May 28, 2016 League 1 Ontario–Sanjaxx Lions vs Pro Stars FC

Result and details of the League 1 Ontario game between Sanjaxx Lions and Pro Stars FC played Saturday May 28, 2016 at Monarch Park Stadium in Toronto at 6:00pm.


25 min…Lions Hilliard Serrao GOAL…Lions Darren Billy freekick from 40 yards on right has Serrao tip header at 12 yards past charging goalie Alex Jakma at 10 yards into open net after he apparently called off his defenders.


62 min…Lions Hilliard Serrao GOAL…Tommy Winski cornerkick from left has ball tipped up in box when goalie drops it and Serrao heads in 8 yarder up middle just under bar.


Final Score:…Sanjaxx Lions…….2….Pro Stars FC….0……


Attendance was about 50 on this hot and humid night. Referee Tim Wong called two minute water breaks at 26 and 71 minutes. He gave out three Yellow cards—all to Lions players.


Best non-scoring chances were at 34 minutes when PS Walter Rymar rolled a pass from 55 yards on the right that found PS Anthony Smith alone up the middle at 40 yards and he ran to 20 yards and his shot was stopped point blank by the sprawling goalie Matthew Zaikos. Smith headed the rebound downward at 20 yards that bounced to the goalie. 58 minutes had Lions Fabio Vilaca had a long run on the left and his 20 yard roller was past the sliding goalie at 15 yards but Lions Tommy Winski’s slide to the right post was one yard too late for a tip-in. 79 minutes had PS Erick Olazabal cross from 25 yards on the left and PS Eddy Dabire jumped and his 6 yard header from the right was off the right post and cleared. 88 minutes had PS Anthony Smith charge down the middle to get to a ball and headed it forward at 12 yards looking like it would go wide right and the goalie turned to make a catch at 3 yards and Smith bashed him over knocking him over the end line for an injury. 93 minutes had PS Smith on a give and go up the middle and had his 12 yard shot stopped point blank by the sprawling goalie. The game ended at 96 minutes.


Hard for me to say if double scorer Hilliard Serrao or shutout preserving goalie Matthew Zaikos was the star of the game.


I had never been to this stadium before. It is connected to the high school of the same name. This park is in the east end of the city of Toronto. The neighbourhood has been somewhat modified but many of the houses are more than 100 years old. The field is a decent field turf but I was warned it was pretty hot with the sun burning off it earlier in the day. The dressing room/rest rooms/snack stand look less than ten years old. Sanjaxx split their time of their initial League 1 Ontario season last year between here and Esther Shiner Stadium in North York (my suburb). A team official said they are enjoying being in one place this season and more of their players are from this area of the city.


This was a battle of the two worst teams in the Western Conference with Pro Stars with a record of 0 wins, 3 losses, 1 tie and Sanjaxx with a 0 win, 2 losses, 0 ties. My reason for going to this game instead of Aurora vs Woodbridge tonight was so I could see my 13th and 14th team in the 16 team league by only the five week mark. This game did turn out to be very entertaining.


I had an idea scoring might be a problem for both teams today. Pro Stars had scored three goals in four games. Their top scorer last year Leaford Allen leads the league in scoring this year with seven goals!—-but he’s now playing for undefeated Sigma FC. I remember him being frustrated last year with all the offside calls against him in one memorable game. His teammates continued the tradition with forwards being called offside and eventually on some occasions none of them running for through ball passes until too late. Another surprise is Thomas Winski (one assist today) last year played for Pro Stars. (OK going further back–Master’s FA Saints in 2014)


Sanjaxx other leading scorer Thomas Winski (one goal, the same as Hilliard Serrao had before today) was a late scratch. He said after the game that he was recovering from an ankle injury. Their team was also called on many offsides.


It is a long climb up the standing to catch London FC and Sigma FC who sport 5-0-0 records. Winner of this Western Division plays the best in the East at the end of the season. (22 games in regular season—home and away with the other seven teams in your conference and one each against the eight teams in the other conference).

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