoli gets pass from right and blasts 15 yarder from left into roof of center of net. No defenders were close to him on the left side.

72 min…OSUF Jereny Aweya GOAL…Aweya receives a cross from the right and takes low blaster from 18 yards up middle and goalie stops but momentum rolls it over him from 7 yards and it trickles into the net.

Final Score:…Masters FA Saints……1……Ottawa South United Force……5…….

Attendance was about 80 which was only slightly less than last week. Last week it was brutally cold and windy. Now take that same weather (this first weekend in May) and add a constant drizzle and it’s understandable. Before the game the grounds crew (made up of teenagers from what I saw) were told to anchor the tent canopies over the player benches and they first secured the visitors bench but disbursed to get more rope to tie between the feet and the chain link fence. They didn’t come back for more than half an hour. In the meantime on the fourth official’s table, the table top scoreboard blew over. I’d say it weighed at least 20 pounds—smash!–although when it was set back up it did run without a problem. Next the canopy got caught in the wind and popped its pegs and started to skid downfield. There’s now something I can add to my league resume—human tent peg—I held on until there was a break in the wind. The other canopies were finally secured with extra pinnies and covers.

The most popular tune on the PA turned out to be Bob Marley’s tune ‘Three Little Birds’ with the song being cued to the part “Don’t worry about a thing, every little thing’s going to be alright” played every time the visitors scored. If last week wasn’t bad at only two plays against Woodbridge, this was worse at five times.

I thought Masters had a chance at halftime because now it would be OSUF running into the wind and having the rain in their face but instead they kept the ball mostly on the ground and had the Masters’ goalie fumble some of their shots.

OSUF ended up playing short from 84 minutes because Justin Earle was ordered to leave the field to treat his bloody nose and OSUF had used their five subs (also the number of extra players they’d brought anyway). OK the Master’s trainer patched him up quickly but the fourth made him change his bloody #4 jersey. They found him the #12 of Alex Nzarga who’d already been subbed off (ewwww note to team 1. print more game rosters for the ‘media’ 2. bring a few extra unused jerseys) only thing is he bloodied up the #12 too from blood on his hands so he couldn’t get on the field with that neither so the coach decided to play short.

Referee David Barrie who didn’t give out any Yellow cards and signaled for no extra time…yeah we crowded under under the fourth official’s canopy agreed, a 5-1 lead, let’s get out of the wind and rain and go home!

The players from Masters’ new official Rick Titus haven’t joined yet but if it’s the four to six guys I think that made North Mississauga so good last year, I can see them fitting in well and upgrading this team. Right now Masters are better than at this time last year although tonight’s score line happened too frequently early last season.

Masters have always mostly played Saturday night at 9:00pm but this was pretty brutal for the team from Ottawa because not ending until 11:00pm and the league not having a hotel sponsor it would now be a five hour drive back to their home city. I didn’t get home until almost midnight and I’m in the suburb beside this one. They do get a break in a weekend in July when they play an ‘away’ game against Windsor (across the river from Detroit) and at least five hours West of Toronto in Woodbridge part of the GTA! Lucky me. I’ll try to catch this game. Saves OSU a ten hour drive for a two hour game then a ten hour return drive. An uneven east-west schedule ensures there won’t be a return game. I’ll assume the bingo balls will be weighted so they won’t Cup draw against each other.

OSUF are off to a flying start with two wins in two games in two road games this season. However Aurora and Masters are not close to representing the best in Toronto area teams based on last year’s records. I will assume OSUF will have a great home record because GTA teams will not adapt to the long trip only once a season.

Before the game I was talking to the OSUF coach Traian Mateas to tell him that Clint Irwin earned a shutout for Toronto FC in a road game against Seattle this afternoon. He played for the one-season of Capital Cities FC existence in 2011 in the CSL. We also talked about Ottawa Wizards years before that playing in ‘Carp’ a suburb far away from the city (have to find an atlas for me).

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Robin Glover

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