Oct 5, 2016 – Aurora United FC vs Master’s Futbol

Result and details of the Wednesday October 5, 2016 League 1 Ontario game between Aurora United FC and Master’s Futbol played at Sheppards Bush in Aurora at 7:00pm.

6 min…AUFC Niklas Seidel GOAL…AUFC Nicholas Theodorakakis cross from 22 yards on right has Seidel head 10 yarder from middle into left corner of net.

11 min…MFA Camarri Johnson GOAL…MFA Alex Dimitriu blasts a 20 yarder up middle that flying goalie Alexander Jakma stops on left post. Johnson blasts 12 yard rebound from left banking it off the underside of the bar in the center of goal.

21 min…AUFC Simon Adjei GOAL…AUFC Conor Woodroffe cornerkick from left is knocked down in box on right and Adjei kicks in 5 yarder from right post into center of net.

49 min…MFA Tyler Rayne GOAL…MFA Allando Matheson taps pass from 35 yards in middle to charging Rayne who races in on right and his low 18 yard shot is under the sprawling goalie into the short side of net with an MFA player in center waiting as a decoy.

50 min…AUFC Nicholas Theodorakakis GOAL…AUFC Dylan Rennie on left end line rolls pass to center and Theodorakakis taps low 5 yard shot up middle to left side of net.

84 min…AUFC Simon Adjei GOAL…AUFC Christopher Cifuentes runs in on right and his 10 yard shot has goalie Timofei Sandhu stop at 5 yards and Adjei steps past him to shoot in rebound into open net.

Final Score:…….Aurora United FC…….4…….Master’s Futbol……..2…….

Attendance was about 25 on this cool night with the temperature dropping fast after it got dark soon after the game started. The game was being recorded for Rogers Cable channel and is scheduled for broadcast this Saturday from 4pm to 6pm and again at 10:00pm to 12:00am for customers in the Vaughan and Richmond Hill area. I thought the Captiv8 recording of the game might catch the Rogers commentator’s call of the game as they were set up so close to each other but it mostly only picks up the wind and the player’s onfield shouts.

There was no announcing of goals nor subs and it was dark in the stands so for the second half I stood near the opposite sideline to watch the players come into the game and take better photos.

Referee Marc Henoud (who I saw officiate Friday’s Durham vs North Toronto red cards/yellow cards rough game) gave out no cards tonight in a game that was wide open and either team could have won.

Master’s looked like they were going to start the game shorthanded as they warmed up with only ten players but did end up with a full bench. They did make three first half subs before the 30 minute mark to, I’d assume, get the players on the field that they really wanted. Still not having a proper warm up probably messed up their early strategy and coordination. I was surprised the game started this early on a weeknight. Two different cities decided to repair different sections of Bayview Avenue so that made my route here a zigzag north from Toronto through rush hour traffic. Their one star player Allando Matheson who I’d compare to the Jozy Altidore of the TFC Academy back in the day came in as a halftime sub. He played more as a midfielder and was feeding balls forward to teammates.

AUFC certainly looked better than Sunday night when I saw them lose 5-0 against Woodbridge although I will say that game only got away from them in the second half. Conor Woodroffe was their best players with him controlling the midfield and taking most of the cornerkicks and freekicks.

I was piecing the assists together after the game with AUFC assistant coach David DiPlacido helping me (he was listed as a sub but didn’t enter the game which showed AUFC tonight was also looking for players) and I reminded him one of my favourite memories of him with Toronto Lynx was when the local press came out the one game all season to watch Romario (Brazilian superstar finishing his days with Miami FC in the A-League in 2006) and the matinee crowd of schoolchildren were instead chanting “We want David” to come in as a second half sub because he had come to their school to put on a soccer clinic! He was their hero.

AUFC head coach is Jim Brennan who Thursday was in the Sportsnet studio offering analysis of the Italy vs Spain Euro qualifier.

I really wanted to go to this game tonight. Master’s was the only team of the sixteen in the league that I hadn’t seen at least three times this season. Took me 35 league games to do it!

The league has listed one more game to play—Friday night in London with FC London against Sanjaxx. Another game—Windsor vs Sanjaxx which was cancelled last Friday because of the flooding in Windsor has not been rescheduled.

This was the final league game of the season for both of tonight’s teams.

AUFC finishes the season with a record of 4 wins, 15 losses, 3 ties for 15 points. The win vaults them past Toronto Skillz FC by two points into sixth place of the eight team Eastern Conference.

The result confirms Master’s record as 3 wins, 17 losses, 2 ties for 11 points and eighth in the East and is also the lowest point total for both conferences. Their plus/minus record for goals for and against of 38 for, 92 against equals -54 is also the worst in the league.

Tonight’s duel between the two teams was for the bottom of the league but there’s still the one game league championship on October 15 between ‘first place in the East’ Vaughan Azzurri (17 wins, 1 loss, 4 ties for 55 points) and ‘first place in the West’ FC London (14 wins, 5 losses, 2 ties for 44 points) at the Ontario Soccer Centre in Vaughan at 4:00pm. No league team uses the OSC as a home field this season. Both Woodbridge Strikers (47) and North Toronto Nitros (45) finished with more points but they are in the East. At least Woodbridge can say they won the League Cup trophy back in July.

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