Pro Stars vs TFC Academy: Match Report (August 15, 2015)

Result and details of the Saturday August 15, 2015 League 1 Ontario game between Pro Stars SA and
Toronto FC Academy played at Victoria Park Stadium in Brampton at 7:00pm. 

27 min…TFCA Tristan Borges GOAL…Borges is tapped back a pass by the prone TFCA Aidan Daniels who
was on his side on the ground and blasts a 25 yarder up the middle into the top left corner of the net
beyond reach of Philip Borowski.

42 min…PS Thomas Winski takes a long throw-in from the TFCA 45 yard line down the wing
to Leaford Allen who turns and charges from 25 yards on the right over to the center and
a TFCA player flips him over on a waist high tackle in the box as he cut to the middle.
Referee Geoff Gamble awards PS a Penalty kick.

43 min…PS Thomas Winski GOAL…Winski blasts a low Penalty kick down the middle as goalie
Filippo Di Bennardo dives to the right.

53 min…TFCA Cyrus Rollocks GOAL…TFCA Tristan Borges takes 40 yard freekick from the right
that the goalie punches away in crowd of players in box.  There are no PS players challenging
after that and TFCA players work the ball towards goal and TFCA Borges passes forward for Rollocks
to take a low 15 yard shot from the left to the right side of the net beyond the diving goalie.

65 min…TFCA Cyrus Rollocks GOAL…TFCA Aidan Daniels passed the ball to Rollocks who after
a short dribble on the left took a low shot from 12 yards from the left into the middle of the net.
PS Thomas Winski had been injured earlier in the play upfield.

Final Score:…..Pro Stars SA…….1……..Toronto FC………..3…….

Attendance was about 80 on this hot evening with the sun still coming out until it set below the
tree line before the second half started.

Referee Geoff Gamble gave out no cards tonight that I noticed in a game that was wide open
and pretty clean with just freekicks being given out except for the Penalty.  All other falls/knockdowns
in the box were waved off.

ProStars had Leaford Allen once again as their lone striker and he was called offside more times then
he had shots on net.  He was having a tough night as he ran over when he saw the sign board held
up by the fourth official and realized it was #10 of TFCA who was leaving the match at 79 minutes.
Teammate Zachary Gowlett missed a shot into the empty net at 59 minutes when the TFCA goalie dropped
a freekick catch and he partly whiffed on the shot while behind the goalie which would have tied the game.

ProStars had too many incidents of guys standing around both offensively and in defence which even
drew scorn from their own fans.  Standing around!  It was the team trainer and the referee (rather
than a teammate) who helped Thomas Winski limp off the field after the third TFCA goal as the players
appeared stunned by that goal.

TFCA team head coach Stuart Neely had raced over from the Toronto FC II game right after their 2-1
win over Richmond Kickers so he had quite a successful day.

Pro Stars record slips to 4 wins, 2 draws, 9 losses for 14 points and tied for ninth with Kingston
who also lost today.  TFCA record improves to 6 wins, 1 draw, 8 losses for 19 points and they climb
to seventh place passing Windsor in the standings whose game last night was rained out.  TFCA next
two games are against Sanjaxx Lions and Master’s FA who are the cellar dwellers so I look for
a further climb in the table.

Victoria Park had their scoreboard working tonight for the first time this season that I’ve attended
(my third game in 2015 at this stadium) but the clock froze at 58:59 and wouldn’t advance further.
Well back to wristwatch time for me.

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Robin Glover

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