Rocket Robin Report: Durham United FA vs Master’s FA Saints

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Result and details of the Friday June 9, 2017 League1 Ontario game between Durham United FA and Master’s FA Saints played at Pickering Soccer Centre in Pickering at 9:00pm.

10 min…DUFA Stefan Lamanna GOAL…DUFA Edward Lay freekick from 22 yards on left has Lamanna flick header from 8 yards on right into left corner of net past goalie Aaron Peters.

37 min…MFA Jose De Sousa wins Penalty kick on tackle by DUFA Bruce Cullen for kick of ankle at 15 yards on right side of box.

38 min…MFA Jose De Sousa GOAL…De Dousa blasts Penalty kick high to left over flying goalie Ben Cowman.

72 min…DUFA RED card…Vince Sasso earns his second Yellow card of the game from the referee for hammering into Jose Melo at DUFA 30 yard line.

Final Score:….Durham United FA……1…..Master’s FA Saints…..1…

Attendance was about 60 on this quickly rescheduled game. This was supposed to be played at Kinsmen Park in Pickering (about three km away) at 7:30pm. An L1O official said the city had ruined the grass by cutting it too short. I know it had rained in the afternoon and was dreading the mosquitoes from the surrounding swamp so wasn’t upset that the game was moved to this indoor facility. DUFA’s two earlier home games were held here also (as scheduled).

This was a pretty rough game with referee Braedon Krampfert giving out eleven Yellow cards (two to DUFA Vince Sasso). All except one (for time wasting/delaying a restart) were for hard hitting checks or tripping.

Lots of end to end action including the last ten minutes as both teams looked for a winner. 83 minutes had DUFA Jumbo Iyowuna thread a pass up the right for DUFA Tyrell Rayne and MFA goalie Aaron Peters stopped a point blank shot at 12 yards. 86 minutes had MFA Jose De Sousa shoot a 20 yarder over the net when the DUFA goalie rushed for a bad backpass on the right side of the box and De Sousa got there first. A minute later MFA Jai Avila was poked a breakaway pass up the middle and his 15 yard shot had goalie Ben Cowman slide to make a point blank save. Two minutes later MFA Kevin Dhillon blasted a 20 yarder from the left high and wide right after a receiving a cornerkick. 91 minutes had MFA defender Shawn Brown make a clearance at 2 yards on the left post as a DUFA player shot around the goalie at 15 yards in the middle of the box.

A ten minute time capsule just as exciting as that could have been extracted a few other times in this game.

I was impressed by MFA goalie Aaron Peters who was quite aggressive almost acting like a defender often coming out to the edge of his box and having the advantage of being able to pick up the ball and disperse it to start another rush. DUFA Ben Cowman was as reliable as ever but he was helped out by the inaccurate shooting of MFA players excitably blasting shots over the net.

The result improves DUFA’s record to three wins, two losses, two ties for 11 points and fourth in the Eastern Conference.

Master’s record improves to two wins, four losses, one tie for 7 points and sixth place in the eight team East. I was waiting to see how new head coach Rick Titus bringing ‘his guys’ to stock the roster would play against one of the better teams in the league (last week I watched them beat last place Toronto Skillz) and they played well. They should be competitive in every game but I see them being a bit short against the absolute best teams plus the slow start before Titus took over.

Next week will be the first week of crossover West vs East Conference play. (each team plays their conference home and away and the other conference just once).

I expect this will be my only L1O this weekend as I plan on a TFC II game Saturday and I’ve been given press accreditation for the Canadian National Women’s Canada vs Costa Rica friendly on Sunday.

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Robin Glover

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