Rocket Robin Report: Durham Drops Aurora

Result and details of the League1 Ontario game of Friday May 12, 2017 between Durham United FA and Aurora FC at The Pickering Soccer Centre in Pickering at 7:30pm.

12 min…DUFA Christian Moncrieffe GOAL…DUFA Cameron Brooks sends pass from 25 yards and Moncrieffe shoots 10 yard shot on left past sliding goalie into left side of net.

14 min…DUFA Kashiff De Jonge GOAL…AFC goalie Adam Scanlon blasts clearance from 6 yards on left post that hits player at 10 yards and falls to  UFA Jonathan Parolini who touches ball to De Jonge who quickly takes 12 yarder from left into open net.

30 min…AFC Matthew Caguana GOAL…AFC Dylan Rennie on pass/deflection from 18 yards on left reaches Caguana who shoots low 12 yarder down middle into right side of net.

32 min…DUFA Tim Flynn GOAL…DUFA Edward Lay corner kick from right is headed across box and AFC defender misses bicycle kick clearance at 12 yards. Flynn standing beside him recovers ball on left and takes low shot into right side of net.

58 min…DUFA Christian Moncrieffe GOAL…DUFA Cameron Brooks takes low 30 yard free kick from right that’s into box and players on both teams miss connecting on edge of 6 yard box. Moncrieffe charging in on left side of box connects on 10 yarder blasting ball into right side of net.

74 min…AFC Jackson Tooke draws Penalty kick from referee John Vlahos on run to just inside right side of box.

75 min…AFC Christopher Jacovou blasts Penalty kick low to left post and diving goalie Ben Cowman gets hand to stop it and defender clears.

Final Score:…Durham United FA……..4……Aurora FC……..1…..

Attendance picked up to about 75 by the time the game ended. The game was held at Pickering’s indoor dome facility. The team scheduled their first two home games at this facility as Kinsmen Parkis usually still drying out from the rains at this time of year. Next Friday they will play Ottawa South United Force. After two weekends of attending outdoor games in the unseasonably cold and wet, this place was a nice break although ‘outside’ tonight would have been quite bearable.

This was the home opener for DUFA. It was an important win for any championship hopes as they’ve started the season with a tie and a loss to fellow Eastern Conference powerhouses Vaughan (score 0-0) and Woodbridge (0-1). The team in past years usually starts out fast then fizzles out when many of the players return to NCAA schools (although not quite as exaggerated as Sigma FC). This year a team official assured me they have quite a few players who have finished school and will stay the entire season. I can see some of these players showcasing their skills to show off this season and next for an invite/draft to the new CanPL league that starts in the fall of 2018.

Aurora’s record falls to 1 tie and 2 losses in the first three weeks of the season. The two early goals coming so quickly in succession looked like it rattled the team and certainly boosted the confidence of DUFA. The DUFA quick response to score after AFC got their only goal cooled any chances of the momentum shifting although three AFC chances in the last five minutes of the first half with a missed shot, a defender clearing, and a stop by goalie Ben Cowman stopped any comeback.

Referee Jon Vlahos gave out no cards in this game. AFC Dylan Rennie was subbed off at 56 minutes after being injured just inside the AFC box and needed help limping off. Otherwise there were no major injuries. The DUFA bench kept advising their players “No foul, no foul” to remind them not to be carded as even if an AFC player got by a defender, there would always be another to close the play down.

DUFA almost put the game out of reach in the first half with Christian Moncrieffe hitting the post from 15 yards at 43 minutes. That would have turned his night into a hat-trick.

Some quirks of this facility were a call for a ‘drop’ ball when a clearance hit the ceiling of the bubble. It is much easier for this to happen near the sidelines. Another (but probably just because it was the first game this season) was the timekeeper couldn’t get the scoreboard to run ‘up’ in the second half and after a few resets let the clock count ‘down’ like the other kind of football. I’m sure they’ll program it right for next week.

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Robin Glover

Robin Glover

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