Operation: Fill Your Boots – Canada v Dominica 2nd Leg Preview

Last Thursday, the Canadian Men’s National Team (CMNT) did what was necessary by getting a 2-0 road result against Dominica in the first leg of their third round World Cup 2018 qualification match. Tomorrow night in Toronto, the objective must be to fill their boots with goals.


The recently retired Dwayne De Rosario is the current leader in all-time goals for the CMNT with 22. In fact, here’s the top 10.


Rank Name Goals
1 Dwayne De Rosario 22
2 Dale Mitchell 19
3 John Catliff 18
4 Alex Bunbury 16
5 Ali Gerba 15
6 Igor Vrablic 12
7 Carlo Corazzin 11
7 Kevin McKenna 11
9 Tomasz Radzinski 10
9 Paul Peschisolido 10

Source: Wikipedia


If you take close look at this list, you’ll notice that none of the players on it are currently active. Amongst players called up to the national team for the Dominica and Gold Cup matches, only Tosaint Ricketts comes close to cracking this top 10 with eight goals. If we’re being honest, it’s not likely Ricketts is going to threaten De Rosario for the record. Could any of the current Canadians mount a challenge?


Although De Rosario was never a pure striker, odds are that his next challenger will be. Within the current squad, Cyle Larin is the only player who fills that requirement. Others who might come close, like Randy Edwini-Bonsu and Tesho Akindele, are wingers who sometimes fill midfield roles. Also, Larin is the only current CMNT member who has shown a propensity to have a nose for poaching.



This is where we at Northern Starting XI issue a challenge. Cyle, don’t stop scoring. Set your sights on 22 goals and then obliterate it. Push the CMNT to heights it could never imagine. Tomorrow night in Toronto, your first cap on home soil, fill your boots against this weak opponent from Dominica. If you’re scoring, Canada is winning and that’s what we all want to see.


Sure, the important thing is securing passage to September’s third round of World Cup Qualifying, but we honestly don’t see a way back for Dominica in this tie, and getting a bucket full of goals against a weaker opponents is what good teams do.
Let’s shed our Canadian propensity for mercy and go for the kill, and in the meantime, begin the assault on Dwayne De Rosario’s 22 goals.


Photo courtesy of Joshua Pearson on Flickr.

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Theo Gauthier

Theo Gauthier

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