Masters FA vs Kingston Clippers: Match Report (July 6, 2015)

Results and details of the Monday July 6, 2015 League 1 Ontario game between Masters FA Saints
and Kingston Clippers played at L’Amoreaux Park #1 in Scarborough at 6:30pm.

5 min…Clippers Eric Koskins GOAL…Clippers Jordan Brooks cornerkick from left has Koskins
run towards him from right and flicks header from 6 yards from left into top right corner
of net.

22 min…Saints Michaels Bershov pulls down Clippers Ryan McCurdy on right side of box.
Referee Brian Butler awards Clippers Penalty kick.

23 min…Clippers Ryan McCurdy GOAL…McCurdy rolls Penalty kick just inside left post
as goalie Mark Kamstra slumps to middle.

50 min…Saints Alexander Dimitriu GOAL…Dimitriu blocks clearance by defender at 28 yards,
steps around him, and fires shot down middle into top left corner of net.

56 min…Clippers Eric Koskins GOAL…Clippers Julian Piccioli cornerkick from left has
Clippers Ryan McCurdy head ball forward in crowd of players at 8 yards and Koskins
heads 2 yarder just under bar.

64 min…Clippers goalie Navi Sidhu knocks over Saints Kwame Miller in box and earns
Yellow card and gives up Penalty kick.

65 min…Saints Sam Gardner GOAL…Gardner blasts Penalty kick to left side of goal
about 4 feet up as goalie dives right.

74 min…Clippers Ryan McCurdy GOAL…Clippers Austin White passes to Clippers Eric Koskins
rolls pass to McCurdy from 30 yards on left and he runs forward and rolls 20 yarder up middle
into right corner of net.

85 min…Saints Michael Bershov GOAL…Bershov sends low 20 yard shot between players
up middle into left corner of net.

Final Score:…..Master’s FA Saints……..3……Kingston Clippers……4…….

Attendance started at about 20 and filled to almost double that by the second half for this
early evening game played on a hot sunny day. Both teams took advantage of injured
players that needed a trainer to get in a water break in each half. A Clippers official
said it was the Saints who requested the 6:30pm start and his players had to ask to get out
early from work (I’d estimate a four hour drive away)…they only had five subs and
one was a goalie.

This game was a Cup game in Group A. Vaughan Azzurri had already won one of the two spots
in the three team group with a 4-0 home win over Masters and 4-1 road win against Kingston.
That left one spot open with the winner taking the other spot. A tie would result
in immediate Penalty kicks with the winner getting two points and the loser one point.

Neither team tonight were from the elite of the league. Masters have a record of 0 wins,
2 ties, 8 losses for last place in the 12 team league. I could see the frustration
in the Saints forwards as they waited for service that never arrived. I had to confirm
after the game with referee Brian Butler that all four of the Saints Yellow cards were
for dissent! Just as much dissent from their officials on the bench.

Saints second half effort should be bottled and carried back into league play as it looks
promising for them to get a win soon.

Clippers are ninth in league play with 2 wins, 3 ties, 5 losses. Since there are no playoffs
in the league the chances are remote of winning the championship but a Cup win is possible.
Oakville Blue Devils are runaway leaders for the Championship but are already squeezed
out of Cup competition with the three Group B teams all finishing with 1 win, 1 loss
records. So no double winners again this year!

The Clippers move on to the quarterfinals of the Cup competition.

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Robin Glover

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