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Result and details of the Saturday October 7, 2017 League1 Ontario game between Aurora FC and Toronto Skillz played at St Maximillion Kolbe High School in Aurora at 7:00pm.

23 min…Skillz Hassani Kamara GOAL…Kamara survives bump with AFC goalie Stefano Spina at 12 yards and gets up first and shoots 7 yarder into empty net.

40 min…Skillz Jeremy Nand GOAL…TS Leslie Fitzpatrick taps over ball from 15 yards on right and trailing Nand blasts roller from 12 yards and ball deflects over sprawling goalie on right and pops into net.

60 min…AFC Basel Rashrash wins Penalty kick call from referee Adam Devenyl when jumping for header just inside box and receiving cross from the left and getting knocked over.

61 min…AFC Ruben Dos Santos GOAL…Dos Santos blasts Penalty kick low to right side as goalie Lucas Birnstingl dives left.

85 min…Skillz Anhr El-Eidani GOAL…El-Eidani takes low 8 yard shot up middle in crowd of players. (He answered me after the game he took the ball off the goalie).

94 min…Skillz Antonio Giummarra GOAL…TS Anhr El-Eidani long rush down right and crosses over to Giummarra on left post who jams ball between goalie and short post.

Final Score:…Aurora FC…..1…..Toronto Skillz……4…..

Attendance was about 40 on this mild night which never got colder than windbreaker weather.

Referee Adam Devenyl gave out four Yellow cards (three to Skillz players) and the Penalty kick call in a game that had some tough tackles.

Aurora started the game one point behind Skillz tonight in a battle for last place.

Two minutes after the Skillz first goal TS Hassane Kamara again crashed with the goalie this time near the top left corner of the box but AFC were awarded a freekick.

Skillz almost put the game out of reach at 44 minutes when TS Leslie Fitzpatrick took a corner kick from the right and TS Justin Alvarez skied a ball down the middle from 20 yards over the net I expected but the ball suddenly dropped into the 6 yard box and was popped around by about four headers and headed into the net but was called back as either offside or for pushing in the box. The Aurora goal put them right back in it until the last ten minutes.

Aurora was called, I thought, at least six times offside in the second half. I don’t think it was an elaborate trap play by Skillz but just excited Aurora players starting their runs too soon waiting for a through ball pass.

It was the L1O debut of Antonio Giummarra. He came into the game at 93 minutes and scored the fourth goal for Skillz at 94. He also picked up a Yellow card (I can only think for excessive goal celebration). The game ended at 95 minutes with his goal one minute earlier being the last play of the game as the referee blew the whistle before the restart. One minute of playing time! If there was a goal vs game time ranking or Yellow cards per minute would his rating for the season be 90.00?

There was some controversy on that fourth goal. AFC Morey Doner was down injured at the AFC 50 yard line and even the Skillz players nearby shouted for teammates to kick the ball out of bounds. (they did have a two goal lead). Anhr El-Eidani had already turned at the center line towards goal and maybe didn’t hear them. I don’t expect Giummarra heard them as he was even further upfield and the small group of Skillz fans (translation—parents!) were on the far side of the field shouting encouragement

After the game Skillz Leslie ‘Tiger’ Fitzpatrick came over to shake my hand. I attended eight of their games this year so it can’t be said I only watch the glamour GTA teams. I complemented him on how well the team had improved the last weeks. They started off by losing their first twelve games! When I was told that some players had left for university (Nippissing in North Bay, Ontario was one school mentioned) I thought the streak would go even longer but on August 13 they beat Windsor (OK one of the first times in the season the TFC Stars would bring ten men to the GTA) they would eventually also beat Ottawa South United Force at home, on the road against Pro Stars FC (a game that was rescheduled twice) and tonight. As impressive were later games against top teams that I saw North Toronto Nitros and Woodbridge Strikers.

Both teams teams use the L1O alternate lineup sheets so instead of the ‘year of birth’ they just use U-23 Yes or No column. The entire Aurora team this late in the season except for forward Petros Vasilos are under age 23.

This was the last game of the season for both teams (22 League games).

Aurora finishes with a record of 2 wins, 17 losses, 2 ties for 8 points. That’s eighth (last) place in the Eastern Division. OK that doesn’t add up to 22 but their August 19 postponed road game against Ottawa South United Force was never rescheduled.

Toronto Skillz win means they finish with a record of 4 wins, 18 losses, 0 ties for 12 points. They finish in seventh place in the East.

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