PDL review: Forest City claim victory over TFC Academy

Results and details of the Wednesday May 27, 2015 PDL game between Toronto FC Academy and Forest City London
played at The KIA Training Ground in Downsview at 2:30pm.

7 min…FCL Ben Fitzpatrick steals ball off defender on right edge of box and takes sharp angle low
shot past diving goalie Darrin MacLeod into left corner of net.

Final Score:……Toronto FC Academy……..0……Forest City London…….1…….

Attendance was about 50 on this mild afternoon with the bright sun in the south west coming in and
out of the clouds. There were very gusty winds from the south. This week there were no TFC II players
hanging around to watch Academy players (and ex-Academy players on K-W United) as they were getting ready
to be called onto the main TFC roster for their international friendly against Manchester City FC
[spoiler alert: many of them stole the show].

TFCA still haven’t scored in now their third game of the season. They couldn’t take advantage of the
strong gusty winds at their backs in the second half. They were outshot 7-1 in the first half.
FC London sees their record improve to 2 wins, 0 losses, 1 tie.

The TFCA defence looked sound (they have only let in four goals in these three games) but it was
a defensive miscue at 7 minutes that was the lone goal of the game.

There was lots of close checking and sliding tackles but only four Yellow cards given out by referee
Armando Pereira (FCL drew three of them).

FCL Parker Seymour was a weapon with his long throw-ins into the TFC box whether with or against
the wind. He came into the game at the 10 minute mark to replace defender Gabriel Boakye who’d
been injured on a tackle.

I was surprised that TFCA didn’t try a few more 35 yard shots with the wind at their backs.
A cornerkick for them squeezed through goalie Mark Haynes’ upstretched hands on the near post
and the ball flew through the box. Haynes earned the shutout without having to make any
outstanding save. The wind was similar to last Tuesday’s home opener in that it blew cornerkicks
over the box and clearance attempts died midair and forward passes blew off the field. Better for
the fans was the weather was a lot warmer and there was sun for some of the game today.

FCL broke up a lot of TFCA plays beyond the 30 yard line so they never turned into threats for
scoring chances.

Best non-scoring chances were at 22 minutes when FCL Parker Seymour took a long throw-in from the
left had a defender pop up a header and an FCL blasted a 10 yarder down the middle that goalie
goalie palmed over the bar. 43 minutes had FCL James Pucci take a 22 yard freekick from the left
that the flying goalie pushed wide right of the post. 78 minutes had TFCA Daniel Jodah’s cornerkick
go through the goalie’s hands as I mentioned above. 82 minutes had FCL Connor McFall take
a 22 yard shot from the left that has FCL Alejandro Pastor on left turn and fire a shot that the
goalie pushed wide left for a cornerkick. Last action in injury time finished with
TFCA Gabriel Boakye blasted a ball that had rolled across the FCL box from the left over the
net from 12 yards on the right.

I didn’t have time to ask any questions after the game, like if beating TFCA was more satisfying than
prior year wins against Toronto Lynx, as I had to race downtown to catch the Toronto FC
vs Man City game…yes, I made it and the TFC II players did impress.

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Robin Glover

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