June 25, 2016 League 1 Ontario–North Mississauga Panthers vs Vaughan Azzurri

Result and details of the League 1 Ontario game between North Mississauga Panthers

 and Vaughan Azzurri played Saturday June 25, 2016 at The Hershey Centre Field #1

 in Mississauga at 8:00pm.


5 min…NMP Jordan Montoya GOAL…NMP Lee-Victor Massanda cross from 22 yards after

 run to right end line is sent through 5 yard box and Montoya jabs foot to kick

 in from 3 yards in to right side of net past goalie Andrew D’Souza.


23 min…VA Jarek Whiteman GOAL…VA Brandon Mills recovers partially cleared

 VA cornerkick and crosses from 30 yards on right. Two VA players including

 Jason Mills appear to deflect ball in 6 yard box and ball falls to Whiteman

 at 8 yards on left and he blasts low shot that sprawling goalie Daniel Gosciniak

 gets piece of but ball rolls under him into right side of net.


52 min…VA RED card…Matt Stinson picks up his second Yellow card in two minutes

 for a chest to chest stand off with an NMP player after Stinson had been

 pushed down.


Final Score:….North Mississauga Panthers…..1….Vaughan Azzurri…….1…


Attendance was about 80 on this hot evening. These were different fans than

 the crowd that was here for the 4:00pm game between Sigma FC and Kingston

 Clippers. Even the field was the same although Panthers are scheduled by the

 league to play on Hershey Centre Field #2 (which is just north of the Field #1).

 Playing on #1 saved the players the length of the other field to be closer

 to the dressing rooms.


League stats show that referee Jose Sanchez-Larios gave out four Yellows

 (two to Panthers) and one Red card although I counted more than that from

 my notes, one more Yellow to each team. (league listing of subs are missing

 a few players used so I may be right about the cards too). Both teams didn’t

 like the officiating complaining about the many offside calls and cards

 given out. Things got quieter after 58 minutes when it appeared that Vaughan

 coach Carmine Isacco got tossed for complaining. I could just hear “tell me why,

 tell me why” and then the complaints stopped soon after that so that must have

 been the time when he was sent off. Panthers head coach Rick Titus was also

 not shy about complaining about calls that didn’t go his way.


Matt Stinson drew his first Yellow at 50 minutes for swearing at a throw-in

 call going against Vaughan right in front of the stands. 52 minutes he was

 bumped over and he stood chest to chest with the player who knocked him over.

 Neither player did more than stare the other down. The play had carried on but

 the referee turned around to see those two and gave them both Yellows but

 it was of course Stinson’s second. I thought it was #23 Austin Bryan who drew

 the card for NMP because it was given out delayed after the referee dealt

 with Stinson although it could have been Jose Melo who is shorter and

 he is one of the players listed in the league records. I also saw

 VA Massimo Mirabelli given a card for complaining at the Stinson call.


The game changed after Vaughan went down a man. The best I could see them

 doing was holding on for a tie to keep their undefeated record going.


Massimo Mirabelli appears to have joined Vaughan at the beginning of this

 month. Last year he played for Toronto FC II and before that he had two

 seasons with FC Edmonton of NASL in 2013 and 2014. I’ve been watching him

 since CSL days with SC Toronto/Portugal in 2010 and 2011. Carmen Isacco

 was his coach in 2011. Jarek Whiteman played for that team too.


Joey Melo took most of the freekicks and cornerkicks for NMP. He played

 sparingly for Toronto FC at the MLS level in their first three seasons

 2007-2009). Matt Stinson was with TFC from 2011 to 2013.


Two of the Mills brothers played for Vaughan tonight…Brandon and Jason.

 Jahsua is playing for PDL league K-W United this season as I was reminded

 by Jarek Whiteman when I asked him to piece together the assists.

 Actually Whiteman is a former K-W United player.


Best non-scoring chances were at 15 minutes when VA Brandon Mills cornerkick

 from the left had a charging VA Matthew Arnone head an 8 yarder from even

 with the right post just high and wide right. 37 minutes had an NMP player’s

 cornerkick from the left and the ball partially cleared and VA Malcolm Loukides

 cleared an NMP player’s shot on the 2 yard line. 53 minutes had NMP Jose Melo

 rush down the left and rolled a cross through the 6 yard box and

 NMP Lee-Victor Massanda charged forward and shot a 5 yarder over the net.


The result improves Panthers record to 2 wins, 3 ties, 4 losses for 10 points

 and fifth place in the West Division.


Vaughan Azzurri remains undefeated but with a record of 6 wins, 0 losses,

 3 ties for 21 points for third place in the East Division. (other weekend

 results are known as I’m actually writing this report on Monday evening).

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