Post-Match Interview with Colin Elmes

Question (Q): What changed after going up 3-0?

Colin (C): I would say that our opponent made some drastic halftime tactic changes. The game went from them trying to play through us, to an over-the-top style. We warned our guys at halftime that things were going to change, but the aerial display that Calgary put on in the second half came at us like thunder and lightning. The game became a long diagonal ball situation, and those aerial battles are difficult. When you purposefully direct balls from distance into different areas of our back line, it’ll wear a team down. There was bound to be moments where the ball takes a bounce or there was a mistake and we got ourselves into situations that we struggled to handle. We’ve got to learn about it. Tactically, the staff has talked about how to handle this scenario different.

The guys were pretty upset and disappointed at the end. But it all comes out to wash. We tend to not remember the things that get given to us. We just remember the things that get taken away.

Q: What is the nature of Ryan Dhillon’s injury?

C: It wasn’t a tackle that took him down. He kind of went funny over on his ankle. He’s hobbling around right now, and definitely will not be playing on Sunday. He was pretty ginger on it last night. I’m thinking a couple of weeks for sure but I’m not certain. He will be re-evaluated when we get back in town. He’s in good spirits though. He’s a critical piece of our team here so it’s unfortunate this happened.

Q: Do you see Kristian Yli-Hietanen sliding into the team being a long-term move?

C: Oh yeah. He’s going to play. We have 14 games, and with a couple of guys coming off of injury, and a couple others joining us later on in the season, there will be a competition for minutes. But I believe Kristian will play a significant role for us moving forward

Q: Will be there be any rotation on your side with the two games being so close to each other?

C: We’re still back a forth on some things.  If we were back-to-back, then without a doubt there would be rotation. But the fact that we’re 2pm tomorrow, we’ve had a day and a half to recover. No final decision has been made about the lineup though.

Q: How do you feel about the calls that were made by referee yesterday, who awarded two penalties to your opponents?

C: Referees are only human. They have to make quick decisions based on the situation where we get to watch video after the fact. As I said earlier, I believe this still comes out in a wash. You just hope that the referees make less mistakes than the players, but I’m not going to dwell on that. We’re just going to focus on things that we can control.

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