June 17, 2016 PDL–Toronto FC Academy vs Pittsburgh Riverhounds U-23s

Result and details of the USL PDL game between TFC Academy and Pittsburgh Riverhounds U23

 played Friday June 17, 2016 at The KIA Training Centre in Downsview at 4:00pm.


30 min…PR Kevin Angulo GOAL…Angulo gets ball past TFCA Robbie Boskovic on left

 and rushes down left from 35 yard line. Angulo cuts towards goal on far left and

 low 8 yard shot is stopped by sliding goalie Darrin MacLeod on left post.

 The rebound deflects along left end line and Angulo banks an 8 yard shot off

 the inside of the right post.


34 min…TFCA Richie Ennin GOAL…TFCA Leonard Sohn passes forward from 25 yards

 and Ennin turns PR Pierre Stephane inside out at 12 yards on left and shoots

 low 10 yarder into right side of net past goalie Christian Snatchko.


Final Score:……Toronto FC Academy….1…..Pittsburgh Riverhounds U23s….1…


Attendance started slow at about 30 but by the end of the game was around 85.

 I was expecting these were people arriving after they got out of work but very

 few left when the game ended so then I thought it was for parents watching young

 academy players but they went to practice on another field. There were a lot

 of people chatting with Riverhounds players who I didn’t see at the beginning

 of the game. These grounds are a busy place. Two fields over the visiting

 Los Angeles Galaxy were practicing for tomorrow’s game at BMO Field. After that

 four fields over was a practice mix of TFCA’s League 1 Ontario and OPDL players.


Referee Alex Cho-Kee gave out only one Yellow card in the game (to a TFCA player)

 and called a water break in each half. The game never got rough.


Pittsburgh came to town with a depleted line-up of only three subs and a player

 doubling as a forward and back up goalie. Their coach this day was Bobby Volkman

 and he’d told a TFC game day crew official that they had trouble getting players

 across the border. TFCA only had five subs including having Cyrus Rollocks

 listed as both a forward and back up goalie. Rollocks answered a TFC ground

 crew official that he hadn’t played goal before.


Best non-scoring chances were at 18 minutes when PR Anthony Virgara took a low

 28 yard shot up the middle that the goalie dived left to stop at 3 yards and

 the defenders cleared the rebound. 20 minutes had TFC Matt Srbely take a 35 yard

 freekick down the middle that had TFC Nikola Stakic at 12 yards on the left

 head just wide left. 23 minutes had PR Dallin Cutler take a cornerkick from the

 right that the leaping PR Virgara at 8 yards head downward and the ball bounced

 just wide left. 66 minutes had PR Mason George blasts low 25 yarder from right

 just wide left of post. 70 minutes had TFC Nicholas Osorio shoot a 15 yarder

 down the middle off the outside of the right post after finding themselves

 on a 2 on 0 break behind a defender at 22 yards. 75 minutes had TFC Cyrus Rollocks

 rush down the left and his 12 yard shot deflected off the foot of a defender

 and the goalie sprawled on the left post to smother. 80 minutes had TFC Srbely’s

 cornerkick from the left partially cleared and TFC Kota Sakurai blasted a 30 yarder

 up the middle between the players that the flying goalie was able to push wide

 right of the post. 93 minutes had TFC Ethan Beckford stop and take screened

 15 yard shot from the left that the diving goalie saved on the left post.


For the second time in three days, TFC teams host the last place team and earn

 a tie. Wednesday had TFC II play earn a last minute tie while playing down

 a man against FC Montreal in USL action.


TFCA’s record improves to 1 win, 4 losses, 3 ties for 6 points and fifth in the

 seven team Great Lakes Division. TFCA had gone to Kitchener on Wednesday

 night and lost to first place K-W United 2-1. Less than two days rest!

 Head coach Stuart Neely said most of today’s players were in that lineup.

 They meet Pittsburgh again next Sunday on the third game of a four game road

 trip with earlier games on Thursday and Saturday! Hopefully teenage energy

 can get them through. They have already played more games than all the

 teams ahead of them.


TFCA still hold the worst plus/minus record in the division at -12 but

 most of that was from their 7-0 opening day home game defeat to KWU.


Riverhounds record improves to 0 wins, 5 losses, and 2 ties for

 2 points and last place.


The visiting team are the Under 23s of the USL Pittsburgh Riverhounds

 team that plays in the same league as Toronto FC II. They are in thirteenth

 of the fourteen teams in the Eastern Conference (one place behind TFC II).

 I remember seeing that team at the TFC II home opener April 17th and

 asking for help filling in assists after the game and speaking with

 PR forward and goal scorer Romeo Parkes. Then May 7th he was banned from

 the league for kicking Karl Ouimette of NY Red Bulls II from behind

 after a Red card. I remember Ouimette since attending CSL games and

 watching him play for Trois-Riveres Attak in 2009.

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