June 15, 2016 USL–Toronto FC II vs FC Montreal

Result and details of the USL game between Toronto FC II and FC Montreal

 played on Wednesday June 15, 2016 at Ontario Soccer Centre in Vaughan

 at 11:30am.


54 min…FCM Anthony Jackson-Hamel GOAL…FCM Alessandro Riggi cross

 from 22 yards on left has Jackson-Hamel jab with foot at ball

 a 6 yarder up middle into center of net with goalie Alex Bono

 guarding left post drifting over too late.


81 min…TFC RED card…Bubacarr Jobe earns his second Yellow card

 for flattening FCM Aron Mkungilwa on left sideline with elbow

 preventing him from getting past him after nutmeg at FCM 45 yard line.


89 min…TFC Liam Fraser GOAL…TFC Luca Uccello 22 yard freekick

 on right edge of box near end line has Fraser charge forward into crowd

 of players and fly to head ball in from 6 yards to left side of net

 with goalie Maxime Crepeau in center of net.


Final Score:…Toronto FC II…….1…..FC Montreal…..1……


Attendance was 1228 (within 40 of their Saturday night game). This crowd

 was full of school children—it’s the second one they’ve scheduled.

 They had retired TFC defender Steven Caldwell give a pregame talk

 about nutrition, athletics, and academics. His Scottish accent

 combined with the sound echo off the building, and the fact that

 they never turned off the disco beat of the music left me not able

 to understand him. The kids cheered louder for The Freestylers

 soccer tricks helping out with the presentation. Nutrition? Yeah.

 Then the ice-cream truck arrived behind the stands and a line grew

 and grew! The kids were given thundersticks to inflate and bang

 together for the second half.


Referee Marie-Soleil Beaudoin gave out five Yellow cards

 (four to TFC II) although two were to TFC’s Bubacarr Jobe so he

 was sent off. The game was rough with hard checking—two FCM

 players had to be subbed off in the first half because

 of injuries (USL allows five subs per game). A melee broke out

 between the teams at 69 minutes at the center line sideline

 when FCM Yacine Alt-Slimane was pushed over by TFC Luca Uccello

 for a foul then TFC Anthony Osorio kicked the ball from only

 five yards away into his face. Only Osorio received a Yellow

 card. The referee added five minutes of time to each half

 to account mostly for the injuries.


 While coming from behind to secure a tie while playing a man

 short is the silver lining of the game the opponents had only

 one win in eleven matches (no ties) this season. TFC should

 have had a big lead by halftime instead of being scoreless.

 The FCM defenders cut down on the TFC chances leaving the

 goalie with all but a few routine saves.

TFC II is actually playing better since the player dump

 of eight TFC players was foisted on them. Those players

 have returned to the MLS roster. Today had 

 defender Clement Simonin play all of the second half

 (Saturday’s game had him finish the last 34 minutes)

 to recoup from his injuries. Also making his debut was

 forward Ayomide Akinola who was promoted from their

 Under 17 team—that is the team they have in League 1

 Ontario. He came in at 79 minutes (replacing 16 year

 old Shaan Hundal) and almost had an injury time goal

 except for a fantastic save. TFC leading scorer

 Raheem Edwards didn’t enter the game until 58 minutes.


Best non-scoring chances were at 14 minutes when TFC Sal Bernal

 got a high pass at 35 yards and chipped the goalie standing

 out at 20 yards but the ball bounced wide right of the post.

 31 minutes had TFC Bernal recover a deflection on the right

 end line and his 20 yard bicycle kick had TFC Shaan Hundal

 flick a header backwards across the box from 10 yards and

 a defender cleared. 40 minutes had TFC Bernal take a 25 yard

 shot from the right that the goalie palmed over the bar.

 First half injury time had TFC Luca Uccello get a through

 ball pass at 10 yards and the goalie made a point blank stop.

 62 minutes had FCM Anthony Jackson-Hamel receive a threaded

 pass up the right but a retreating TFC Skylar Thomas restricted

 him to getting away a 12 yard shot near the right end line

 that the goalie smothered on the right post. 76 minutes had

 TFC Raheem Edwards recover a deflection and on a 1v1 with

 a defender got away an 8 yard shot that the sprawling goalie

 stopped then had his rebound on the right end line deflect

 off him for a goalkick. 87 minutes had TFC Edwards rush up

 the right side and cut into the box bumped by FCM Janouk

 Charbonneau to get an 8 yard cross near the right end line

 past the goalie on the right post and deflect off a defender

 on the left post. 91 minutes had TFC Ayomide Akinola get

 in alone when FCM Janouk Charbonneau whiffed on a clearance

 at 25 yards and from 20 yards ran forward to 15 yards on the

 left and the goalie sprawled at 12 yards to block his shot.

 FCM then rushed upfield and FCM Philippe Lincourt-Joseph ran

 down the middle and his 20 yard shot hit the right post.

 Last play of the game had FCM David Choiniere take a cornerkick

 from the left that had FCM Jackson-Hamel flick an 8 yard header

 from the left that the goalie caught in center of the net

 on the 1 yard line.


TFC II’s record in 14 games improves to 3 wins, 7 losses, 4 ties

 for 13 points and twelfth place out of fourteen teams in the East.


FCM’s record in 12 games improves to 1 win, 10 losses, 1 tie

 for 4 points and last place in the East. They scored only their

 seventh goal of the season today.


TFC now goes on the road for two games. Their next home game

 is Sunday June 26th against Charleston Battery at 7:30pm.

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