May 11, 2016 USL — Toronto FC II vs Richmond Kickers

Result and details of the USL game between Toronto FC II and Richmond Kickers played
on Wednesday May 11, 2016 at Ontario Soccer Centre in Vaughan at 11:30am.

74 min…TFC Sal Bernal GOAL…TFC Adam Bouchard takes freekick from 60 yards in middle that
finds charging Bernal on left at 28 yard line who eludes falling RK defender Alex Lee
to control ball and rushes to 15 yards letting RK defender Hugh Roberts run past him.
He doesn’t pass to TFC Jordan Hamilton who has RK Braeden Troyer covering him at 10 yards
in center but shoots low 12 yard shot that diving goalie Matt Turner gets hand to at 6 yards
but ball trickles into left corner of net.

Final Score:……Toronto FC II…..1…..Richmond Kickers…….0………

Attendance was not announced but I’d estimate it at about 1000.  (the TFC website claims
a sellout of 1222 but I don’t think everybody turned up).  The weather was mild and sunny
with a wind blowing crossfield from the east.  The crowd was mostly made up of schoolchildren
between age 10 and 15 and their teachers.  The kids around me were more interested in looking
behind the stands at the ice cream truck and hot dog pit then any on-field action.
They enjoyed the pre game and halftime entertainment of the soccer freestylers who got the
biggest cheers of the afternoon.  The ushers began handing out those balloon thundersticks
noisemakers at 60 minutes which had the kids clapping them and swordfighting until they found
it was more fun to break them.  Actually many of the classes of  kids learned how to be typical
MLS fans (at least in my BMO Field section) by beginning an exodus at 80 minutes to pile
back in to their schoolbuses to get back to class!

Referee Yusri Rudolf gave out two Yellow cards—both to TFC II players.  The game was close
checking with a lot of whistles but played clean.

Best non-scoring chances* were at 13 minutes when RK Yudai Imura at 25 yards in middle
passed to RK Brian Ownby at 15 yards and he blasted a 10 yard shot from the right that
the goalie sprawled to save at 4 yards.  Imura got to the loose ball at 8 yards and took
a low shot up the middle but TFC Nick Hagglund stopped on the goal line and the ball
deflected up and out of the box.  34 minutes had TFC Jordan Hamilton in the middle
at 30 yards roll a pass forward and left to TFC Anthony Osorio charging for it and he sent
in a low cross from 22 yards that TFC Raheem Edwards collected at 15 yards in front
of slipping defender Hugh Roberts, whom he stepped around and took an 8 yard shot over
the bar.  57 minutes had TFC Bubacarr Jobe cross from 22 yards on the right that the goalie
under threat swatted over the bar for a cornerkick.  72 minutes had TFC Sal Bernal cross
from near the right cornerflag.  TFC Hamilton in box on the right ran to the center eluding
defenders in front of him and cut a low 15 yard shot down the middle that the goalie flew
right to bat down at 4 yards and RK Braeden Troyer pushed against TFC Edwards to clear
behind end line at 2 yards.  88 minutes had RK Troyer cross from 30 yards on the far left
that the goalie drifted to 6 yards over to right post and palmed the ball backwards in front
of a crowd of players as he fell.  An RK player recovered at 12 yards near the right end
line and crossed and RK Samuel Asante headed from 8 yards even with the right post that
bounced to the left post and TFC Skylar Thomas cleared off the line.  Within seconds
TFC Edwards rushed upfield from 70 yards down the left wing and chipped a ball from 25 yards
over to TFC Shaan Hundal charging down the right who collected the ball at 20 yards near
the right end line and rolled a cross through the 6 yard box that was a step ahead of the
sliding Edwards at 2 yards.  Last play of the game at 94 minutes had RK Romulo Peretta
take a cornerkick from the left and a leaping RK goalie Matt Turner who’d come into the
TFC box head the ball forward and RK Fred Owusu Sekyere rescued it on the right end line
and running away from the net rolled a pass upfield to RK Travis Pittman who eluded
a TFC player to chip a 22 yarder from the right edge of box that had RK Hugh Roberts
in crowd of players in box head the ball over the bar from 6 yards.

*(chances expanded with a lot more description by watching these moments again on the
league feed of the game when I got home).

The shutout was earned by Quillan Roberts who week by week in team headlines is moved
back and forth between the USL and MLS roster.  He was the backup goalie in TFC’s
Saturday game against FC Dallas.  I expect he’s going to get some playing time on the
MLS team when they want to rest Clint Irwin as their fixtures congest with two
a week league games and Amway Cup fixtures coming soon.  He made some key saves today
to earn the victory.

The TFC II lineup looked more stable today without crowding it with underplaying MLS
roster players.  Only defender Nick Hagglund, who looked good clearing anything
in the box with his head plus a goal line save, captain/midfielder Chris Mannella,
and forward Jordan Hamilton were from the MLS team and all have played most of the
USL schedule.

Jordan Hamilton seems to have resurfaced after not being on the rosters of either team
over the last few games…whether that was an injury or losing favour was not announced.
He drew a first half Yellow card for kicking the ball away after being called on a foul
on a player.  He was subbed at 78 minutes by 15 year old prospect Shaan Hundal.

Moving players between teams within the same week will probably end soon as both teams
will start playing every weekend and rotate between out of town and home games
on opposite weekends.  The USL team starts a three game road trip this Saturday
against Charleston.

TFC II’s record improves to 2 wins, 2 ties, 3 losses and their 8 points ties them
for ninth place.  This was their first home win this season and first win in four
games.  Richmond falls to 4 wins, 1 tie, 3 losses.  Today’s game was revenge for
Richmond’s 1-0 win on April 30th.  Kickers have had the same head coach, Leigh Cowlishaw,
for 17 years and includes the time if Dwayne De Rosario returning from Europe before
he began his long MLS career.

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