June 19, 2016 League 1 Ontario–Woodbridge Strikers vs Windsor Stars

Result and details of the League 1 Ontario game between Woodbridge Strikers and Windsor Stars

 played Sunday June 19, 2016 at Vaughan Grove in Woodbridge at 3:45pm.


16 min…Strikers Ignazio Muccilli GOAL…Muccilli bends 22 yard freekick from left

 as an in-swinger into right corner of net beyond flying goalie.


49 min…Strikers Ignazio Muccilli wins Penalty kick from referee Armando Pereira

 when after he deked a defender inside-out in the left side of the box,

 Stars Dredon Kelly tripped him sliding in from behind at 8 yards.


50 min…Strikers Ignazio Muccilli blasts Penalty kick high to left side of net

 and goalie Kyle Vizirakis steps to the left to bat the ball down. Muccilli gets

 to the rebound and gets away a second shot from 12 yards that the goalie blocks

 at 7 yards while even with the left post and finally the defenders clear.


68 min…Strikers Emmanuel Issac GOAL…Strikers Ignazio Muccilli sends

 a through ball pass that Issac gets to at 45 yards on left and rushes forward

 while cutting to the middle and at 25 yards appears to push the ball too far

 forward but gets to ball at 18 yards and shoots into low left corner behind

 charging goalie at 12 yards.


Final Score:…….Woodbridge Strikers…..2….Windsor Stars…….0…….


Attendance was about 40 on this very hot and humid afternoon with a bright

 crossfield sun from the west.


There was an official two minute water-break in each half plus any water the

 players could grab while an injury was treated. Strikers games are usually

 played on Sunday evenings but Windsor is about a five hour drive from the

 west (across the river from Detroit Michigan). It probably sounded good when

 they drew up the schedule but this has turned out to be the hottest weekend

 in the Toronto area so far this year. Best seating for today was near the

 south end-zone where there was some tree shade.


Strikers had the most and the best chances of the game but never could relax

 until they scored the second goal. So many games if you don’t capitalize

 the other team comes back to equalize! Stars had their chances in their

 second half mostly broken up by defenders or shots from 30 yards or more.


Best non-scoring chances of the game were at 40 minutes when WS Emmanuel Issac

 was given a breakaway up the middle by WS Andrew Derayeh and he rushed

 in from 40 yards and his 20 yard shot had the diving goalie push wide right

 of the net. 50 minutes had WS Dylan Carreiro break-in alone at 30 yards down

 the middle in line with the left post and he shot just wide from 28 yards.

 Three minutes later WS Zarhary Kalk rushed down the left wing eluding

 defenders including deking Stars Dredon Kelly along the left end line

 and tapped a pass to WS Carreiro who blasted a 15 yarder down the middle

 well over the net. 66 minutes had WS Stephen Almeida’s 20 yard freekick

 from the left just over the bar.


Referee Armando Pereira gave out four Yellow cards (three to Stars—two

 of them in the second half for defender drag downs of Strikers players

 charging forward.


Strange sight was seeing fourth official Hassain Rifai leaving the game

 at 41 minutes. The referee escorted him from the field while splashing

 water on his neck. He answered me after the game that Rifai had told him

 before the game that he wasn’t feeling well but filled the assignment

 because they were short of officials this weekend. He had been fasting

 (no food or liquid until 9:00pm) and this ultra hot weather even while

 being under a canvas didn’t help enough. Pereira handled first half

 extra time by yelling out “three minutes” which was easy to hear.

 A League 1 Ontario official handled the many subs in the second half.


 Strikers have certainly recovered from their first loss of the season

 last Sunday against Durham United FA. They won a game on the road

 on Friday night against FC London for only that team’s second loss. 

London is about four hours east of Toronto.


This is the third season of League 1 Ontario but Strikers have never

 actually played Windsor at home in a league game. Last year the

 July 19 game was turned into a Cup game Strikers won 2-1 and

 interesting Kyle Vaizirakis also stopped Ignaio Muccilli on a Penalty

 kick in that game too! At the end of the season with Oakville already

 clinched the title, the unplayed league game went into the books

 as 0-0. In 2014 their league game was scheduled for Sunday October 5

 but Windsor had to play a rescheduled Cup game against Vaughan Azzurri

 the night before and they no-showed the next day even though the game

 was played at Ontario Soccer Centre (only 500 metres away). The game

 went into the books as a 1-0 forfeit win for Strikers. Stars officials

 are supposed to have said at the time (second hand info) they were

 beaten up from the game the night before. I live about 45 minutes away

 from there so it’s been welded into my memory all this time.




OK back to 2016! Strikers record improves to 7 wins, 1 loss, 1 tie

 for 22 points and first place in the Eastern Conference. Stars record

 drops to 4 wins, 4 losses, 1 tie for 13 points and third place in the

 Western Conference. This is the first week of inter-conference play.

 Teams only play one game against teams in the other conference

 think of the MLS schedule!).


Saturday July 9 marks the Fortieth Anniversary of the Woodbridge

 Soccer Club. There is an entire day of events planned but I noticed

 the Strikers are playing an away game that day. The women’s L1O team

 plays at home on Sunday night so I expect they will fill the Saturday

 with their kids teams.

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