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Result and details of the Sunday July 23, 2017 League1 Ontario game between Vaughan Azzurri vs Oakville Blue Devils played at McNaughton Turf in Maple at 2:00pm.

 OBD Taylor McNamara boots freekick into VA box. Photo by Robin Glover.
OBD Taylor McNamara boots freekick into VA box. Photo by Robin Glover.

62 min…OBD Matthew Santos GOAL…OBD Filipe Vilela passes from far right low to Santos who shoots low 15 yarder forward to left past diving goalie Colm Vance.

95 min…OBD Nolyn Do Nascimento GOAL…Do Nascimento on left gets pass at 60 yards and quickly shoots low into empty net as VA goalie had joined the attack.

Final Score:…Vaughan Azzurri…….0…..Oakville Blue Devils….2..

Attendance was about 60 on this hot and humid, mostly overcast afternoon.

I could see this game was going to be intense from the opening moments. After one half I was thinking a scoreless draw or possible 1-1 was a likely result.

The referee wasn’t the one scheduled. John Vlahos moved up from the AR 1 position. This is however at least the third time I’ve seen him referee this year. He put up with a lot of chatter from players and coaches and could give his reasoning for making and not making calls. Not giving calls for dissent just made the complaining worse. Dialogue from film director Quentin Tarentino! The players were mouthing off to opponents within days after some of them were playing together on the League1 Ontario All Star team that beat their counterparts from Quebec on Wednesday. VA head coach Carmine Isacco had just returned from suspension and was a little more subdued than OBD head coach Duncan Wilde. Most intense was when the call was given for five additional minutes of injury time in the second half (turned into six). Wilde complained the whole time about it being too long and only stopped for about 30 seconds when Nolyn Do Nascimento scored then he was back at it. Do Nascimento proved a genius sub as he scored within two minutes of coming on and was probably brought on just to eat some of the injury time and let All-Star team Filipe Vilela take a bow.

Vlahos gave out six Yellow cards that I counted with Vaughan earning four. Maybe he got even with all the players by not scheduling water breaks! Both teams stayed on the field during halftime rather than walk 500+ yards across the street and parking lot to the dressing rooms.

Matt George earned the shutout for Oakville. He made a few swats clearing balls inside his crowded six yard box rather than risk catching and surviving drops or bumps by opponents.

Both teams of defenders more than halved the work for their goalies with blocks and headers cutting down on dangers in the box.

Andrea Lombardo came in as a midfield substitute for Vaughan at 62 minutes. I hadn’t seen him play in something like three years for Vaughan. He was a member of the original Toronto FC MLS teams of 2007 and 2008. He is now 30 years old and from I’ve read a real estate agent and a coach in the Vaughan system. This game he fit right in taking at least three cornerkicks. Is he eyeing a position in that new Canadian league?

I spoke to OBD midfielder Al James after the game. Two Sundays ago I was within ten feet of him when he was head-butted near the sideline in a game against Toronto Skillz. He was taken away by ambulance and he said he received twelve stitches over his left eye. He said they did a good job and I agreed as I could hardly see any markings after only two weeks. I took one-third as many in the early 1970s by a dog bite and I can still see the scar over my eyebrow. He said he was sat out last weekend’s game in Oakville which eventually was postponed after three rain delays and Woodbridge Strikers holding a 1-0 lead. That game will have to be replayed as it could mean a lot in the standings of second in the West (Oakville) and first in the East (Woodbridge) at the current time.

The loss for Vaughan means their record falls to 7 wins, 4 losses, 1 tie for 22 points for third place in the Eastern Conference. They are seven points behind (now knowing Woodbridge won a few hours later—I was there!). Azzurri has cooled down losing three of their last four games. Things might get worse for last year’s league champs as they may have players draw duty at York University once their programs starts up again for this season.

Oakville’s win improves their record to 10 wins, 2 losses, 0 ties for 30 points for second place in the West. They are five points behind undefeated Sigma FC but because of last week’s postponed game, they have one game in hand.

Only two more weeks of the East vs West Conference matchups before the league reverts back to games within the Conference for the final third of the season.

Result and details of the Sunday July 23, 2017 League1 Ontario match between Woodbridge Strikers and Pro Stars FC played at Vaughan Grove in Woodbridge at 7:00pm.

WS Dylan Carrero takes penalty kick on Jonathan Albanese. Photo by Robin Glover.
WS Dylan Carrero takes penalty kick on Jonathan Albanese. Photo by Robin Glover.

12 min…Woodbridge Emmanuel Issac GOAL…Isssac intercepts pass and shoots 20 yarder into center of empty net as goalie Jonathan Albanese was out to 15 yards for clearance attempt.

17 min…Woodbridge James Baker GOAL…WS Cristian Cavallini rolls pass forward at 25 yards to Baker who rounds goalie on left at 10 yards and shoots tough angle 10 yard shot into right corner of net.

35 min…WS James Baker wins Penalty kick call from referee Michael Stenbring after breaking in on left side of box after long run upfield and being pulled down by retreating defender Briam Lopez.

36 min…Woodbridge Dylan Carreiro GOAL…Carreiro blasts Penalty kick low to left corner of net beyond sprawling goalie.

47 min…Woodbridge Michael Krzeminski GOAL…WS Dylan Carreiro on run holds up ball when challenged by defender and taps pass over to Krzeminski at 20 yards on left and he shoots 12 yard shot into top right corner of net. He then does barrel roll celebration into corner flag.

54 min…Pro Stars George Owusu wins a Penalty kick when he checks WS goalie Quillan Roberts off ball wide left of net then has Roberts push him over.

55 min…Pro Stars Maan Slewa rolls Penalty kick to left post but diving goalie pushes ball wide of post.

Final Score:….Woodbridge Strikers……4…….Pro Stars…….0……

Attendance was about 40 on this mild overcast evening with the temperature dropping quickly. I walked out to the parking lot at halftime to put on a windbreaker. It started a light rain at 80 minutes and then harder as the game ended.

Quillan Roberts earned the shutout for Woodbridge. He had very little to do but took a backpass from WS Quante Abbott-Hill-Smith and was slow to clear it and then pushed over PS George Owusu when he was checked off the ball. He recovered well by saving the Penalty kick that PS Maan Slewa aimed rather than hit with a lot of power.

Roberts was the starting goalie on the L1O All Stars that beat their counterparts from Quebec. Other Strikers were midfielder Dylan Carreiro and forward Cristian Cavallini and they were also starters in that game.

Jonathan Albanese was back in net for Pro Stars after having his nose broken two weeks ago in their game against Masters. He wore a mask and told me before the game that he was confident he could see alright.

Referee Michael Stenbring gave out only one Yellow card that I noticed (to Pro Stars for complaining about the Penalty kick goal scored against them).

I was expecting Strikers would increase their score in the second half against the depleted Pro Stars roster but Strikers had cycled though their five subs by 67 minutes and tonight their second stringers and remaining starters did have a lot of possession but didn’t have a lot of chances on net.

Before the game I was watching Pro Stars warm up and I was wondering if they’d have enough guys. I noticed a photographer dressed in a Woodbridge warmup suit counting them too. It turned out to be WS defender Michael Fayehun who said he is acting as the team photographer as he recovers from a concussion.  He said PS only had nine guys…I counted ten as one had gone behind the fence to retrieve a ball. He said a PS player who was watching from the stands because of injury was summoned to suit up and play to fill the roster as a lot of their players were away on tour. I figured that must have been Nickolas Lakatos who started and was then subbed off at 23 minutes when Jonathan Majoris took his spot. They had a full bench last week when Vaughan Azzurri shellacked them 11-1 so what happened? After the game I asked PS midfielder Owen Carter for more details. He answered that their Under 18 team went on a tour of the Czech Republic and some of their senior team players went as well so they could try out for local teams. Finding a pro club would be an important career move for any of these players. I know all the L1O teams fill in their rosters with younger players to make up the numbers but now I have an answer for why that couldn’t happen tonight. I didn’t realize until the next day that Fayehun played for Pro Stars last year.

The win improves Woodbridge’s record to 9 wins, 1 loss, 2 ties for 29 points and first place in the Eastern Conference with a six point lead over second place North Toronto Nitros. They’ve only allowed a L1O lowest 9 goals against in league play so far this season.

Pro Stars record falls to 0 wins, 11 losses, 1 tie for 1 point and last place (eighth) in the West. Their 55 goals against is the league worst. Next week they have a chance against the East’s worst—Toronto Skillz who couldn’t hold a lead tonight and eventually lost and now have a 0-12-0 record! Pro Stars home Avondale Stadium is only a short drive from Hershey Centre where I hope to be next Saturday after watching the Sigma FC vs Durham United match so should be able to get there in time. Somebody should be able to win their first game of the season shouldn’t they? Tie? Thunderstorm?

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