Oct 2, 2016 – TFC Academy vs North Mississuaga Panthers

Result and details of the Sunday October 2, 2016 Toronto FC Academy vs North Mississauga Panthers League 1 Ontario game played at KIA Training Centre in Downsview at 3:00pm.

62 min…TFCA Reshon Phillip GOAL…Phillip receives pass from TFCA Steven Furlano from right and chips 20 yard shot over goalie Daniel Gosciniak and into left corner of net.

81 min…TFCA Armando Caracciolo GOAL…TFCA Reshon Phillip is given ball but partially overruns it at 22 yards and taps ball over to left for open and charging Caracciolo who shoots 15 yarder banking it in off right post.

87 min…TFCA Glenn Muenkat takes 28 yard freekick from left and TFCA Richie Ennin is pulled down in the box. Referee Valdimir Makarov awards TFCA a Penalty kick.

88 min…TFCA Reshon Phillip blasts Penalty kick well high and wide left of net.

Final Score:…….Toronto FC Academy……..2……..North Mississauga Panthers…….0 ………

Attendance was about 40 on this mostly cloudy and damp afternoon. It did not rain at all while the game was on (we got blasted at the Woodbridge vs Aurora game that evening).

Referee Vladimir Makarov had a rough day. He gave out three Yellow cards (two to NMP) but he was subject of constant criticism by both teams coaches in particular for a few late calls. It’s not good when TFCA Stuart Neely and NMP Rick Titus are both arguing and then agree with each other out loud that the referee is not doing a good job. It is a tough job as players are constantly yelling out “hand ball” for any time the ball is above the knees and “offside” for any pass longer than 20 yards. Titus actually stopped his players from complaining so as to avoid any Yellow cards for dissent.

Brogan Engbers earned the shutout for TFCA with a few key saves.

Best non-scoring chances of the game were at 18 minutes when TFCA Richie Ennin rushed up the middle and passed over to his left and TFCA Cyrus Rollocks shot a 20 yarder that the goalie sprawled to save. A defender cleared in front of the sliding TFCA Nicholas Osorio looking for a 12 yard tap-in. 32 minutes had TFCA Matthew Srbely took a 35 yard freekick from the right that was knocked down in the box and Rollocks turned around for a clear shot at 10 yards but fired wide left of the post. 39 minutes had the NMP goalie fly to the right post to catch a defender’s shanked clearance of a TFCA player’s shot from 20 yards. Injury time had TFCA Steven Furlano roll a ball back after a run to the right end line 15 yards from post and Ennin dribbled in from the right to the center and had his 8 yard shot past a sliding defender and saved at 2 yards by the goalie on the right post. TFCA Osorio shot the rebound from 7 yards just wide right of the post. 54 minutes had NMP Jose Melo take a 30 yard freekick from slightly to the left hit a head in the player wall and pop up and hit the top of the bar. TFCA Klaidi Cela headed away the rebound. 74 minutes had TFCA Glenn Muenkat roll a pass from the far right near the end line into the box for Reshon Phillip who tapped a pass closer to the middle for TFCA Armando Caracciolo to take a 10 yard shot the diving goalie stopped. Three minutes later Phillip flicked a backheeler over a defender to himself and took a 10 yard chip of the goalie that had NMP Kevin Dhillon clear at 1 yard.

TFCA had one of their strongest lineups of the season. Since their USL team Toronto FC II did not make the playoffs again this year, there was no need to fill the TFC II bench with maybe five players from their Academy team to sit around hoping for a few minutes of game time in this week’s conference quarterfinals, they could be starters today.

NMP were short on the bench with what turned out to be only four subs. That was the same number for the game I attended later that night for both teams. Team officials made a mistake in not listing a possible player who it turned out had worked all morning in Ajax (about 40 km away) and supposedly drove here but arrived 20 minutes after the game started and wasn’t allowed to play (I didn’t hear his name). One of their officials said they’d allowed other teams to write in players three times this season (I don’t know if that’s true). I’d say it was an oversight as they’d written in Andres Duenas as a starter, found out that he wasn’t going to be here, and moved up sub Johnson Amoo as a starter. They started eight ‘old’ guys (meaning not U-23s) which is allowable short term for this league.

I hadn’t checked my e-mail today so I didn’t realize that TFCA had five of today’s starters and one from the bench named to Canada’s U-18 Men’s team that will travel to El Salvador for two exhibition games. Goalie Brogan Engbers and Klaidi Cela, Jacob Maurutto-Robinson, Dante Campbell, and Marko Maletic along with substitute Glenn Muenkat were in today’s game. Fullback Riley Ferrazzo wasn’t in the lineup and forward Shaan Hundal who played the season with their USL team Toronto FC II are also on the national team.

Both teams finished their seasons today.

TFCA finishes with a record of 12 wins, 8 losses, 2 ties for 38 points. That means a tie for third place in the eight team Western Conference. They scored 70 goals which is tied for the league lead with Eastern champs Vaughan Azzurri (who won 6-0 today in a game that finished one hour earlier so that missed PK by Phillip means the two teams tie in team scoring).

NMP finish the season at 11 wins, 6 losses, 5 ties for 38 points and a tie for third place with TFCA! Both teams finished 6 points behind FC London and Sigma FC who would play each other later in the afternoon. Both those teams tied with 44 points but FCL won the conference with a 5-0 victory.

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