June 26, 2016 USL–Toronto FC II vs Charleston Battery

Result and details of the Sunday June 26, 2016 USL game between Toronto FC II and Charleston Battery

 played at Ontario Soccer Centre in Vaughan at 7:30pm.


78 min…Battery Romario Williams GOAL…TFC Sal Bernal ducks to head ball across field from 35 yards

 on right and CB Ricardo Garbanzo intercepts at 28 yards in middle and taps ball across for CB Justin Portillo

 who running to right rolls short pass forward to CB Ataulla Guerra who taps ball back to Garbanzo

 at 22 yards to charge forward up middle and shoot roller from 10 yards as two defenders close

 in on either side. TFC goalie Phil Di Bennardo does splits at 6 yards to make save and rebound deflects

 to left where Williams beats TFC Wesley Charpie to ball at 7 yards and shoots low to right side

 of open net.


93 min…TFC RED card…Skylar Thomas earns his second Yellow card for tackle at TFC 30 yards well away

 from play on CB Chrisopher Taonis injurying him.


95 min…game ends


Final Score:……Toronto FC II…..0…..Charleston Battery……1…….


Attendance was announced as 1069 although it didn’t look that full. Fans were given a ticket for

 a  free Slurpee or ice cream cone from the vending trucks at tonight’s game. The crowd was down

 to about 200 once the rain started at about 82 minutes.


The game started off quite dull with both teams having enough defenders on the edge of the box

 to knock away or block most of the challenges and both weren’t taking risks with committing

 enough players forward.


Alexander Tambakis earned the shutout for Charleston with a few key saves.


Phil Di Bennardo played well in goal for TFC II. With Alex Bono and Quillan Roberts both moving up to the

 MLS team because of the injury to starter Clint Irwin, guys like Di Bennardo will have to carry

 the USL team. Di Bennardo had played one game earlier this year for the USL team and that was

 last Saturday’s 4-1 road loss against Louisville City.


The TFC II backup for tonight’s game was Gianluca Catalano who is only 16 and has played four games

 this season for their Academy team in League 1 Ontario. (thankfully not the 19 year old namesake

 who was arrested for ten bank robberies in the Toronto area earlier this year and makes Google

 searches hard to conduct). Irwin had played every minute of TFC MLS and Amway Canadian

 Championship games this season until his injury in last night’s game against Orlando City. Bono came

 in to finish that game. I’d been warning them on my posts (if I ever get my TFC game reports eventually

 posted) that they should be using more than one goalie but it’s been a team feature for most of their

 ten year existence.


Referee Yusri Rudolph gave out five Yellow cards in total (three to TFC but two were to Skylar Thomas)

 in a game that was not rough.


I got this feeling that TFC II were playing for the tie for the last half hour. The TFC goalie was slow to pick

 up the ball into his box. 71 minutes had TFC Aidan Daniels picked up a Yellow card for being too slow

 to get off the field after being injured and needing the trainer. Before play even resumed he was

 signalling to come back on the field.


Best non-scoring chances were at 42 minutes when CB Ataulla Guerra dribbled into the left side of the

 TFC box and his 8 yard shot was rolled wide right of the post. 46 minutes had TFC Wesley Charpie cross

 in from 25 yards on the right and TFC Sal Bernal slide and shoot a 12 yarder over the net. 61 minutes

 had CB Heviel Cordoves roll a short pass forward and CB Romario Williams rolled an 18 yarder that the

 goalie smothered. 64 minutes had CB Zachary Prince blasted a 28 yarder down the middle between

 players that the goalie was able to palm over the net. 67 minutes had CB Maikel Chang tap a pass

 in the middle to Williams whose low shot had the goalie push wide left for a cornerkick. 71 minutes had

 CB Prince push a pass forward from 20 yards and the goalie beat CB Garbanzo to dive on ball at 7 yards.

 76 minutes had TFC Charpie cross from 25 yards on the right that bounced through the box too far

 forward for two charging TFC players at 5 yards including Bernal’s header attempt.


The Battery wore an all neon green kit for tonight’s game. I’ve been more used to their yellow and black

 striped kits since I used to watch them play the Toronto Lynx in their A-League days. They’ve had the

 same head coach—Mike Anhaeuser since 2004. [the yellow and black is still the home kit].


Charleston’s record improves to 8 wins, 4 losses, 3 ties for 27 points and fourth place in the fourteen

 team Eastern Conference.


TFC II slips to 3 wins, 10 losses, 4 ties for 13 points and twelfth place in the East. Their website put a big

 push on their playoff drive which means they have to catch the eighth place team. Their next game is this

 Saturday on the road to Wilmington Hammerheads who hold ninth spot with 17 points. Their next home

 game follows on Wednesday July 6 against Bethlehem Steel who hold eighth place with 18 points. Extra

 problem for TFC II is both these teams have played three games LESS than them!  

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