May 17, 2016 USL PDL–Toronto FC Academy vs K-W United

Result and details of the USL PDL game between TFC Academy and K-W United

 played Tuesday May 17, 2016 at The KIA Training Centre in Downsview

 at 4:00pm.


11 min…KWU Jahsua Mills GOAL…KWU Sergio Camargo makes short run

 down middle and taps pass to Mills who shoots low 8 yarder into center

 of net past goalie Phil DiBennardo.


16 min…KWU Austin Ricci GOAL…Ricci intercepts a pass in the middle

 at 20 yards and rolls 15 yarder past sprawling goalie into right

 side of net.


25 min…KWU Sergio Camargo GOAL…KWU Wesley Cain at 50 yards on right

 chips pass forward to Camargo at 30 yards on right and he shoots

 low 20 yard shot to low right side of net.


38 min…KWU Austin Ricci GOAL…Ricci puts foot up to get ball past

 TFCA Thomas Mickoski at center line and races in on breakaway. He runs

 up middle to 15 yards where goalie slides to block but Ricci rolls

 12 yarder into middle of net.


42 min…KWU Austin Ricci GOAL…KWU Jahsua Mills rolls pass from

 50 yards and Ricci bursts in alone and rolls 20 yarder into center

 of net.


49 min…KWU Wesley Cain GOAL…KWU Sergio Camargo rush down right

 and taps pass over to Cain at 25 yards and he rolls 15 yarder past

 sliding goalie into right side of net.


57 min…TFCA Nicholas Osorio is pushed over jumping for header

 in KWU box. Referee Fabrizio Stasola signals for a Penalty kick.


58 min…TFCA Richie Ennin blasts Penalty kick high and wide left

 of net.


85 min…KWU Jared Agyemang is tripped up by TFCA Malik Smith after

 long run into left side of box. Referee awards a Penalty kick.




86 min…KWU Raphael Reynolds GOAL…rolls Penalty kick to left corner

 of net as goalie dives right.


Final Score:…Toronto FC Academy……0…..K-W United…….7….


Attendance climbed to about 75 by halftime for this afternoon game.

 Kitchener supporters were about 20 which included about eight

 extra KWU players not cleared to play.


The weather was mild—so different than the League 1 Ontario game played

 here Sunday afternoon.


This was the opening game in the PDL’s Great Lake Division. K-W United

 are the defending PDL champions. I was sure they had no chance of winning

 when I saw lots of players but a lineup of only twelve adding one just

 before kickoff to make thirteen. I asked a group of three guys standing

 around in the warm up jackets what was wrong and their answer was

 ‘paperwork’. They had to be cleared and registered before they could play.

 I expected KWU to tire out but building a big lead was certainly a way

 to overcome this and in fact they were better for most of the game.


KWU dominated play from the starting whistle bursting through the defence

 time after time. Their defence was able to check TFCA players off the ball

 repeatedly especially where it mattered–inside the 25 yard line.

 They even played short after making their two subs in the second half

 when Sergio Camargo was injured although he returned about six minutes

 later and TFCA got about two shots in while he was gone.


KWU goalie Jared Brown earned the shutout. There soon wasn’t a question

 of whether he’d win the game but only if he could blank TFCA. He had

 to make a few key saves between 68 and 73 minutes to earn it.


I’d expect there’d be a lot of pressure on KWU head coach Martin Painter

 to get the team to repeat as champions. He was the coach of FC London for

 many years but they crossed over to the longer-season League 1 Ontario

 for this season. He answered me after the game that it was a number

 of factors why he moved to KWU and not just that he also coaches

 University of Western women’s soccer team and their seasons overlap.

 (Carmine Isacco is coach of both Vaughan Azzurri of League 1 Ontario and

 CIU champions York University). The KWU roster/bios don’t show on the PDL

 website but Painter answered that he estimates that 75% of today’s lineup

 were Canadian including their entire back four and hat trick scoring

 Austin Ricci.


TFCA has some history with KWU. Last year’s coach was Chris Pozniak

 who this year is an assistant to the TFC II team in USL. He was watching

 the game from a distance today. Previous coach Stuart Neely is the

 present coach of the TFC Academy for both their PDL team and their

 League 1 Ontario squad. Returning the favour was the fact that

 midfielder/forward Sergio Camargo was one of the first TFCA players

 when they got the Academy started. (well I have old game reports

 with him on the 2010 team).


There were two players from the L1O squad from Sunday’s game in today’s

 game although they started from the bench–Dante Campbell and

 Ethan Beckford. Beckford had been Red carded in that game by today’s

 referee Fabrizio Stasolla but this is a different league so he could

 play. The rest of the team I’ve come across from last year’s TFCA L1O

 team and some TFC II players I’ve seen this year—mostly the ones

 pushed down the line a few weeks ago when MLS TFC dumped eight players

 down to TFC II to get some playing time.


Opening goal scorer Jahsua Mills is one of the three brothers

 playing for Vaughan Azzurri in L1O.


TFCA go on a road two game road trip next week and have their next

 home game Friday June 3rd at 4:00pm against Cincinnati Dutch Lions.

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