May 13, 2016 League 1 Ontario–Durham United FA vs Master’s FA

Result and details of the League 1 Ontario game between Durham United FA and
Master’s FA Saints played Friday May 13, 2016 at Pickering Soccer Centre
in Pickering at 8:00pm.

43 min…Saints Tyrell Rayne wins Penalty kick call on DUFA Le Shaun Young
pulling him down on left side of net.

44 min…Saints Isaiah Page blasts Penalty kick well high and wide right of net.

59 min…DUFA Bruce Cullen GOAL…DUFA Christian Moncrieffe takes low 22 yard
shot from right that diving goalie Filip Ljebevski makes save but let’s out
rebound and Cullen scores on 10 yard shot.

62 min…Saints RED card…Camarri Johnson earns direct ejection from referee
Fabrizio Stasolla for studs up charging tackle on DUFA Trevor Hill
at DUFA 40 yard line.

66 min…DUFA Le Rohne Young GOAL…DUFA Le Rohne Young blasts 22 yard
freekick from left into top right corner of net out of reach of flying goalie.

74 min…Saints Devonte Brown GOAL…Saints Orville Malcolm 45 yard freekick
from left has ball only partially cleared. Brown shoots low 12 yarder into left
corner of net beyond diving goalie Ben Cowman.

76 min…Saints Tyrell Rayne GOAL…Saints Devante Brown at top of 18 yard box
on left passes over to Rayne who takes low blast up middle from 10 yards
on second touch.

81 min…DUFA RED card…Le Shaun Young earns his second Yellow card of the game
for holding back a Saints player as they broke out after a DUFA freekick into
the player wall from 22 yards was blocked.

89 min…Saints Orville Malcolm takes 40 yard freekick from right that Saints
Tyrell Rayne jumps for at 15 yards in box and DUFA Joseph Roccasalva pushes
him over earning him a Yellow card and a giving Saints a Penalty kick.

90 min…Saints Orville Malcolm blasts Penalty kick low to right and goalie dives
and smothers.

94 min…DUFA Kashiff De Jonge GOAL…DUFA Bruce Cullen at 45 yards on left sends
ball towards box and De Jonge spins and one-touches 20 yard shot from left into
low right corner of net beyond flying goalie.

95 min…game ends.

Final Score:………Durham United FA…….3……
…..Master’s FA Saints……..2………

Attendance eventually climbed to about 60 people by halftime. This was the second
and last game scheduled for the season at this indoor facility as Kinsmen Park
is expected to be ready by their next game.

Referee Fabrizio Stasolla gave out nine Yellow cards (five to DUFA) besides the
two Reds in a game that got rough with tough tackles and a few injuries. There were
lots of offside calls given to both teams.

Best non-scoring chances were at 18 minutes when Saints Ruben Dossantos took a low
cornerkick from the left that had a Saints player in the middle of the box shoot
a 5 yarder that deflected off a defender wide left of the post. 42 minutes had
DUFA Bruce Cullen given a pass up the left and he rushed to 15 yards on the far
left and rolled a pass through the 6 yard box that was a step ahead of both charging
forwards Kashiff De Jonge and Joseph Roccasalva near the right post.

De Jonge’s winning goal was one of many shots he had in the game with a few stopped
and a few off target.  A previous turn and quick fire shot happened at 86 minutes
that the goalie stopped.

One DUFA twin gets a goal and the other gets a Red card!

Durham stays undefeated this year with their record improving to 2 wins and 1 tie.

Master’s record falls to three losses in three games. They lost their games 2-1
and 5-0. Last year their league record for 2015 was 1 win, 3 ties, 20 losses.
I can see their record this year improving considerably. This could be a turning
point to their season as they scored their two goals while down a man. Better
Penalty kicks could have changed the game and given them the victory. Hopefully
their coaching staff of Andrey Savelev and Junior Groves can build on the positives.

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